View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next New Spell: Word of Return (PEACH)

2016-01-21, 11:50 PM
I had an idea for a few spells, but I wanted to get some feedback for this one first. Honestly, it is just a minor change to word of recall, targeting a single object within range that fits within a 5-foot cube. I have initially placed it at 3rd level since it is more utility in nature than word of recall (which can be a "get out of dodge" spell), but I wanted to get feedback from the playground. Cleric doesn't get a lot of utility teleportation love, so I thought this might be a useful addition to their spell list.

Word of Return
3rd-level conjuration cleric
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 5 feet
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous

You cause an unattended object within 5 feet of you that fits within a 5-foot cube to instantly teleport to a previously designated sanctuary. The object appears in the nearest unoccupied space to the spot you designated when you prepared your sanctuary (see below). If you cast this spell without first preparing a sanctuary, the spell has no effect.

You must designate a sanctuary by casting this spell within a location, such as a temple, dedicated to or strongly linked to your deity. If you attempt to cast the spell in this manner in an area that isn't dedicated to your deity, the spell has no effect.

Also, looking for suggestions for the spell name. I want to keep the "word of [blank]" structure since it is an alternate version of word of recall. I was thinking word of tithing since it is cleric specific, but I would like to hear from others.