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2007-06-14, 10:45 PM
So, here's the deal. I only got 2 players, and neither are all that skilled at optimising. In other words, they stick to one role. At the moment, we have a Martial character, and an Arcane Caster (Battle Sorcerer, at my suggestions, or she'd die for sure). So, Martial, Arcane.... Missing Divine and Stealth. Stealth is helpful (traps have hurt), but Divine healing is almost necessary, so I threw in a healbot. Unfortunately, I don't feel like this is a good fix, so I'm going to ditch the Healbot somewhere, and give them this -

Amulet of Lesser Healing
This amulet, when worn, bestows on the wearer Fast Healing 1, but only up to 1/2 health.
Faint Conjuration, Cure Moderate Wounds, Cost 6,000 GP

Balanced? Will it fix up a party lacking a cleric? Or at least make survival possible?

PS - It's a dungeon camoaign, so temples arn't plentiful. Or present.

2007-06-14, 11:18 PM
I used to work with the team that made that fan-made Legend of Zelda RPG book, and I remember an set of items that worked to a similar capacity.

Granted, they were used to represent the fact that there were little hearts and such that healed you, but whatever.

The basic idea was that you had a charm that had 2d4 charges in it, one expended per use, after which it crumbled to dust.

They came in three types: Minor, Major, and Greater.

The Minor was around 100 gp, and had a cure light wounds effect on the user.

The Major was about 1000, and had a cure serious wounds.

Greater was at 3,300, and had a heal effect.

Most of the charms had a caster level simply able to cast requisite spells, but for the prices I quoted here, they should have an extra CL or two.

I like your amulet though, seems simple enough. Just wanted to present another idea, or perhaps a companion idea.

I'll go back to lurking now.


2007-06-15, 02:32 AM
It's the same as the draconic aura of vigor, except personal only. Considering that the aura can be obtained by a feat, it should be okay as an item.

But, feat items are expensive, and this feat has some prerequisites. Based on what I know of converting feats to items, I'll throw out 15,000gp as a place to start.

2007-06-15, 07:35 AM
It's a dulicate of a weakened version of lesser vigour, actually. Dunno what the spell level of that is, off the top of my head. And to max of 1/2 HP probably deserves a 1/2 price nerf or so.

So it's probably more like 4000 or so.

2007-06-16, 08:46 PM
If I were you, I would consider allowing them to both run two Characters, then you wouldn't need to solve this problem at all.

2007-06-16, 10:22 PM
I agree with Mathew, although, you may just want to consider letting the 2 of them run gestalt characters (from UA, i think.... just look at the SRD)

2007-06-18, 09:38 AM
A few ideas:

When they surface, drop the price of Cure X Wounds potions to ~3/4 base price, as an incentive for your players to stock up.
If they're not going to surface for a while, have them come across a fountain that continually produces a Cure Light Wounds potion.
Remember that with only 2 characters the encounters that they should be facing should be of a CR considerably lower than their ECL.
Lay off the traps. If they have no way of defeating them, then it's bad DMing to keep on including them. Perhaps instead of having the characters make sucessful Search and Disable checks, the methods of overcoming them require a skillset more suited to the characters.