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2016-01-29, 04:05 AM
Instinctive Sneak Attack [General]

Your training to take advantage of moments of weakness allows you to instinctively find such moments even against seemingly unassailable foes.


Sneak Attack 1d6


If an attack you make would score a critical hit against an opponent, you may add half your sneak attack damage (minimum 1d6) to the damage dealt. If the attack is already a sneak attack and you score a successful critical hit, you add 1d6 to your sneak attack damage for that attack.


The extra damage if the attack is not ordinarily a sneak attack is treated as regular damage instead of a sneak attack and is added even if the target cannot be affected by a critical hit (you must still roll confirmation to hit, but you do not make the modifications for a critical hit in this case). The extra damage is not multiplied by the critical multiplier.


I know there's something that allows damage through and other means and such, I'm just wondering if this would be broken. Also what requirements it should have if any.

Improved Sneak Attack (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/feats.htm#improvedSneakAttack) already exists :/

2016-01-30, 09:22 AM
The first part of the feat already exists: Telling Blow (PHB2) adds your full sneak attack damage whenever you crit. The second part is extremely counter-intuitive: it allows you to deal sneak attack damage to foes who are immune to critical hits, but only by making a critical hit. Would be better to just make a feat that lets you ignore crit immunity. I believe Pathfinder allows sneak attack on everything, and while I don't agree that does suggest that to some people such a feat would not be overpowered.