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ace rooster
2016-01-30, 02:52 PM
One of the problems that martials have when compared to casters is that feats have a fairly flat value, while spells have rapidly escalating value. This is particularly true of the fighter, who gets no scaling in has class features at all. To fix this I suggest diminishing the relative value of feats by level, by linking it to xp.

xp for feats variant:
Characters do not get feats every 3rd level. Instead they must pay 1000xp per feat.

I would actually like to give feats a price on a case by case basis, but this is my initial crude thought. Does the price seem about right?

xp for feats fighter variant:
If you use this variant then the fighter class does not get feats directly, instead getting a pool of xp for spending on fighter bonus feats similar to the artificer (though it is not lost on level up). It is calculated by 20*(level + 4)2. So the first level gets you 500xp while the 20th level gets you 11520.

Obviously this would work better if some feats cost considerably more than others, but even without I think this achieves the design goal for fighters better than standard. Comments on the progression are also welcome.

wizard spell mastery variant:
While wizards are able to cast any spell in their spellbook, it takes considerably effort to master a spell to the point where you can cast it quickly. Casting a spell you have not mastered takes one minute per spell level (more if it usually would), and you must have your spellbook open while you cast. Casting a spell you have mastered works as written. Mastering a spell costs 100xp per spell level, and takes one day per spell level, though the time is ignored for spells gained at level up (the xp cost is not, but typically comes from their pool). Wizards get an xp pool to spend on mastering spells and wizard bonus feats equal to 5*(level +4)2. Prestige classes do not get this pool, though they may get another.

One other thing that irks me is the lack of progression in abilities. One every four levels forces specialisation.

Ability progression from xp variant:
Characters do not get a boost to an ability every four levels. Instead they can boost any ability by paying xp. It costs (10*cs2)-(80*cs)+500 xp where cs is current score subtracting creature modifier. ie, 500xp to go from 8 to 9, and 2300xp to go from 18 to 19.

xp for abilities monk variant:
If you are using the variant above, you can give the monk class an xp pool for progressing their ability scores. It is equal to 20*(level + 4)2.

If you use both variants then you can consider letting fighters use their pool for physical abilities, and wizards for int. It diminishes the monk's thing though, so maybe not?

While I know that most groups don't use xp, this is mostly due to the fact that the only thing you need to know is whether you have enough to level up, so there is no need to track xp precisely. If groups did have reason to track xp more precisely I think they would.

So, thoughts? Is the idea solid? How do the progressions look? Any unintentional brokenness (aside from though bottles, which will generally get books thrown anyway)?