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2016-01-25, 01:22 PM
Hey guys,
So I wanted to make a paladin subclass that kind of mirrors the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout. It may be fairly OP, but I'm always open to suggestions. Thanks

Oath of the Seeker
An Oath of the Seeker Paladin are devoted to deities of knowledge and are typically neutral. They seek out ancient lore and magical items, whether they are wielded by a major villain of the area or a lawful lord of the land does not matter in their eyes. Most paladins who swear this oath band together into regional "Brotherhoods”, where they store the knowledge and artifacts that they have procured. A Paladin of this Oath usually looks at those who use such magical items as mere children playing forces they don't understand. They are typically difficult to travel with because of their furious drive to claim any and all magical items or lore in an area with no thought of the consequences. There are rumors of a centralized body of paladins that each branch report to for orders and to organize larger forces in dire times.

Tenents of the Seeker
The tenets of this oath are rigorously followed by all paladins. This oath emphasizes the need to protect the realm from its own ignorance by any means necessary.
Fraternity. Nothing is more important than your fellow seekers.
Preservation. Preserve knowledge, whether it be good or evil.
Procuration. Seek out all that is magical for the protection of the greater good.
Purification. Destroy those corrupted by magic.

Oath spells

Paladin Level Spells
3rd detect magic, command
5th hold person, locate object
9th nondetection, stinking cloud
13th guardian of faith, leomund's secret chest
17th teleportation circle, Bigby's hand

Channel Divinity
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
Suppression. You can use your Channel Divinity to suppress a magical item within your general vicinity. When you choose to take this action, target a magical item within 30 feet of you in which you can see or are aware of its presence. If it is being wielded, the target must succeed on an Intelligence saving throw. If the magical item is not wielded by someone, it is automatically suppressed unless it is sentient and/or has an Intelligence score, in which it must succeed an Intelligence saving throw. On a failed save, the item is rendered useless for 1D4+ your charisma modifier rounds. On a successful save, the item is immune to being suppressed for 24 hours.

Zealous Greed. As a bonus action, you can target one creature who is wielding a magical item. You brazenly go after this target, procuring the magical item being your only thought. When using your Channel Divinity for this action, you gain a movement speed of half your base speed when moving towards your marked target. You also gain advantage on attack rolls towards this target.

Aura of Spell Shattering
Upon reaching 7th level, you begin to emit an aura that shields you and allies from even the most devious of magical effects. If you or any ally within 10 feet of you are targeted by a spell or magical effect that requires a saving throw, you have advantage on the save no matter the circumstances.
At 18th level, the range extends to 30 feet.

Knowledge is Power
At 15th level, you have seen and learned much in your travels when it comes to magical items and Arcane lore. You gain proficiency in both Arcana and History if you do not have them already. You are also able to channel the power of your deity to recall ancient, forgotten lore about an object, place, or spell. You are also able to read a language you do not understand, as long as you are physically touching the scroll, object, etc.

Arcane Inquisition
At 20th level, your exposure to all varieties of potent magical items and artifacts has changed you forever. You may assume a form resembling the Arcane forces that penetrate all living things, taking on the appearance that you choose.

Using your action, you undergo a transformation. For 1 minute, you gain the following benefits:
You are able to locate and suppress any magical object within a 100 foot radius even if you cannot see it directly. All items chosen are automatically suppressed for the duration of the transformation and 1D6+ your charisma modifier rounds after your transformation.
You gain advantage on attack rolls for spells, and the enemy has disadvantage on any saves against your spells.
All spell damage against you is halved (rounded down).
You are able to make a touch attack against a creature using your charisma modifier when rolling for attack. If successful, you peer into the target's mind, absorbing all of their knowledge. This action takes 1 round. Afterwards, you may choose to shatter their mind, dealing 10D10 psychic damage.

Once you use the feature, you cannot use it again until you take a long rest.