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2007-06-14, 08:56 PM
The Necromancer's Archive

Deep underground lies a collection of unholy books. Hidden away from the forces of good this library is where every necromancer dreams of going. It's location is kept secret so that no paladins may start a crusade to destroy this most precious collection of knowledge. Within the library is the largest collection of necromantic knowledge in the entire multi verse. The entrance is next to a river of lava that burns the unwary. A set of stone double doors are the entrance to the archive. Carved onto the doors is a large skull and the words Bvre'k kyarsav bruknlex vurden. Translated form draconic to common it means "Death is power." No one may pass through this door without the librarian's permission. The library is a long row of 5 rooms. Each room requires granted access from the librarian. The librarian is a vampire of considerable power. He has ruled this library for 1021 years and it looks like he'll be ruling it for a lot longer. Drow give him slaves so that he can eat without venturing to the surface.

2007-06-14, 09:10 PM
The First Room

The first room has a very gothic design. Grey stone walls converge into a high ceiling with many arches. Stone carvings of skeletons line the walls. Should the library be attacked the librarian can speak a command word that animates these skeletons. They aren't true undead, only animated carvings. Yet they are more powerful than your average human skeleton. There are a total of 15 skeletons on th walls, all of them ready to fight to the death. Even though this room is only the first of eight in the library it still contains rare and powerful books. One of them is written by the founder of the library, and the one who wrote the phrase "Death is power" on the door. This book was written by a dracolich who had done many experiments and advances in the field of necromancy. He compiled all his research and findings, along with other important information regarding necromancy, into one large tome. This book is called The Beauty of Death. The original copy is in this very library, but many other copies exist. The original one written by the dracolich (who's name is unknown) had many empty pages left so that new discoveries could be added. Anyone studying this book gets a +7 bonus to Knowledge (arcana) checks related to necromancy or the undead. Over time these pages have been filled and soon a second tome will need to be made. Other copies can be purchased on many blackmarket bookstores, but they do cost 6000 gp each. This sole book is one of the primary interests of visitors to the library. The other books in this room are not as grand, but still are important. A large amount of books devoted to gods of death (choose whichever are in your campaign setting). Clerics can be found in this room. Other books similar to The Beauty of Death cover a less broad amount of information but instead go into the more specific details of certain fields of necromancy. Ran Shervia (in elven that means "without death") is an example of one of these books. It goes into the fine details of lichdom. Those that will take the transformation into undeath often read this book before doing so. This is the most accessible and most useful room for those purely seeking knowledge. While in this room you get a +3 bonus to knowledge (arcana) checks involving necromancy and undead. This doesn't stack with the bonus gained from The Beauty of Death. Because of the books involving death gods anyone in the room gets a +3 bonus to knowledge (religion) checks involving death gods.

2007-06-14, 09:35 PM
The Second Room

The second room is more difficult to get into than the first one. Still, it isn't impossible to get in. Usually regular visitors to the library that have proven themselves to be trustworthy are allowed in. This room is a MASSIVE collection of spellbooks. Usually a necromancer donates his spellbook to the library, although sometimes they are gained through killing unsuspecting wizards. After all, the librarian isn't alway content from preying on helpless slaves. The room doesn't have the same gothic design as the first one. If you looked at it you wouldn't guess that it is a collection of the most unholy spells. The room is pure pink. Little carvings of angels are everywhere. Yet all is not what it seems. Small bones are carved here and there onto the walls. Until someone looks carefully at the walls they don't notice them. And the angels themselves aren't so innocent. They have small and inconspicuous fangs. Their fingernails are somewhat sharp and pointy. Hidden inder the floor is a chamber filled with zombies. These aren't ordinary zombies though. They are much stronger and have been modified by the librarian himself. Should the library come under attack the zombies emerge through a hidden trapdoor and attack everything in sight. There are a total of 10 zombies hidden in this room. The prize book of this room is an immense spellbook. The previous librarian was a lich wizard who created this book. During the previous librarian's life he wandered the world gathering as many necromantic spells as he could into one tome. He never completed it but it still contains many spells. There is usually a long waiting list to get access to this book. Some wait several years before getting it. Inside it are these spells. All of them are Sorcerer/Wizard spells

Level 1 Spells
-Backbiter (CA)
-Blade of Blood (PH2)
-Cause Fear
-Chill Touch
-Death's Call (CM)
-Death Grimace (BVD)
-Ray of Enfeeblement
-Reaving Aura (CM)
-Summon Undead I (HH)

Level 2 Spells
-Command Undead
-Dance of Ruin (BVD)
-Escalating Enfeeblement (CM)
-False Life
-Ghoul Touch
-Kelgore's Grave Mist (PH2)
-Shriveling (BVD)
-Slow Consumption (BVD)
-Spectral Hand
-Summon Undead II (HH)
-Wither Limb (BVD)
-Wracking Touch (CAv)

Level 3 Spells
-Crown of the Grave (PH2)
-Gentle Repose
-Halt Undead
-Prickling Torment (CM)
-Ray of Exhaustion
-Summon Undead III (HH)
-Vampiric Touch

Level 4 Spells
-Animate Dead
-Bestow Curse
-Burning Blood (CA)
-Doom Scarabs (PH2)
-Finger of Agony (CM)
-Grim Revenge (BVD)
-Horrid Sickness (CM)
-Liquid Pain (BVD)
-Seed of Undeath (CM)
-Summon Undead IV (HH)
-Touch of Years (CM)
-Wrack (BVD)

Level 5 Spells
-Channeled Lifetheft (CM)
-Cryptwarden's Grasp (CM)
-Magic Jar
-Oath of Blood (HH)
-Soul Shackles (BVD)
-Spirit Wall (CA)
-Stop Heart (BVD)
-Summon Undead V (HH)
-Symbol of Pain
-Waves of Fatigue

Level 6 Spells
-Arrow of Bone (CA)
-Circle of Death
-Create Undead
-Ectoplasmic Enhancement (BVD)
-Symbol of Fear
-Undeath to Death

Level 7 Spells
-Command Undead
-Finger of Death
-Necrotic Circle (CM)
-Pulse of Hate (PH2)
-Retributive Enervation (CM)
-Seed of Undeath, Greater (CM)
-Sword of Darkness (CA)
-Symbol of Weakness
-Waves of Exhaustion

Level 8 Spells
-Create Greater Undead
-Blackfire (CA)
-Gutwrench (BVD)
-Heart of Stone (CA)
-Horrid Wilting
-Plague (PH2)
-Steal Life (BVD)
-Symbol of Death
-Touch of the Graveborn (CM)

Level 9 Spells
-Astral Projection
-Energy Drain
-Plague of Undead (HH)
-Sould Bind
-Wail of the Banshee

CA-Complete Arcane
PH2-Player's Handbook II
CM-Complete Mage
HH-Heroes of Horror
BVD-Book of Vile Darkness

Modified Zombie
Medium Undead
5d12+3 (32)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: -1
AC 17 (-1 dex, +8 natural); touch 9; flat-footed X
BAB +5; Grp +X
Attack Standard attack +X (damage, critical range/critical multiplier + additional damage)
Full-Attack Full attack +X/+X/+X (damage, critical range/critical multiplier +additional damage)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks
Special Qualities
Saves Fort +X Ref +X Will +X
Abilities Str 14, Dex 8, Con -, Int -, Wis 13, Cha 1
Feats Toughness
Organization Name (Number appearing)
Challenge Rating X
Treasure X gold; X gems; X art; X magical items
Advancement by TYPE; Favored Class
Level Adjustment +X

2007-06-14, 10:34 PM
The Third Room

The third room is a sort of unique room in the library. It doesn't contain any books. It's actually a laboratory that can be used. Those that have proven to be able to act responsibly in the first and second rooms are allowed in here. There is always a fresh supply of corpses in this room. This room is completely white so that any spilled poisons, alchemical substances, blood, etc. can be noticed and quickly cleaned. The third room actually has another room within it. This is the observatory. A thick steel reinforced stone door is the entrance to this room. This room is the observatory. From here necromancers safely watch the results of their experiments through a barred window. The Spike of Undeath (see below) is kept here. The room (not the observatory) contains 5 tables used for experiments. Each is large enough to fit an ogre. Beside each table are many surgical tools along with spell components (which are purchased from the library). There is a furnace in the room where many failed creations are put. When someone tries to invent a new type of undead they usually get some useless twisted mass of animated flesh. All these are thrown into the furnace for incineration. The furnace itself is heated by the nearby river of lava.

The Spike of Undeath
A thing that the laboratory values the most is it's "Spike of Undeath." This is a truly useful contraption because it creates lots of undead without the spell component cost. It's a silver spike with skull patterns engraved onto it. The user speaks an command word that activates the spike. This causes every corpse in a 30 ft radius around the spike to become undead as if they had Animate Undead cast on them. All these undead are under the user's control. The user may not control any more undead than he/she normally could. If the use of the spike would result in the animation of more undead than the user can control then the user chooses which corpses are animated, and which aren't. The whole process of activating the spike and animating the undead takes a full round action. All living creatures and already undead creatures are not affected in any way by this item.

CL 8, Animate Dead, Craft Wondrous Item, price 64,000 gp

The third room keeps a log of all experiments done. Every experiment gets one page, although important discoveries can get more. This carefully kept list of experiments is a useful resource and a list of many important discoveries in the field of necromancy. Often mass testing is done using the Spike of Undeath.

2007-06-15, 12:52 PM
The Fourth Room

Now it begins to be extremely difficult to get into further rooms. Room four is only to be used the most powerful necromancers (in other words, epic). Few can even begin to qualify to enter here. And even if someone has enough power, they still have to get permission from the librarian. Some of the most powerful books are kept in this room, second only to the artifacts in the next one. This room has a much more humble appearance than one would expect. It's simply a room carved out of stone. Bookshelves line the walls. But there is one thing truly powerful here. A stone statue of something that barely resembles in angel. It's a tall humanoid creature with wings. And that's where the angelic resemblance stops. Large fangs come out of the statues mouth. Wicked claws replace fingers. It's wings are feathered yet these wings appear ragged. A large forked tongue sticks out from its mouth. Instead of skin the "angel" has scales. There is a rumor that a powerful fiend under the command of the librarion is trapped in this statue. This isn't actually true. In fact the librarian started the rumor so that he would be feared more than he already is. Anyone doing research in the room gets a +5 bonus to all knowledge checks. This doesn't stack with any bonus granted by John (see below)

This book is the most powerful one in this room because it's actually intelligent. The librarian brought it to the library several centuries ago. Since then it has resided in this room as the librarians adviser and a good resource to necromancy. This book which is simply named "John" gives advise on necromancy to many others. Within his pages he has the darkest, and vilest areas of necromancy that few are brave enough to try. John will usually help anyone who has access to the room, but if someone of the good alignment should will break into the room he will begin to hurl lightning. John secretly plans to take over the library for himself. He uses his charm person to get fellow plotters. Whether or not the librarian is aware of John's ambitions is unknown.

Abilities:Int 27, Wis 26, Cha 14
Alignment-Neutral Evil
Communication Mode:Telepathy
Primary Abilities: 10 ranks in sense motive, Detect Good at will, Detect Magic at will, Detect Thoughts at will

Extraordinary Powers: Charm person (DC 20) on contact 3/day, Lightning Bolt (8d6 points of damage, 200 ft range, DC 22) 2/day

Awesome Power: Chain Lightning (enhanced; 20d6 damage; DC 25) 1/day, Dominate Monster (DC 28) on contact 1/day


Anyone reading from John gets a +10 check on all Knowledge (arcana), (religion), and (the planes) checks while reading from him.

CL 27, Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Chain Lightning, Charm Person, Dominate Monster, Lightning Bolt, Price 307600 gp

2007-06-15, 04:03 PM
The Fifth Room

The fifth room is the final and most powerful room. Here unique items that are so powerful that currently only 5 people are allowed in this room. Mighty articacts of knowledge reside here. There is one item that is out of place in this room. It's the Book of Exalted Deeds. Stolen from a temple of (insert name of good god here) it was brought here to be kept safe. Many a hero has died trying to get the Book of Exalted Deeds back. For now it looks like it's going to stay for a looooooooooooooooooooong time.

Mouth of Nerull
This book was written by the Nerull (or whatever appropriate death god from your campaign) himself. It is a necromancer's dream. Many have spent their lives searching for this book. It takes a full 2 weeks to read this book and if the reader is interrupted he/she must start again to gain the benefits. Good people, or those who don't pray to Nerull are simply unable to read the book. Once the reader is done he/she has gained knowledge of the darkest and most vile secrets about death. The reader can now cast 5 more necromancy spells per day of the highest level they can cast. For example, a sixth level sorcerer can cast 3 third level spells per day AND 5 necromancy spells (why a sixth level sorcerer would have this artifact is a mystery to me). The reader also learns 3 new necromancy spells. These spells must be ones that the reader could normally cast. Finally a reader gets an ability

Call of the Reaper(su)

Once per week you can make a touch attack against an enemy. If this touch attack succeeds you can unleash the power of Nerull into your enemy. If your enemy fails a DC 20 fort save it's instantly killed. Those killed by this attack can never come back to life with any method. Nerull has clamed their soul forever. This attack does not work against undead creatures. Instead it gives them 50 temporary hitpoints.

2007-06-15, 07:16 PM
The Inn

This is not actually part of the library. It's a small in next to the library. Those visiting stay here to sleep and eat. Food supplied by Drow merchants is served here. The only thing significant about the inn is its residents.

The Librarian (not yet done)
Every library needs a keeper. The librarian of this library is a vampire sorcerer of considrable power (level 25). He prefers that others simply call him "Librarian." While he has a name he simply prefers to use his tital. The librarian controls everything that happens inside the library. Access to the next room can only be granted by the librarian. Those who displease the librarian usually end up as bloodless corpses. Still, despite his somewhat dark reputation he is quite social and often talks with patrons while assisting them in finding a book. But in the end, his word is the law.

The Librarian(not yet done)
Medium Undead
25d12 (171 hp)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: +9
AC X; touch X; flat-footed X
BAB +9/+4; Grp +12
Attack Slam Attack +13 (1d6, x2)
Full-Attack Slam Attack +13/+8 (1d6, x2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Blood Drain, Children of the Night, Dominate, Create Spawn, Energy Drain
Special Qualities Alternate Form, Damage Reduction 10/silver and magic, Fast Healing 5, Gaseous Form, Resistance Cold an Electricity 10, Spider Climb, +4 Turn Resistance
Saves Fort +8 Ref +11 Will +12
Abilities Str 16, Dex 20, Con -, Int 20, Wis 13, Cha 22
Skills Appriase +27, Decipher Script +27, Knowledge (Arcana) +27, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +27, Knowledge (History) +27, Knowledge (Religion) +27, Knowledge (The Planes) +27, Spellcraft +27
Feats Improved Initiative, Great Fortitude, Magical Aptitude, Combat Casting, Spell Focus (necromancy), Greater Spell Focus (necromancy), Eschew Materials, Diligent
Environment Any
Challenge Rating 27
Treasure X gold; X gems; X art; X magical items
Alignment Lawful Evil
Advancement by Character Class
Level Adjustment +8

Cantrips (6/day)
Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Light, Disrupt Undead, Touch of Fatigue, Mage Hand, Arcane Mark, Resistance, Dancing Lights

1st Level Spells (6/day)
Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement, Comprehend Languages, Identify

2nd Level Spells (6/day)
Command Undead, Acid Arrow, False Life, Ghoul Touch, Blindness/Deafness

3rd Level Spells (6/day)
Ray of Exhaustion, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Halt Undead

4th Level Spells (6/day)
Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Fear, Phantasmal Killer

5th Level Spells] (6/day)
Magic Jar, Symbol of Pain, Feeblemind, Teleport

6th Level Spells (6/day)
Create Undead, Symbol of Fear, Chain Lightning

7th Level Spells (6/day)
Control Undead, Finger of Death, Power Word Blind

8th Level Spells (6/day)
Create Greater Undead, Horrid Wilting, Symbol of Death

9th Level Spells (4/day)
Energy Drain, Wail of the Banshee

Potential Plot Hooks

A group of paladins plan to attack the library and they need the PCs' help
John has managed to convince one of the players to assassinate the librarian, but the librarian knows of this and plans to kill the party
It turns out there really is a fiend in the statue and it's about to break out. The librarian recruits the players to find a way to keep it in