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Lanth Sor
2016-01-29, 04:12 PM
Some thing I haven't really seen done in DND except for wow RPG is Item Sets. The idea of a group of items being built to go with each other has been showed off a few times but no set bonuses. So whilst DMing a warcraft based game I forged a few sets. The WOWRPG has the set items being of x value and the set together is of Y meta value. The meta value is only used for DM loot granting purposes. I don't care for that system so may approach was to divide the set bonus's total gold value between each piece. So here is my rules for creating sets.

Designing Armor Sets
Idea: What is the sets intended use? Making warriors worthy of the town guard, Empowering a wizards arcane potential, Guiding the rogue's blade to their target, or Heavy Duty Mining Gear.
Define the items: What body slots are taken up by the set. is it a suit of piece mail plate armor with bracers, shoulder guards, breastplate, helm, belt, boots, leggings, or just wand and orb of power.
Define the Item Benefit: here is where you design the benefits of he set and each item. Feel free to mimic certain items that fit your design intent. For instance a set for druids that specialize in shapeshifting into snakes gaining dex to damage from gloves or hide armor that increases their natural armor while in animal form.
Define the Set Benefit: For a the aforementioned druid lets say it provides grants the poison of the animal they change into once you wear 4 pieces.

Will post first sets later tonight.

2016-01-30, 09:36 AM
You are incorrect sir: the Magic Item Compendium has item sets. They are generally not discussed as sets because each has at least one stinker, there's usually only one really good item worth grabbing, and the set bonuses aren't that great, but there are sets in 1st party 3.5. They recommended collection bonus values at 10% of the combined price of the two cheapest, 25% or so for three, and up to 30% of the total value for the full set bonus.

Lanth Sor
2016-01-30, 09:48 PM
What books are those in?

2016-01-31, 01:24 AM
What books are those in?

the Magic Item Compendium, there's a section dedicated to them. I find them amusing but unfortunately I've never used them in a game.

2016-01-31, 06:42 AM
Ah, I forgot about Complete Champion as well, it has a few sets but they're not in their own section (just mixed in with the other items). I'd bet there's a few more quasi-sets floating around other books too but MiC and CC and the two that made a point of it.

Erik the Green
2016-02-01, 01:57 AM
Well, I really really like the Raiment of the Four myself and try to get the attributes thereof into the gear for every character I play that has the spell slots to power the special abilities. Consider the coolness: For 19000 GP (plus the "added magic" surcharge) you get produce light at will, magic missile 3/d (situational, but sometimes just what you need), double your carry capacity, teleport 2/d (which can definitely save the day if your clever plans came up just 1 teleport short due to "events, dear boy"), immune to blindness...and dazzle :(, fireball 3/d, hold breath for 12 hours (and is there actually any way to make someone stop holding their breath?!), and freedom of movement 2/d as an explicitly mental command, plus you can ignore ordinary bad weather and ask a four-question commune each day. All nice things to have in your list of resources...
Also, and someone check me if I'm wrong, but I _think_ that the Tabard of Valor from CChamp. is the only way to get Mettle anywhere apart from class features. Only 16000 GP, and even if it does only come on if you're down to half normal HP or less.

2016-02-01, 12:33 PM
Are there lists of the official wotc magic item sets along with book names and page numbers somewhere? :)