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2016-02-03, 05:54 AM
I have always used these forums for ideas for my characters, but I was thrown a curveball this campaign. So this is my first post, please be gentle. So the next DM has crafted a single night campaign. We all start as level 7 human fighters, with nothing but a loincloth. We are then sent into an arena with no escape and it is a last man alive deal. We have 7 players and he will control a few NPC fighters. We have not been given too much information about the scenario, but he has alluded to a pile of weapons in the middle of the arena a.k.a Hunger Games.

We are using most 3.5 books. I have to be a fighter class (No other classes). My best Ability scores that I rolled are 10, 12, 16, 13, 18,13. I have yet to assign them fully as I have not chosen any feats. I am here to ask you all for help so that I can make it out of this arena alive. Can you help me build a fighter that is good at PVP without any weapon proficiency, as I might not get the weapon I want?

2016-02-06, 04:52 PM
How high optimization are we talking here?

If fairly high, be a Jotunbrud (feat) human, get snap kick, turn evil, get feats (Willing deformity Tall) for 10 ft reach, pick up improved grapple, possibly earth's embrace (feat) and you can grapple anyone who tries to attack you in melee range.

If you want to actually go for the weapons, I would suggest Travel Devotion (probably worth getting in any case for pseudo pounce).

7th level human fighter: 8 feats.
Feats: Jotunbrud, Willing Deformity(Tall) (2 Feats), Power Attack, Improved Grapple, Improved Sunder, Travel Devotion

If you REALLY want to be cheesy, throw in Vow of Poverty, but I take no responsibility for books thrown at you :smallbiggrin:

You'd be a fast moving, usually bare-handed grappler who can shut down a SINGLE OPPONENT down with reach before they can even hit you. (You have low/moderate damage and can only deal with one person at a time, so try not to get ganged up on).
Toss in improved sunder and power attack to break their weapons with a home-made club (opposed attack roll at a +4 from feat, +4 from size, +4 from 2 handed weapon, +4 if they're weilding a light weapon).