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2016-02-06, 07:40 PM
Random idea, since I think a wizard with two Bigby's Hands (one right hand, and one left hand) on both sides of him seems really cool.

Disciple of Bigby
Medium Humanoid (any race), any alignment
Hit Points: 120
Speed: 30ft/25ft (racial)
AC: 16
Str 15 (+2) Dex 16 (+3) Con 16 (+3)
Int 19 (+4) Wis 17 (+3) Cha 14 (+2)
Saves: Strength+5, Constitution+6, Intellect+7, Wisdom+6
Skills: Any skills the DM feels appropriate
Damage Resistance: force, damage from nonmagical weapons
Senses: Passive Perception 16, any racial darkvision
Languages: Any number of languages that the DM feels appropriate
Challenge Rating: 8 (3900 XP)
Magic Resistance. The Disciple has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.
Bigby’s Hands. The Disciple does not need to concentrate on its “Bigby’s Hand” for the spell to maintain its effects, and its duration becomes 1 hour. He can activate up to 2 “Bigby’s Hand” spells at the same time. When the encounter starts, he has 1 6th-level Bigby’s Hand (which he addresses to as his “dominant hand”) and 1 5th-level Bigby’s Hand (his “other hand”), and both have 120 HP.
Spellcasting. The Disciple is a 12th-level spellcaster. His spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks). The Disciple has the following spells prepared:
Cantrips (at will): light, mage hand, prestidigitation
1st level (3 slots*): shield, burning hands, mage armor (already activated)
2nd level (3 slots): hold person, misty step
3rd level (3 slots): counterspell, dispel magic, fly, hypnotic pattern
4th level (3 slots): banishment, polymorph
5th level (1 slot*): Bigby’s Hand (1 already activated)
6th level (0 slots*): LV6 version of Bigby’s Hand (1 already activated)
*Indicates number of slots left for the actual encounter

Cast Spell. The Disciple casts 1 spell.
Control Hand. The Disciple controls 1 of his already activated “Bigby’s Hand”s that he has not yet controlled this turn.

Bonus Actions
Control Hand. The Disciple controls 1 of his already activated “Bigby’s Hand”s that he has not yet controlled this turn.

Maybe I should make the CR higher.
Comments and constructive critisism appreciated.

2016-02-06, 09:40 PM
Nice idea, but I find the name very awkward. Possibly just Disciple of Bigby?

2016-02-06, 10:52 PM
Trudat. Changing, thanks~.

2016-02-07, 10:56 AM
I really like it. I also like s/he already has two hands but the duration is 1 hour for him. So he doesn't have the spell all day. So if you surprise him he doesn't have the hands, right?

Nicely done

2016-02-08, 05:20 AM
Well I just decided 1 minute was too short, but it could be 1 hour or 8 hours or 24 hours, whatever the DM who uses this likes.

If it's 1 hour, he/she'd be weak against ambushes.

Alternatively, if it's 8 or 24 hours, you could give him/her nice-looking features. Like, he/she could possibly be constantly riding a gigantic hand as he/she moves around. Which would look even more fantasy-ish if it's a little girl or something, riding the pair of gigantic hands through the clouds on a moon-lit night. Random idea.