View Full Version : City of Myst - Alpha rules

2016-01-29, 04:24 PM
Hi all,

I hope this is the right forum to post this.

We're working on a game named "City Of Myst" which is a superhero themed PbtA game with a mystical twist.

It's completely original and we've just released the Alpha rules with some pre-made playbook characters for you to try out and give up feedback.

We would LOVE your feedback as we are striving to make this game as awesome as possible for the community, so ANYTHING you have to say will be appreciated, nothing is too small or insignificant.
I will also be running a game in Gencon, although by then, it will hopefully be in a much more advanced version.

You can get the Alpha in - CityofMyst.com
And also read about the game and see the art.

Thank you for checking it out :)