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2016-01-24, 10:15 AM
Were you cursed by God to wander the earth until Redemption?
Do you plan to insult every being in the universe, in alphabetical order?
Has Death decided, as part of a wager, to pass you by?
Are you a spoooky vampire?

[Please give me some feedback on this background. I ask some specific questions at the bottom of the post.]

Background: Immortal
By accident, artifice, or nature you have what some mortals have spent lives to attain: immortality (or, perhaps, such long life that outstretches any mortal race). You have lived for more than twice the time normally allotted, and you have your measure of memories and scars to show for it. After so many years your initial origins are much less important than the wealth of experiences you have gained in the world.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight
Tool Proficiencies: 1 tool of your choice
Languages: 1 Language of your choice
Equipment: 1 set of formal clothes that are two decades out of fashion, a small image of a dead mortal, a keyring with 3 keys of differing sizes, a signet ring, and a belt pouch containing 20 gp.

Immortals gain their boon or curse from a variety of sources.
d8 Origin

1 - Curse
5 - Inherent Nature

2 - Gift
6 - Fall from Origins

3 - Alchemical Discovery
7 - Body Transformation

4 - Magical Rite
8 - Greater Parentage

Feature: A Name for Yourself
Either because you have passed into legend or because you masquerade as the next member of your family line, many people recognize your name. By invoking your name you are able to secure an audience with a local noble or influence others to believe you will act in accordance with your reputation. Additionally, you are likely to have deeply ingrained working relationships with at least one organization in the world work with your DM to determine the nature of that relationship.

Suggested Characteristics:
Immortals are so long lived in the world that they tend to carry more than the usual amount of happiness, sorrow, loss, and jubilation. They are wise in the ways of the world, but are wary of change.

d8 Personality Trait
1 - I draw away from the world not because I am ignorant of what it might hold, but because I know it too well.
2 - Because I have so much experience in the world I view most mortals as students, apprentices, or children.
3 - My long life has not inhibited my will to love, laugh, drink, and wrest the most out of every moment.
4 - I am wary of becoming attached to mortals because I know that long after they pass on I will still be here.
5 - I welcome my immortality as an opportunity to fashion changes on the world as I live through the centuries.
6 - I am in a constant search for something, anything, that can guide my exceedingly long life.
7 - When making a decision I tend to take the long view instead of the short.
8 - I worked for so long to achieve immortality, and now that I have it Im not quite certain what I should be doing with it.

d6 Ideal
1 - Tradition. The stories, legends, and songs of the past must never be forgotten. (Neutral)
2 - Challenge. Life is worth living when there are obstacles to overcome, problems to face, and changes to adapt to. (Chaotic)
3 - Expertise. True knowledge and application of a skill is a mark of maturity and greatness. (Any)
4 - Order. Through organization, planning, and forethought great success can be achieved and I have more than enough time for all three. (Lawful)
5 - Wisdom. By learning from other beings and being conscious of my acts, I can make my existence a boon to the universe. (Good)
6 - Mastery. Control and domination over others ensures my existence and place in the world for eons to come. (Evil)

d6 Bond
1 - I must find or follow the path to make myself mortal once more.
2 - They may not know of me, but I am fiercely protective of my mortal progeny.
3 - I have been searching my whole life for the answer to a certain question.
4 - There is an organization to which I am forever bound to in service.
5 - I must atone for the acts I committed to gain immortality.
6 - I must accomplish some greater purpose that can only be achieved in a span much longer than a mortal life.

d6 Flaw
1 - I find it hard to take day to day matters seriously.
2 - I live in my past my sorrows, glories, and achievements.
3 - Past experience has taught me to be unusually suspicious or trusting of a race, nationality, or other group of individuals, despite current events that indicate change.
4 - I am inflexible in my thinking.
5 - My pride will probably lead to my destruction.
6 - I believe that mortals are misguided, and it is my duty to tell them the best way to live.

Some specific questions:
1) Am I missing an origin for immortality?
2) Do the skill proficiencies make sense?
3) Do any of the Suggested Characteristics seem off, weird, or have a better replacement?

An updated version of this homebrew lies in my signature (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=20886261&postcount=285). Let me know if you have any questions!

2016-01-24, 10:32 AM
Love it. I'm a sucker for broody, emo immortals when they're done well (Lost Odyssey, anyone?) so I would totally approve of this in my games.

In terms of your questions:

1) doesn't matter. The d8 table is just there to inspire people; it doesn't have to be exhaustive.
2) yes.
3) you're short a few personality traits, but nothing looks out of place to me.

2016-01-24, 04:10 PM
So I assume this means immortal in the sense of live forever and not "I won't die from a sword through the chest"

2016-01-24, 04:20 PM
So I assume this means immortal in the sense of live forever and not "I won't die from a sword through the chest"

It's usually best to assume the chunky salsa rule is in effect.

Or you could play it like, "I was immortal, but then the gods lifted my curse and now I only have 80 years left to live!" dun dun DUN!!

2016-01-24, 06:29 PM
I love a well-crafted background. And this? This is it. So kudos to you!

2016-01-24, 07:30 PM
Oooo...I like this. It kind of perfectly fits for a character I am getting ready to play here in two hours. I'm gonna ask my DM if I can change my background :smallbiggrin:

2016-01-30, 10:15 AM
Thanks for all your kindness!

So I assume this means immortal in the sense of live forever and not "I won't die from a sword through the chest"

I presume the first, but I see no reason that this background wouldn't work for the second, if your DM runs that kind of campaign.