View Full Version : [Star Wars Saga] A Weapon Mod, by Player Request (PEACH)

Mad Wizard
2016-01-29, 01:18 PM
One of my players in my online Star Wars Saga campaign asked for a way to combine the Deadeye and Rapid Shot feats as part of a sniper build he's working on. This didn't seem like an unreasonable request to me, since Burst Fire is basically the same thing: spend two swift actions, gain -2 to hit for +2 dice of damage (albeit without the benefits of aiming). The effect didn't seem quite powerful enough to justify wasting a feat or talent, so I came up with this weapon modification, using the modification rules from Scum and Villainy.

Active Recoil Damper
Upgrade Points: 1
Availability: Military
Cost: 3000
Rifles and Pistols can be upgraded with computerized compensators that attempt to counter the recoil produced by each shot. While the compensation isnít drastic enough to improve the accuracy of autofire, it makes it easier to fire a few precise shots in rapid succession. A character using a weapon upgraded with an active recoil damper gains a +1 on attacks made with the Double Attack and Triple Attack feats. In addition, if a character has both the Deadeye and Rapid Shot feats, he may use both of them simultaneously when firing this weapon, gaining the advantages and disadvantages of both. The added energy requirements of the damping system mean that a blaster equipped with one has only one-half the normal number of shots from a power pack. The damper provides no benefit when the weapon is used in autofire mode.

Thoughts? Is the effect too strong for a single upgrade point? Is there anything I'm missing about combining deadeye and rapid shot that makes it broken?