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The Mythic Dragonslayer

Hit Die: d10
Skill Points: 6 + Intelligence Modifier
Class Skills: Appraise, Balance, Climb, Craft, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Arcane), Listen, Profession, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use Rope
Proficiencies: Proficient with all simple weapons, natural attacks and light, medium armors

1st+1+2+2+2The Slayers's Mythos, Mythos Known, Exceptional Mythos, Slayer Excellence, Slayers Training+2+1
7th+7/+2+5+5+5Fantastic Mythos+1+1
13th+13/+8/+3+8+8+8Legendary Mythos+1+1
19th+19/+14/+9/+4+11+11+11Exalted Mythos+1+1

The Dragon Slayers's Mythos: A Slayers' power is expressed in terms of one or more "Mythos", the building blocks of the legend that they are, and the stories that they have told and will tell. While any given Mythos varies from the rest, they share some similar traits. They are always Extraordinary abilities, and when they reference a difficulty class for an imposed saving throw, that saving throw is always calculated as (10 + 1/2 class level + Charisma modifier, unless otherwise stated). When a Mythos references a "level" that is not clearly defined in some other way, such as "character level", it refers to "class level" as in the number of levels one has in the Anakitos class. When a Mythos references "allies", it specifically does not refer to the Dragon Slayer using it. When a Mythos grants a feat as a bonus feat, it is regardless of whether the character meets the prerequisites for that feat (unless otherwise stated), and if the character already possesses that feat (in some permanent fashion - via the normal allotment gained by leveling up, or through another Mythos, and so on, but not those gained temporarily, such as via a "Heroics" spell), they must replace the prior instance of that feat with another feat that they qualify for.

Every Mythos has a Tier. The Tier of a Mythos ranges from 1 to 4, typically referred to as Exceptional, Fantastic, Legendary, and Exalted. A Dragon Slayer with Exceptional Mythos is a hero just starting out their route to greatness, through they rarely fight true dragons now they will strike true against its minions, or other lesser dragons At the Fantastic level, an Dragon Slayers' power begins to take on the form of that it would fight, by using the enemies tools against him he may strike stronger still against dragons and their like, whether they choose to reveal the origin of the power or not . A Legendary Dragon Slayer uses the tools of dragons as one would use their own hand, For him a a spear, a claw it is all the same. The power to defeat dragons is the power to defeat huge crawling monsters of scales and claws, or men that imitate with steel and arms. An Exalted Dragon Slayer is a dragon in all but name, or actually at this point its hard to tell, yet given the nature of their powers and abilities they remain on the top of the dragon hierarchy

Some Mythos, in addition to their initial stated effect, have Basic and Advanced manifestations. When an Dragon Slayer gains access to a Mythos with a list of Basic manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit immediately as well. This choice may not be changed later. When an Dragon Slayer gains access to a Mythos with a list of Advanced manifestations, they may choose one such manifestation, and they gain that benefit upon achieving their next level of Dragon Slayer. This choice may be changed at any point before receiving the chosen manifestation itself, but not after (choosing beforehand is just an easy way to mark it down on your character sheet so you don't forget that you'll be getting something later).

Mythos Known: A 1st level Dragon Slayer begins play with two Exceptional Mythos that he qualifies for if this is his first level in a PC character class. At higher levels, he gains additional Mythos as noted on the Dragon Slayer class table.

For characters that multiclass into Dragon Slayer after having taken levels in another PC character class, the 1st level of Dragon Slayer grants only a single Exceptional Mythos, rather than two.

An Dragon Slayer also has the ability to learn more Mythos, above the ones automatically allotted to him by leveling up. By collecting the requite amount of gold or items and donating them to your lands or by sleeping near them for a period of 8 hours, this can be shortened if an enemy dare attacks such a sleeping Slayer however both methods result in the loss of the gold as it is either distributed to those who need it in your home or it melds back into the world while unconscious.

By spending 1,000 Mythos Points, and 250xp, he may learn an Exceptional Mythos. A Fantastic Mythos requires 5,000 Mythos Points and 500xp. A Legendary Mythos takes 10,000 Mythos Points, and 1,000xp. And an Exalted Mythos takes 20,000 Mythos Points and 2,000xp.

For half the listed price for a given Tier, an Dragon Slayer may learn a Basic or Advanced manifestation of a Mythos they already know of that Tier.

Learning Mythos above the standard amount requires astounding, nearly single-minded devotion to the story of the Dragon Slayer. One may only utilize this ability while more than half of his effective character level (ECL) is devoted to levels in the Dragon Slayer class.

Slayer Excellence: As denoted on their class table, a Dragon Slayer gains a certain number of abilities known as "Excellencies". These tend to be more general, generic, and passive than a Mythos, but are useful nonetheless, and are drawn from their own separate list, unsegregated by Tiers. Like a Mythos, a Dragon Slayer may learn more Excellencies above their allotted amount. Each one costs 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp, plus an additional 1,000 Mythos Points and 100xp for each time a new Excellency is innovated beyond the first. (So, 2,000mp and 200xp for the second, 3,000mp and 300xp for the third, etc.)

Slayers Training: The bravery of the first dragon slayer courses through your blood, his will to face the threat that can destroy all is your own.

First level DragonSlayers are incessantly brave, they are Immune to a Dragons Frightful Presence ability and ignore the cowering, panicked and frightened conditions [/b]

A Dragonslayer at third level can share their bravery with their allies, within 30 feet all allies benefit from their Immunity to Frightful Presence and as a swift action Dragon Slayers can remove any Fear effect from any ally

At 5th level you are use to the tricks of Dragons. Gain Evasion, should you already possess Evasion gain improved evasion

At 7th level Dragonslaying is an art. Ignore any Damage Reductions of type Dragon, Magical Beast, or Reptilian. In addition the damage may only be healed by a nights rest

Mastery awaits you at level 10, roll a second D20 when attacking any type Dragon, Magical Beast, or Reptilian pick whichever roll you prefer.

I want to thank Oslecamo for allowing me to add in his Breath of Fire discipline, and A link to his stuff, he does work (http://www.minmaxboards.com/index.php?topic=541.new#new)

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Exceptional Mythos

Breath of Fire Understanding
Great is the destiny of those who breath as dragons

Gain the Destined Child Feat
You gain a Breath Weapon that as a standard action deals 1d6 damage per HD and takes 1d4+1 rounds to recharge, Reflex Save DC 10+1/2 HD+Con mod for half. The area is either a cone with 15 feet plus 5 feet per 2 HD or a line with 25 feet plus 5 feet per HD, your choice. The damage type is Fire, Cold, Electricity or Acid, your choice as well.

Gain initiator progression as a Crusader with only Breath of Fire school (http://minmaxforum.com/index.php?topic=145.0), These follow the normal rules for martial maneuvers and stances and you may never prepare any none Breath of Fire maneuvers with this mythos

The Knights Blade
Knights must close the distance with weapons and skill
Gain proficiency in all martial weapons and three exotic ones
Choose one weapon, you gain Weapon Focus with it
Weapons that you wield and have Weapon focus gain Bane Dragon and will grant you touchsight with anything of the Dragon or Reptilian type.

Twin Destined: Should you wield a weapon you have Weapon Focus with in your off hand it counts as one weight category less.

Solid Dragon Slaying Practice: Gain Greater Weapon Focus & Weapon Specialization

A Knights Shield: Gain Prof. all shields and lower ACP for shields by your highest ability modifier.

Endless Armory: Any time you wield a enchanted weapon add the effect to a list. When picking up additional weapons you posses Weapon Focus for may apply enchantments from the list up to a total maximum of +5 . You may reassign the enchantment with a swift action

Searing Sword: Pick an element, Damage you deal with weapons you posses Weapon Focus for is half of the picked element and half the original

Versatile Armory: Any weapon you wield may benefit from Weapon Focus

A Slayers Steed:
Gain a Heavy Warhorse as a druid natural companion

Stable: You know not where it comes from, but as a Swift Action your Animal Companion comes to you from wherever it was before, arriving next to your square in an instant. Even peculiarly if it had previously died. This use of the mythos functions only once a day

Extra Companion: Gain another animal companion, this time chosen as a Ranger of your level, but may be any animal

Arcane: Pick a companion it gains the progression of a wizards familiar

The Dragons Body:
Some Slayers decide that a Dragons power is the key to victory
Pick an element, gain it as a subtype however gain resistance to that elements vulnerability equal to twice your class level
In addition you may consume the element from attacks or natural hazards that you do not create, healing for an amount equal to damage
In the case of large quantities of environmental sources you may inhale an amount equal to 5*class level feet removing it and healing Class Level HP per square as a full round action


Claw: Gain two claw attacks (1d4), these count as primary natural attacks when used alone, or as secondary with weapon

Wing: You gain two vestigial wings which, while not allowing flight allows you to glide safety to the ground from high distances as Feather Fall

Tail: Gain a Tail Attack (1d6) This is always a secondary natural attack

Bite: Gain a bite attack (d8) as a primary natural attack

Draconic Strike: Your natural attacks benefit from Ghost Touch

Enlarged Claws: The Claws granted by this ability grow one step

Strengthened Wing: You may fly at a speed equal to 30+Base Land speed (Clumsy)

Multi-Color: Pick another element you benefit from the subtype as above

By specializing in tracking Dragons your able to turn their inherit magic into fuel
Whenever you slay a Dragon or Reptilian type, gain mythos points equal to a fourth of its XP
In addition you may gain Favored Enemy for Dragon and Reptilian type.
Marked by Luck: When you slay a favored enemy gain a bonus to your next roll equal to your level
Symbol of Body:When you slay a favored enemy gain temporary health equal to double your level

Dragon Slayer: When fighting gain a +1 Slayer attack bonus every consecutive round you attack a Dragon or Reptilian
The bonus drops entirely once you stop attacking

Slayer Tricks
Sometimes you just wanna get right in there
When fighting any larger creature, ignore their size bonus on grapple, bull rush, trip (they also lose their bonus for extra legs) attempts against you

Sound Advice: You may shout out instructions to any ally within 60 feet as immediate action, they gain a copy of your Slayers Trick for a round that does not include this manifestation
Wee Hunting: Any favored enemy thats smaller loses their size bonus to Armor Class against you
Assured Grapple: Gain a Slayer bonus to grappling equal to the half your HD against Dragons or Reptilian

Close faced defense: Gain DR 15/- when being attacked while your grappled
Close strike: Any weapon benefiting from Weapon Focus may be used while grappled

The Cause
When your strength falters, and you are weak. There is often a choice of what you fight for
Gain Improved Critical with weapons benefiting from Weapon Focus

Of the People: When fighting directly for a Town that is being oppressed by a Dragon or Reptilian you benefit from a pool of extra D20s that may replace any roll you make equal to your HD and refills every morning

Of the Land: If you are in a position to claim a dragons treasury and decide not to you may offer it back to the land. The gold vanishes but the world itself thanks you, mindless plants and animals will not strike you, fruit is plentiful, your dreams enchanted needing only one hour to benefit as 8. You need only to give up your fair share of treasure

Of Myself: While others look for strength outside, you know that only you are capable. Once a day, even if you normally could not act you may remove any negative conditions on yourself

Of my Friends: Whenever an ally is attacked you may immediately move adjacent if they are within your run speed. While adjacent to an ally you may choose to take hits for them, in addition you are immune to Death Effects and Ability Damage/Drain while protecting them. When moving to your ally you may attack all enemies who attack you

The Knights Armor
Nothing like some good metal between me and that
Gain proficiency in all heavy armors
Any armor you equip benefits from a glamour effect

Like Skin: Reduce the ACP by your highest stat modifier if it hits 0 you may sleep and run in armor as unarmored

Weather worn: Your armor never rusts and never breaks while worn

Gleaming, Untarnished: Select a item in your possession that this manifestation effects. It is now immune to the sunder ability and cannot break by conventional means, you may choose to forgo a saving throw from any effect that causes instantaneous death, if you do so the item absorbs it instead and cannot absorb another until repaired with; Restoration, Miracle, Remove Curse or Atonement spell
This item may never be changed

Mark of Dragons
Somewhere you hold a mark
Gain the Least Dragonmark Feat
In addition you may mark enemies with blood not their own. As a swift action you may attempt a touch attack that grants them the Reptilian Subtype for minutes equal to your level

Lesser Dragonmark: Gain the Lesser Dragonmark Feat
Extra Use: Your dragonmarks provide one extra use of their ability per day. You may take this 5 times.
Improved Least Dragonmark: You may select an additional power your Least Dragonmark may use

Greater Dragonmark: Gain the Greater Dragonmark Feat
Dragon Touch: You may permanently etch a mark. As a standard action grant an adjacent Aberrant Dragonmark
Improved Lesser Dragonmark: You may select an additional power your Lesser Dragonmark may use

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Fantastic Mythos

A Horse Metamorph
Why not share this power with your pets?
Prerequisite: Animal Companion
Your animal companions may speak Common
Ignore ride checks with a companion

Calm upon the steed: While adjacent you your animal companion, you may direct any attacks on them to yourself

Ride upon myth: Pick an Animal Companion you may give it a +1 LA Template this may be done once per animal

A Slayers Strike
Your skill at fighting grows
Prerequisite: The Knights Blade
Any weapon your wielding that benefits from Weapon Focus may deal whichever damage type is most effective (Piercing, Slashing, Bludgeoning)
When fighting against enemies with the Dragon or Reptilian type gain a morale bonus equal to half your level

To me!: Your weapons gain returning, and may attack any enemy in a direct line from your target to you.
Critical!: Your favored weapons critical multiplier increases by one step.

Rending: Weapons you have with Weapon Focus may roll their damage twice, take either
Sentient: Choose one of your weapons, it becomes an Intelligent Weapon with the 15k price, besides its purpose which must be the slaughter of Dragons randomly roll its powers

A Slayers Body
Through skill and experience your body benefits from the essence of dragons you kill
Gain the Scent ability
You gain damage reduction -/HD

Giant Strike: Enlarge any natural weapon you use by one die and increase the size of weapons you may wield by one size
Improved Flight (Req: Wing) : Gain Flight Speed x2Land Speed (average) and two wing buffet attacks

Searing Attacks: Your energy effects granted from mythos deal half damage to immune
Knights Heart: Gain mettle, in addition every time you successfully save against a Su, Ex, or Sp ability gain a +1 bonus to saves for that fight

Dragon Training
Dragons employ Dragon Slayers when they decide to fight
Gain Diplomatic feat that functions only on Dragon or Reptilian creatures
Gain a Dragon or Reptilian as a Animal Companion of your HD-2, all HD must be taken as whatever Dragon they are

Its My Turn: Gain the ability of Turn Dragon, this functions as a Dragon typed Turn Undead

Loyalty Unwavered: When fighting together you need not make ride checks while riding a dragon


Dragon Bond: Gain Telepathy with your Dragon, you may use this over any distance, any spells your dragon casts upon themselves may also effect you

To my Side!: Your Dragon or You may travel to each other as through a Gate Spell once per day

Dragoon: While riding a Dragon you may attack any enemy in its melee range+5

Now that I've Eaten
Absorb the source
Req The Dragons Body Breath of Fire Understanding
As an immediate action when you are in 30 feet of a elemental source of damage that was not produced by this class you may choose to consume it removing its effect and curing yourself of all negative effects as well as gaining enough hp to be at half.

Breath Restoring Meal: When using Now That I've Eaten reduce the cooldown of your breath weapon to 0, and on your turn you may as a Swift Action breath with the effects of Empower and Enlarge this does not function with Body/Soul Restoring Meal

Body Restoring Meal: When using Now That I've Eaten you may refresh maneuvers equal to your Slayer HD this does not function with Breath/Soul Restoring Meal

Soul Expanding Meal: When using Now That I've Eaten you may absorb any elemental or gas effect, the next Breath weapon you use within five minutes carries an creates both your original effect and the eaten effect upscaled to your level if it was lower this does not function with Body/Breath Restoring Meal

Slayers Knowledge
There are those who preform rituals, learn from them
Gain Dragon Totem feat and Dragon Prophesier

Wide Ranging Know how: Gain Knowledge Devotion

Ritual: Dragon Totem Lorekeeper

Long Effects: Gain Dragon Totem Focus

Experienced: Gain Dragon Totem Scion

Dragon Prophet: Gain Prophecy's Artifex, Prophecy's Explorer, Prophecy's Hero, Prophecy's Mind, Prophecy's Shaper, Prophecy's Shepherd, or Prophecy's Slayer. You may take this again for each other effect at the cost of Basic

Dragon Force
By burning your inherit Dragon Essence you achieve great effects
When lowered to half your HP or when you suffer critical damage you may choose to activate Dragon Force:

Your reach increases by five feet
Your speeds increase by 30 feet
Attacks benefit from +1d10 damage
Increase your natural armor by half HD
Increase your DR by half HD
And gain Fast Healing to half HD

This lasts for five rounds at which point you receive non lethal damage equal to your hp+20

Resting: Reduce the penalty to hp+0, however you may only use this once a fight

Enduring Scales:
Gain element resistance(all)/HD in Dragon Force

Dragon Spooker
Eventually dragons will take notice
Gain Frightful Presence that functions only on Dragon type or Reptilian enemies (DC 10 + Ĺ HD + Con modifier)
Dragons are so spooked by you that they may never surprise attack in your presence

Dragon Slave: Designate an area in sight; strike all enemies in a thirty foot radius spread as a standard action (Additional 5' for every level) (Reflex) dealing damage equal to 1d6 with half damage on a successful save. Dragons, Reptilians and Objects do not benefit from Damage Reduction/Hardness and may be used 1/day per HD
You may decide to use all at once if so, roll all the damages together
Damage changes based on your highest Mythos from Dragon Slayer
Fantastic: 1d8
Legend: 2d6
Exalted: 2d12, roll an additional die for every 12 you roll

Super scary: As a Free action on your turn you may force an enemy who succeeds on the save to attempt again with a penalty equal to your level

Siberys Dragonmark
Increasing the power of your connection to dragons, your mark changes
Req Mark of Dragons
Gain the Siberys version of the Dragonmark you possess
You blood calls to others. Whenever you gain a benefit against Dragons you may apply the effect on Dragonblood type as well


Improved Siberys: Gain an extra use

Siberys Enhancement: This is a collection of feats from the Dragonmarked book. You may take this manifestation until you possess all the feats listed: Ashbound Mark, Bane of Argonnessen, Dragonmark Adept, Battlestrike, Fist, Mastery, Prodigy, Rage, Smite, Spellturning, Visionary, Summoner, Dragonbane, Eldritch Mark, Evokers Mark, Feral Mark, Gatekeepers Mark, Grace of Ghallanda, Greensinger Dragonmark, Healing Strike, Heart of Siberys, Hunters Mark, Mark of Dauntless, Mark of Deflection, Mark of Purity, Mark of the Recovery, Mark of Resilience, Mark of Stars, Mark of Truth, Mark of Twelve Moons, Mark of the Wilderness, Master of Wards, Mighty Dragonmark, Nightborn Dragonmark, Orien Battle Stance, Protective Mark, Quicken Dragonmark, Quill of Sivis, Sentinel Stance, Shield of Siberys, Storms Riptose, Stormrider, Trap Warden, Umbral Mark. You may purchase additional copies of this with only 1k points


Breath of Siberys: Gain the feat

Shifting Mark: Once a day you may change your Dragonmark into any variation

Fate of Dragons: You gain a pool of Action Points equal to your level that is separate from any other pool you may have, you may use these to fuel this mythos feats they refresh every 20-HD days.

Enhanced Mark: You may give anyone you have previously given a Dragonmark the Least and Greater variations as a standard action when adjacent

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Legend Mythos
Dragon raising
Finally the true power of your friends
Requires Animal Companion
Pick a Animal Companion it gains the Half-Dragon Template and grows one size. All references to companions in this mythos refers to your half dragon one.
Your weapons with Weapon Focus deal double damage when on a charging mount and need only one hand

Sky Training: Your companion gains flyby attack and increase its maneuverability to perfect
Sea Training: Your companion suffers no penalties to attacking or using special abilities underwater, or from attacking from water to sky or vice versa. Gain a swim speed equal to flight speed & the ability to breath underwater You may benefit when mounted
Land Training: Companion gains pounce and its landspeed doubles
Offense Training: Your companion gains two wing buffets and a tail attack as secondary natural weapons
Defense Training:When mounted gain uncanny defense, in any round you move all attacks/spell suffer from a 50% miss

Dragon Born
The penultimate form of dragonic corruption
You have tamed the Dragons power within your body

Your breath weapon now bypasses resistance
Your Melee attacks now benefit from Ghost Touch and deal Force damage
Your voice has become so powerful you may use EX Telekinesis Violent thrust using any stat you wish and no maximum weight
This attack only functions in a cone of 30 + 5hd feet Fort Save allows half damage
Gain EX Shatter at will

Fus Ro: Your range with Violent Thrust increases by 10 feet per HD, when creatures hit an object they are dealt 1d12 per 5 feet they have left
DragonRend: Target a Dragon or Reptilian type enemy preventing them from flyin, if they're flying currently, they fall
Weather: Gain EX Control Weather at will, changes immediately

Absorption: When you kill a dragon absorb their essence restoring you to full hp

Single Minded Dragon Obsession [Shintai]
Give yourself to the original Soul, he will do what you cannot
The Knights Soul has won out, and his desire is lit behind your eyes
Dragons are of blood and flesh, and you are the tool made manifest to destroy them, for you and dragons there is no peace

Whenever you see one with the Dragon type you must immediately attack
Gain a +5 AC untyped bonus for every additional dragon in range of melee attacks and every dragon cowers if they attempt to flee more then 30 feet away from you. Gain a +20 morale bonus to hit any Dragon
All Dragons use their lowest AC against you
You may spend a swift action to nullify a breath weapon attack that hits you
Spells cast by a dragons innate sorcerer spellcasting do not effect you
Gain Frenzy and Deathless Frenzy when a dragon is present

Even the King: Should you wish you may undertake a unique quest. You may cast Gate to the Dark Sun setting bypassing its innate resistance, you gain an innate sense of where the Kings lie

Ultimate form of Corruption
You literally become a dragon, whats more you are the original, the prime. The first dragons blood is yours and there can be no contenders
You are the natural enemy of all who live while you may ignore then of less then half your HD you must kill anyone else

Your natural armor granted by this class is doubled
Gain one additional elemental subtype
Become Gargantuan, your stats do not change, your natural weapons are recalculated to Gargantuan size, then apply any other die increases from this class or feats
Your fly speed becomes 360 (Average)
Become immune to spells of less then half HD
Gain the frightful presence ability: Radius equals 30 x HD feet
Become able to use your breath weapon in a grapple
Gain the ability to use the Dragon Crush and Tail Sweep ability
Your breath weapon damage becomes untyped and deals HDd8

The Omega: Divine Salient Abilities no longer work when you are within melee range.

The antepenultimate of corruption
Gain the Half-Dragon Template

Only Half: When subject to effects that target dragons, you may count as humanoid

Dragons Lair, Knights Keep
Dragons have their Lair, Knights have their keep. Whats yours?
You gain a personalized demiplane equal in radius to your level tripled, it is normally inaccessible to anyone beyond you
You may furnish this as any other space and may control all features on this plane except for time. It requires a standard action in the main room of this demiplane switch.
You may travel to this demiplane as a swift action, however when you return it must to be from where you left.

Gates Open Once per day you may open a gate spell unto your demiplane. It lasts for one hour per level or you close it.

The worlds chosen
Your very presence inspires the world
Your fate is lavished upon by the citizenry of the world
Whatever city you call home benefits from your immunity to Frightful Presences
When that land is in danger, you are informed regardless of your plane or location
And in the direst of circumstances whoever rules that land may summon you once per year as a standard action, to have you immediately show up with all resources restored if you desire. This can bring you back from death

The Knights Banner: Whenever you are part of large scale engagements your side does not suffer from morale penalties or fear conditions

Trained Citizenry: You may bring the head of any Dragon you slay to your city to be mounted. If you do, all npcs within gain an immediate level unless that level would place them above the HD total of the Dragon you defeated

Dragon Crafting
Dragon pieces are the best materials
When crafting with the craft skill you may substitute the corpse of a dragon for an amount of materials equal to the one fourth gold average of its level

Wand Crafting: You may use the gold value for wands of any spell the dragon knew
Potion Crafting: You may use gold value for any potion.
Armor Crafting: All armors crafted with dragoncrafting count as non metal, but may be of any armor
Weapon Crafting: All weapons crafted with dragoncrafting gain Bane Dragon

Item Crafting: You may use gold value on wondrous items, and need not know the any prerequisite spells

Exalted Mythos

Enough Said
With a puff of your lungs a huge tornado into existence as the control winds spell, but uses your HD number to control size and duration (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/controlWinds.htm)
Furthermore this tornado is populated by ethereal dragon spirits, holding 2d6 Young Adult Ghost Dragons (of any type that matches your breath weapon) that are limited in movement to inside the hurricane, yet are not affected by the hurricane itself
The dragons summoned by this effect are utterly loyal, and if somehow controlled by an outside effect will instead just vanish.
When manifested they may use their natural attacks
They do not possess spells or breath weapons
This may be used in place on your breathweapon, and shares its cooldown

Even from beyond the grave, the hunt continues
You may swift action summon all companions you possess, restoring one to full health if dead, to your side. You gain one use of this ability per day per companion. you may as a full round action expend as many uses of this ability as you wish.

Dragon Steed: Gain the Dragon Steed Feat

Calm Mind Apotheosis [Unshintai]
The Knight and the Dragon, unified
Requires both: Single Minded Dragon Obsession, Betrayer,
Lose the benefits of Prerequisites
You are no longer compelled do anything.
You gain the benefits of Mind Blank
You may appear as normal or as a Huge Dragon through your size penalty is reduced to 0, your reach extends to huge size if you remain normal
You may choose to switch between normal or Dragon as a free action
Gain Draconian Knowledge
Gain True Sight to everything you see

Dragon Slayer
The ultimate knight
Automatically pass any saving throw caused by a Dragon type
Automatically deal max damage to Dragon type
When attacking Dragons your crit range increase by 10
Nullify any Area effect a dragon causes effecting you
Gain HD as extra damage and hit against Dragons
Once you are adjacent to a dragon you only become unadjacent as you wish

Before you served the cause, now it serves you
You may only select manifestations which you have Cause

People: You have become the peoples champions, you may grant Slayers training at 5 to any number of individuals. In addition when in your presence everyone who benefits from this manifestation does not fall unconscious at -1 HP, only dies when their HP falls to negative value of their constitution if higher. They do not take damage when preforming actions under 0 HP

Land: You may enter into the earth, becoming a hill, river, mountain for as long as you wish as a free action. Your design and size may be any you wish but no large then your class level*100 ft, you are aware of everything that happens on you, while in this form you do not age and may reform in any space you occupied

Self: You gain Fast healing equal to your level, in addition you are not affected by effects that do not have saving throws or against AC

Friends: When seeing your party members and 5 close NPC friends dealt damage, once per day per friend, restore to full health and move to your friends side as if transported.

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Dragon Within :
Choose dwarf, human, elf, half-orc. You appear normally as that race no matter what abilities you have. This functions against abilities which would reveal a true form. When using abilities such as Natural Attacks you may project it as an elemental effect on your limbs

A Dragons Constitution:
Gain a D12 HD, you may choose to eat any thing for substance, in addition you are immune to diseases and poisons you ingest orally

A Knights Strength:
Gain +2 to any two separate Physical Scores

A Dragons Mind:
Gain +2 to any two separate Mental Scores

Hybrid Power:
Prerequisite: A Knights Strength, A Dragons Mind
Gain +2 to any Four separate scores

Resistance Ex: Gain the effects of an endure element spell (Ex)

Knights Grasp:
Prerequisite: Fantastic Mythos
You may never be disarmed of a Weapon Focus'd weapon

Dragon Wisdom: Pick a class skill, from now on that skill functions as if you assigned full ranks refund any assigned ranks, this may be taken multiple times[/b]

Knights Intuition : You may detect secret doors as an elf, gain low light vision and are acutely aware of the word Dragon, able to understand it in any language and gain a bonus to Listen equal to your level whenever it is uttered

Dragons Claw: Pick a natural attack, gain the improved natural weapon feat for that attack, may be taken per each weapon

Knights Fortitude: Against Dragons or Reptilian types gain Spell Resistance 10+Half HD

Dragon Scales: Gain natural armor equal to your Con modifier or +1

Flight Practice: Flight Maneuverability increase by 1 may be taken multiple times

Horde Analyst: Gain Identify as EX, and benefit from Track against Dragons and Reptilians

Dragons Life:Your longevity expands to a true dragons

Adaption: You may ignore the pressures of atmosphere and water

Dragons Sense: You gain Blindsense to 30 ft

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I like the general direction, but a few ideas. There's a fair bit of what I wrote so for later keeping the Thread shorter, I've Spoiled it.

A Slayer's Steed

I suggest making this an advanced manifestation rather than a basic since it requires it anyway and since it's a no-brainer follow-up.

A Dragon's Weapons

You don't need to give proficiency for natural weapons of any kind, so giving proficiency is redundant. Part of me wants to suggest putting the breath weapons with this too, but it makes more sense to have the breath weapons separate since people will want those anyway.

Marked By Fate

I question this mostly with the thought that they may also have a horse mount. While not impossible, it seems redundant to give a horse and dragon to a character like this, particularly when eventually that dragon can be used as a mount anyway and will likely be far superior to the horse. I'd suggest rolling "On a Horse" and "Slayer's Steed" in with this and make the horse and dragon exclusive to each other so shenanigans or becoming obsolete can't occur for one or the other. It also reinforces the player into making a choice of a small specialization.

For the dragon it could be a variant on an animal companion, but instead of gaining levels, it ages up periodically until it reaches some point, I'd suggest mature adult to very old range as they are powerful, but not one man teams at level 20 with those ages.

For the horse you could give it unusual templates like half-celestial or half-Fiend and rather than making it a battle buddy make it an actual mount, a really cool and fast one that can probably fly, but still not a true battle buddy. It would keep the horse and dragon separate and keep them from stepping on each other's toes while both would be useful. I personally don't suggest the dragon template because, again, it raises the question of why not just get a dragon instead.

Inner Fire

I like it, but suggest giving a comparable dragon's breath weapon to the actual dragons. Stick with Chromatic Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black, maybe the ability to change/upgrade to chromatic later or as an advanced. Then let it scale off of their level/HD just like a real dragon. Advanced and/or Basic Manifestations can include specializations, improvements, and other options for breath weapons. I also suggest looking up Meta-Breath Feats, they may not be well known, but they are basically metamagics for Breath weapons and may be of use.

My suggestion for Breath weapon damage is that it's 1dX for every 2 or 3 levels in the class as that's relatively close to the actual dragon's damage progression, and include options to increase the damage periodically in other mythos. Reflex is 10+1/2 level in class + Con modifier (pretty much the same as a dragon).

Dragon's Size

No real problem with this, would like for a specific clarification as to whether True Form, includes the increased melee range as 'enlarge person' or not since naturally large creatures actually don't get increased range by default.

Outer Fire

This is where I suggest putting particularly nasty forms of breath weapons, such as status causing breaths or odd element breaths like Sonic and Force Breath. Holding real breath weapons back till lvl 7+ seems a little to tight on the reins. If your basic breaths in Inner Fire and allow it to scale, it would not be that unbelievably powerful until Legendary and Exalted tiers when they've likely started stacking size increases and status effects in their breaths.

A horse Metaphor and A Friend in All

Reading these I feel that you meant to put them together but then forgot to or something. Alongside that, your giving a horse dragon stuff, raising the question of why it wasn't a dragon in the first place. The Pegasus is a bit more fitting as it's not replacing the dragon, but being something different.

Dragon Raising

I don't really have much to say since I think there should be a stronger split between having a dragon and horse. Again, seems pointless to get a dragonic horse when you could get a real dragon. Also, juvenile(Roughly CR 11) at level 13+ would be like having a standard familiar coming into combat at that level, you don't do it.

We are One

I like the idea behind it, but it feels odd to give it with the horse, but not the dragon. It seems silly to become a closer to a dragon, by combining with a horse... Yeah. I don't hate the idea, but a horse...


My suggestion is to combine Slayer's Strength, Dragon's Mind, and Hybrid Power into one [Ability] Improvment stat like the other mythos classes do. Splitting them like this is a tad redundant, and doesn't really do much good for the character in the long run.

A Dragon's Body, I suggest giving the requirement of one Fantastic or Legendary Mythos so they don't get this at level 1 and suddenly overpowered at lower levels.

A Dragon's Breath seems like a poor idea in general, even before my suggestion for Dragon's Breaths. Maybe some temporary hp or short term fast healing, maybe resistance/immunity from elements sources, but not from yourself, it leads to free healing which in game is rarely a good thing.

Silver Dragon Morphing method I like, but feel like there needs to be a bit more explanation to it, particularly with the tattoos since Most Dragons have some form of polymorph/alternative form they can use without tattoos or markings to give it away.

*Whew* A lot more than I'd thought I'd say. But, I'm trying to help as best I can.

Lanth Sor
2016-01-25, 06:45 PM
Before I say anything else I strongly advise you take a good long look at Dragon Magic, Draconomicon, and Races of the Dragon, and ESPECIALLY the Dragon Fire Adept. All of those sources have amazing tools and already constructed ways for both slayers and dragons. Dragon Fire Adept is the monk that wants to be a "Real Dragon". Thus they get great example of leveling breath, and other ways showing off Dragon powers. I'll review the full class after work.

2016-01-25, 09:24 PM
Dragon Magic, Draconomicon, and Races of the Dragon, and ESPECIALLY the Dragon Fire Adept.

Good call. I always forget about those, prolly because I'm not really a fan of dragons.

2016-01-26, 11:41 AM
Hey Jak thanks for the feedback, responses

A Slayer's Steed
Yes, i will do that.

A Dragon's Weapons

Marked by fate
This was actually a last minute addition after i remembered some dragon riders get a baby dragon. Anyway i intended this more to be a familiar, and that's why I capped its HD. I think ill make it more obvious by actually picking fae dragon for it

Inner Outer Fire
Yeah removing the non basic breaths is a good idea
Ive seen a homebrew I like in terms of powerful breaths, and i dislike metabreaths due to increasing the cooldown. So i plan to ask him if he minds me linking

Dragon's Size
This one I actually dont like, I plan to revise it

A horse Metaphor and A Friend in All
They were put together, and I know I keep switching between identifiers. Once i hammer it out completely ill fix the grammar, also starting with an actual dragon is pretty good. So i started with the horse because its just a horse

We are One
The horse requires more mythos to get to this point, and if you take it your giving up the other mythos that get benefits via horse, the marked by fate is like a shortcut to power and thats why its weaker

A Dragon's Body
The dragon type isn't actually that good, the best thing would be an immunity to certain spells which arent even used much at that level, barring sleep

A Dragon's Breath
I never intended to make it via your own breath weapon, through picking a basic fire breath and then consuming torches should be a viable way of healing. I think ill add on an immediate action cost through so that it isnt truly free

Lanth Sor
Ive actually read through the books before, I might browse again and thought about it if I started to lack ideas. Generally im not a fan of the mechanics because theyre either too good for a player, or made to be for a player and really bad
Especially breath weapons, Ill retake a look at scaling through and try to get a new way to power it up

Lanth Sor
2016-01-26, 05:10 PM
This post I'll break down each aspect of the ideas as I see them and advise good examples of them else where.

Breath Weapon
Your Approach: I get it, its kinda a novelty and way undervalues STR damage.
Advice: Have 2 options for breath weapon, one based off standard dragons IE more powerful but 1d4+1 round cooldown and another based off DFA where its at will but 1d6/2 lvls. DFA has special breath upgrades that have a separate cool down of two rounds. If you had an issue with implemenation of mechanics just update them in your Mythos to fit your design.

Draconic/Half Dragon Template
Advice: I strongly advise against applying the Half-Dragon Template to the player. As a player that has abused the crap out of that template i feel I have good reason for my stance. Now it is reasonable to grant to benefits over time like a 6-10 level progression depending on when its chosen.

"Knight in Shining Armor"
Your Approach: Honestly seems to forget the idea on the whole sale. Get a Horse. Then it becomes a dragon?
Advice: Why does the dragon not just become like a mount, Dragonrider Class (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/3rd-party-classes/super-genius-games/dragonrider) does this well. Also after level 1 It feels more like your just making the Mythic Dragon Disciple as everything is focused on becoming a dragon. Ad significant Not related to dragons abilities, both the agios and the archikos do the multiple paths things. The agios has a version of it where you gain VOPeace and VONonviolence and become a beacon of defense while another path uses a great sword to save you by cutting the enemies to pieces, and a shield path base around being a brick wall for your allies.

Dragon vs Hero
Your Approach: Hero seems to be about mounted night but so focused on dragons its not even being a proper knight. The whole dragon horse thing is just confusing.
Advice: Make it a Decision are you Sleeping beauties prince or are you a dragon lance slayer of chromatic dragons. Have a mythos for the dragon slayer lance. Dragon Slayer Lance would be great Shintai it counts as a Fierce Bane weapon vs dragons but all dragons are instantly hostile and you attract dragons at random intervals where they life or death try to destroy your lance.

2016-06-03, 09:30 AM
Have you considered giving the class a more proper name? I don't (entirely) mean the title of the class, but giving it a greek name like the rest. Maybe Drakippotis (bastardized greek of dragon knight), or perhaps drŠkexolothreft ( another bastardization of greek for dragon slayer).
I also suggest making your organization more clear near the end.olding to delineate between abilities.

Now to critique the class itself.

Slayer Trainings: Suggest moving the immunity to frightful prescence later, or replacing it with a bonus against it equivalent to level or central stat, then gaining immunity either at a higher level, or a mythos. Gaining immunity at level one is a tad much. I would say around ten would be more appropriate, but absolutely no earlier than level 5 for immunity.

Sworn enemy: Suggest not simply halving anything's AC. Instead a bonus to hit equivalent to half or 1/4 class level against sworn enemies. It gives a sizable bonus at higher levels, while not guaranteeing a hit at all times from level one. (Note that even the most powerful dragons would have an AC of around 19 if it was halved. That's a bit much). If you ignore this then make it half natural armor as that's what dragons get.

5th level bonus, a slightly more clear explanation would be in order to explain that you ignore the DR of any enemy with the Dragon type, also suggest it reduce rather than ignore it entirely with the option to ignore it later as an excellency/mythos. HOWEVER, true dragons only have DR/magic meaning that this is mostly pointless once you get a +1 weapon to hit them with. While I don't have more irregular dragon's to look at I'd guess that most of them don't have any better DR.

7th level. I like this ability, BUT. I think 7th level is a bit early, particularly for an ability that can force a dragon to take up to 20d6 of damage is a bit too much at this level. I'd say make it that they are forced to descend at maximum safe speed else risk falling from the sky. Giving the dragon the choice to acquiesce and recognize your strength (humiliating them), or having them risk falling outright against you (humiliating themselves). An expansion that forces them to fall to the ground and take damage as a mythos wouldn't be undo, but giving it so early is questionable.

Breath of Fire Understanding. Suggest changing MDS(Mythic DragonSlayer) levels are considered martial adept levels for your initiator levels. Change it to MDS levels are equivalent to initiator levels for the purpose [rest of the line]. Class levels equal to class levels equal to class levels is a complication that should be removed. If it's not one to one, then say that 1/X of your MDS levels are your Initiator level. No other problems (don's know BoF to critique it much).

Knight skill Twin Chosen: Suggest giving the benifits of Oversized TWF rather than downsizing weapons (particularly since if they already use a THW they won't get nearly the same benefit) I also suggest rewriting the last sentence as it looks like when you change your weapon enchantments you get TWF from the change rather than the weapons matching enchantments AND getting TWF feat. I mildly suggest not having them with the same enchantments, but have them be enchanted separately or allow them to match cumulative bonus but have different enchantments. Ex, You make your primary a +3 straight and your replica becomes a +1 Shocking Bane (cumulative +3).
Solid Dragon Slaying Practice: Point out bluntly that the +1 attack and damage is in addition to the Weapon focus and specialization.
Dragon Weapon Aversion: Not entirely sure what you mean by energy effect, but if you denote what attacks exactly, then there's no real problem with it.

Slayer's Steed: No inherent problem with it. I don't use mounts that much so I can't reasonably chime in.

Dragon Body: Dragon Embraced: Again unsure what you mean by energy effect, see Dragon Weapon Aversion.

Marked: Woah there, slow down. That, is kind of dangerous. I really don't suggest having a class feature that gives MP for killing a dragon type creature. Gaining a bonus to something else, maybe a +1 bonus to intimidate for every dragon you kill up to your level or something, but being able to gain MP like this is a tad abusable.
No problems with manifestations.

Inner Fire: I think you meant DC when you wrote ST. I suggest adding an option for Black dragon, though they also do acid.
Guide the Flames: Suggest treating it more like selective channeling rather than giving the ability to turn (ignore your CHA mod number of targets in your breath weapon).

Dragonsworn: True Form: Question the ability to turn it off but not turn off other things like the wings, but no inherent problem (seems a tad weak and useless giving little use other than changing your size).

Slayer Tricks: Assured grapple: You can't grapple targets more than 2 sizes larger than yourself. Suggest taking that into account somehow.

That was all I could get to right now unfortunately. Hope it helps and I do like most of the ideas.

2016-06-03, 02:39 PM
Yup yup, formatting and lore to come!

Slayer Trainings: My logic behind this was that, you arent likely to face anything with it too too early, and it would very much suck to play a Dragon Slayer too afraid to even approach dragons. Add that to a basic paladin gets immunity to fear at level 3.

Sworn enemy: I agree with you on the halving, the bookkeeping in the regard would be a bit much.

5th level bonus, are you referring to lorewise? im kind of bulking up on excellencies but it could fit in with the awakened weapon.

7th level.Yeah, i almost went with the safe version before. the damage was tacked on so it can be tacked off

These are not level bonuses, but instead bounses based on mythos gained, so without spending XP/Gold on it you can expect these at 7th and 11th level respectivelly

Knight skill Twin Chosen: makes sense

Solid Dragon Slaying Practice: k

Marked: what if i add the stipulation that it must be fated (By DMs design) rather then a situation created by yourself so that you cant just breed dragons

Inner Fire: I think you meant DC when you wrote ST. I suggest adding an option for Black dragon, though they also do acid.

Dragonsworn: True Form: i included this purely to get the Dragonborn crowd

Does help, ill rework this again and post it when im done, thanks

2016-06-07, 03:28 PM
ok, continuing from last time.

A horse - no inherent problems. It's fine (again never had mount so I can't really say much).

A friend in all - I'm not sure what do think about this. First, I suggest making it an alternative, rather than a follow-up to a horse, as they have very different effects. Basically if you don't get a steed you may chose this and if you chose this you cannot have a steed. I also don't suggest making them a dragon slayer, maybe a martial class, but giving a mythos cohort is questionable. If it were in the next tier up that would be more reasonable (a lot of other classes have mythos multipliers at fantastic level).

Combo: The ability is written a bit oddly, I suggest a rewrite for clarity. Also, I think you meant 1.5X not 1.5% (two very different things). I also don't suggest adding your partner's HD to saving throws since that can be quite high, but then again, this is mythos level, and cohorts don't get nearly the same level as you. I'd say make it 1/2 your partners HD rather than all of it.

Slayer Strike: No inherent problem, pretty good idea overall honestly.
Blood leaves a trail: I'd say put in a time limit, a maximum number of effected targets, and/or the ability to stop tracking them. Because I can see someone with that walking into a room with a toothpick chosen weapon and pricking everyone so he knows where everyone is at all times.
To Me!: Suggest rewriting it to something like "If you throw your [chosen] weapon, it will automatically return to you at the start of the next turn, as the returning property. You may also dismiss your [chosen] weapon from existence, allowing you to summon it anywhere as a free action." It clears things up and removes the need to clarify that they can summon it for free as a draw or attack action.
Sword's aren't picky: The list you gave is pretty much anything after level 7 that isn't using character levels. You may as well just say you can use it on anything. But that's opinion on my part.
Sword's are smart, may need to clarify exactly what you mean by d100+50, maybe simplify it to d50+50 to ensure it remains in the range of the table.

Dragon Body: Suggest improving the DR to be added regardless of whether you have it already and possibly make it scale off your level. If you do this, also suggest setting what type of DR it is. No other problems, it's good.
Rushing dragon strike: Dangerous since you can get a lot of natural attacks with this class, but not horrible.
Rage: This is far more dangerous because it basically means that if you get into a fight and they have no way to charm you you win. That's really dangerous. I'd suggest capping it at 2 or 3 times your constitution into the negative as not having a cap means you can be at -1,000 and still be fighting. Yeah, they'd die after they won but that's not much better.

Dragon Raising: Not against this, but I feel there should be an option to improve your mount before this (maybe as an intermediate mythos or a manifestation) then upgrade to this. Giving the class an option for a monstrous mount would not be amiss. Other than that it's fine as is, maybe needs a bit more of a buff for a legendary mythos, but otherwise fine.

we are one: This is mildly dangerous. Mostly because you and your cohort may have exactly the opposite abilites allowing you to get everything once you chose this. That is highly dangerous and should probably be changed. If the cohort didn't have Mythos Levels it would probably far more forgivable (giving the player access to fighter or barbarian abilities while fused). I also suggest some kind of penalty or weak point to this, if only to keep people from combining and never splitting.
Quick Target: Suggest not giving pounce as it's given earlier, and this is rather questionable as a full ability. Could be better.

Ascension: Suggest replacing Mythos times per day, make it 1/2 level or a modifier times per day as 1/2 level is relatively equivalent, and Mythos/day is irregular compared to other classes. Also suggest changing it to go back upon unconsciousness as well or death as this gives them a second chance. Also, possibly a time limit with extensions in the manifestations.
What do you mean by full nonlethal damage? Is that you are at your hp in nonlethal, or that the damage taken while in the form is now non-lethal?
Suggest adding HP equal to 2 times your level, rather than mythos for rather than double mythos taken. This improves clarity and buffs it to a more useful amount. Also may suggest treating it as Temp HP as it keeps the person from dealing with the Barbarian Suicide (death by MaxHP/Con Loss after falling from rage). This may also expand to the +2 Con for the same reason, but that's up to you. (as a note, turning lethal to nonlethal upon changing back would remove this issue for the most part but I still don't know if that's wise)
Minor ascension: may need some rewrite for clarity, but if I understood it it should be fine.
Guts: Again, rewrite for clarity as it's rather vague and has a few errors in it. But may suggest rewriting to something similar to. "If you would die or become lost forever by any form of ability, you may ignore it once per ascension. If you have this manifestation and not over, you may use this ability to save yourself while not ascended. In using this with Not over, you ascend and cannot use this manifestation during that ascension. If you have no ascensions left per day this will not work."

I'll stop there and beg you to do an overview of your stuff as it's getting a bit hard to read and understand things.

Also, as a shameless plug/plea for help I'll ask you to take a look at my Mythos class, the Megaligeti (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?477620-3-5-Base-Class-quot-A-King-without-an-Army-is-just-a-Man-in-a-Funny-Hat-quot&p=20393748#post20393748) when you have a chance.

2018-02-12, 10:25 PM
I have retooled the class,
You are able to go from 1-20

2018-02-14, 01:21 PM
If I may, another class you may want to look at is Dragon Disciple. It is a Prestige Class but it does have good Dragon Scaling for PCs in my opinion. On of my players wants to make a Dragonslayer a la Fairy Tail and he was going with BloodRager from Pathfinder into Dragon Disciple. This definitely has promise good work so far.

2020-09-20, 09:08 PM
I started with the tag system and felt it wasnt right. After I changed it to use a normal progression with Favored enemy. That never felt good but i thought it would be better.
Im back and theres some things Id have changed and so I am.

Finished off the table explanations
Revamped Slayer Training
Added fluff to Mythos and clearified the text
Altered most mythos by streamlining and cull tags
Added exceptional, Fantastic, legend