View Full Version : Best setting-less System for Mario RPG

2016-02-02, 09:49 AM

Title says it all, I'm trying to decide on what would be the most appropriate multi-setting system for a Mario/fantasy RPG. Like the image above, characters would be Mario races, Goombas, Toads, Humans (plumbers, all of them), who also relate to a fantasy class. It's a game I've wanted to participate in for a while (but not run). My friend really likes FATE, but what about other systems like GURPS or....ummm...Tri-Stat dX? Is there a good game that focuses on custom character templates?

Bruno Carvalho
2016-02-02, 09:52 AM
If you want to follow the videogame common tropes, try Super Console (http://www.valentgames.com/console.shtml) (its about 10 bucks, but worth every penny), or if you would like a free rpg, try my own Final Fantasy RPG (link in the signature), but you'll have to homebrew the custom races Quirks.