View Full Version : What rarity should this ring be? [D&D 5e]

Scarey Nerd
2016-02-01, 05:11 AM
Ring of Ancestors – An extremely light ring, it is uncharacteristically bland for an Elven work, a band of silver with subtle markings in the shape of Essé’avari’s [Goddess of Elves in my world] constellation. The words “See and remember” in Elvish are inscribed upon its surface, only visible when viewed at night and held up to the light of the constellation. Rings of Ancestors are used by priests of Essé’avari to help them to quieten the restless dead. While not a hugely rare ring, an Elf that recognises it, particularly a follower of Essé’avari, might encourage the wielder to donate it to a temple. The ring is tempting to put on when undead are near via a subtle nudge in the most recent wielder’s mind, and allows the wearer to see invisible undead.