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2007-06-15, 09:31 PM
Supreme Beings

Supreme beings are guardians of the planes from which they hail. Paragons of good, these creatures are fierce fighters. Usually a plane will only have a single such being dedicated to its defense.

Creating a Supreme Being

"Supreme being" is an aquired template that can be inhereted by any humanoid creature or applied at reincarnation.

A Supreme Being has all the base creature's statistic and special abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type
The creature gains the good and chaotic subtypes. Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, or skill points. Size is unchanged.

Hit Dice
Increase all current and future Hit Dice to d12s.

Armor Class
A Supreme Being gains a +6 dodge bonus to armor class when in light or no armor.

A Supreme Being gains an extra attack at their full BAB every round they are able to attack. If they do not already have it they gain the improved unarmed strike feat and the stunning fist feat. for the purposes of grapple checks and damage dealt by unarmed strikes Supreme Beings are treated as two sizes larger than they actually are.

Special Attacks

Save the Universe(Su)
A Supreme Beings may make a special attack that is particularly deadly against evil outsiders. Once per day they may choose any evil outsider within 1000 ft. whose presence they are aware of. That creature must make a FORT save against DC 30 or be instantly destroyed. Even if the save is made the Outsider takes 1d12 hp in damage for every HD it possesses.

If the outsider is killed by either of these abilities, it is considered petrified, even if it is normally immune to petrification or polymorph. The animating force of the creature is trapped within this petrified form, preventing any kind of reformation, ressurection or escape. Destroying this petrified figure does not end this effect. Even a wish or miracle can not restore the outsider to life.

To use this ability the Supreme Being must be on its native plane. It must also recieve the assistance of 5 allies. 4 allies must make aid another checks at DC 10 and a 5th, chosen in advance, at DC 20. A succuessful use of this attack leaves the guardian of the universe exausted for one day. The DC 10 checks are considered Blind Activation attempts as per use magical item, though they may be made untrained. The DC 20 check is a concentration check, but it uses charisma, rather than constitution, as its base skill.

Special Qualities
A Supreme being retains all the base creature’s special qualities and gains those described below.

Multipass (Ex)
The supreme being is an intuitive learner of languages. After one week of hearing another language spoken aloud they are considered fluent. Additionally, a supreme being can make a DC 20 Wisdom check to understand any conversation between intellegent creatures she can hear.

Big Bada Boom(Su)
A supreme being can fall from any height without taking more than superficial damage. All failing damage dice are replaced by d4s and the damage dealt is considered non-lethal damage.

Damage reduction
A supreme being is naturally resistant to attacks and gainst damage reduction equal to 3/-

Trusting Nature
Naively good, supreme beings suffer physically when those they there to save dissapoint them. Any supreme being who witnesses an evil act committed by a character they do not believe to be evil already, or whom they have never encountered, requires the supreme being to make a DC 30 will save or be nauseated for one day.

Called when needed
The supreme being never really dies. She is able to fight as normal even at negative hit points, and it not considered incapacitated until she reached -20. She is immune to effects that would steal their soul or trap them in stasis or in any other way prevent their resurrection. Additionally, if even a small fragment of her body remains it will spontanuesly reincarnate as a humanoid race within 1d100 days. This process can be started prematurely by a DC 30 heal check, in which case it takes 1d4 hours and the supreme being is reincarnated as creature of the type making the heal check, if that creature is humanoid.

Ability scores are all treated as "rollled" 18's for a supreme being. Additional racial or other bonuses are then added on top of these 18s. On top of this bonus, the creature gains +4 Str, +8 Dex and +6 Cha.

Supreme beings have a +10 racial bonus on tumble, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Knowledge (history), Knowledge (religion), sleight of hand and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

Challenge Rating
Same as base creature +5.

By character class.

Level Adjustment
Same as base creature +7.


Okay, so maybe I'm too bored.

The Glyphstone
2007-06-16, 05:12 AM
Interesting...though it should definitely not have a LA. A template that grants immortality should never be a player option, as it is written, a Supreme Being can literally never be stopped - even at -999999999999999999 HP, it still fights like normal.

2007-06-16, 07:37 AM
good calll, changed.

2007-06-16, 08:26 AM
Somebdy watched the 5'th element recently, I see.

2007-06-16, 08:47 AM
Actually no, but Neek made a 5th element feat and I apparently have some sort of mental illness.