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2016-01-30, 12:47 AM
I'm in a pathfinder campaign as the DM having trouble making the stats for a BBEG; I've tried a few times but it never came up right; perhaps you guys could help.
His name is Tattakonom.
He's supposed to be mid level BBEG working for a superior order. Story: He was born a slave and grew to rather large (7 1/2 feet), until he was sold as a gladiator. Brutal in the pits he slaughtered his opposition, and one day he was selected by a brutal authoritarian church (think Spanish inquisition+ the sparrows from GoT) to become their high zealot. So they bought him and FUSED his armor onto him with the exception of the helmet and other critical places. He cares little for morals and follows the orders of his master even if they seem nigh-suicidal. Tattakonom despite being a zealot for his church cares little for actual religion, all he seems to care about is his orders and killing. He is used to "lead" armies for the church, and that is in the most literal scene he is literally in the forefront of any combat his army faces, however he is not smart when it comes to actual tactics, so long as he gets to fight. Overall he's a strong guy and well built, but slow and not terribly wise or smart.
So can you guys do me a favor?

2016-02-02, 05:23 PM
You didn't give us much of a foundation for level or party optimization level, but take a PF bone devil (available on the PFSRD), add full plate. Fluff that he is fused to the full-plate and that it grants him some limited SLAs by virtue of its divine power. Perhaps toss on construct traits if you feel its necessary.

2016-02-02, 07:34 PM
You could post this in the 3.5/PF sub-forum: you would get more answers then.

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