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2016-01-25, 12:48 AM
Golemancy brings an entirely new form of crafting to DnD fifth edition.
This system involved crafting extremely customizable golems with almost 50 unique options to pick and choose from for your creation. It is based off a point buy system that is limited in points by the spell slot used to animate the golem. The system promotes cooperation as casters can combine their efforts in order to animate a golem far more powerful than anything they could animate as an individual.

Some examples of golems that can be made via this system:

Any of the golems found within the Monster Manual
A three-headed dragon golem, complete with fire breath
A tiny golem who's only purpose is to get a hold of your enemy and self-destruct with explosive fury
A humanoid-piloted golem, or even a humanoid-piloted golem, within a golem, within a golem like a Russian Nesting Doll, or a Spiral Warrior finally ready to finish off the anti-spirals.
A team of humanoid-piloted, lion-shaped golems that can join together to become a gargantuan humanoid golem.

You can even use the same system to create replacement golem limbs for characters that have suffered a horrible amputation. Or just characters who think it would be really cool to have a golem arm.

The booklet also contains one new tool proficiency, one new feat, four new spels and two new archetypes (A wizard school and a fighter's martial archetype).

It really is worth the look, whether you just want to tinker with the golem customization options, or if you want to beg your fellow players to make new characters so you guys can finally witness a battle between Voltron and a Tarrasque.

Download it for free here (http://www.dmsguild.com/product/171879/DnD-5e-Golemancy).