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2016-01-24, 11:56 AM
So, in my campaign setting, I want to increase the number of playable Half-Human races like Genasi and Tieflings (I know they technically can be other than human, but seriously, when we think of them, we think Half-Human), so I felt it would be a good idea to include the Gimlock and Yuan-Ti as playable races.

For the Grimlock I'm thinking Strength +2 Dexterity and/or Constitution +1 and for Yuan Ti Charisma +2 um, something +1.

In terms of abilities, Grimlock seem to be the hardest. They get a 30ft Blindsense, but are completely Blind outside of that range and are blinded if they become deafened. This means the race CAN"T play a ranged class at all since they can't target anyone. And They can't even cast spells farther than 30ft since they need line of sight (even if we rework it to include field of blindsight it still only goes 30ft). Not to mention, battle tactics become really hard since the player would need to be told where the enemy is in order to go after them.

For Yuan-Ti, one would clearly be using the Pureblood model. Yuan Ti are immune to poison, I'd instead go with having Resistance to Poison damage and advantage on saving throws against poison. Maybe Proficiency in Deception and their spell-like abilties?

Any suggestions for these two or any other Half-Human races to make playable?

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2016-01-24, 12:17 PM
The Grimlock (http://www.realmshelps.net/charbuild/races/under/grimlock.shtml) was statted in the 3.5 sourcebook Underdark for the Forgotten Realms, and it was a race with a +2 LA, and had Immunities to attack forms that relied on vision, blindsight, scent, a natural armour bonus, +10 on hide checks among other racial feats.

I would have +2 to Strength and a +1 to dexterity or constitution, a feature like the deep gnome stealth check feature, and the scent feature. The blindsight can be crazy powerful in Underdark campaigns consisting mostly of winding, cramped tunnels.

As for the Yuan-ti, the sourcebook Champions of Ruin had the extaminaar, a breeding programme by the house that ruled the city of Hlondeth. There was also the Yuan-ti tainted one template (http://www.realmshelps.net/monsters/templates/yuanti.shtml), which could be toned down for 5e.

2016-01-24, 03:04 PM
To allow for grimlocks to attack/cast spells at range, how about making a subrace with something like the following:

Improved Hearing
Members of this subrace are especially well adapted to determining the movement of their prey from the faint sounds it makes.

So long as a creature is within 120 feet and is not hiding or behind total cover, you know what square it is in, you can target it as if you could see it, and you do not suffer disadvantage on attacks against it from not being able to see it. You do not benefit from this ability if you are deafened or otherwise unable to hear a creature.

You could give that subrace +1 dex and then make a more traditional, melee-focused subrace with +1 con.