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2006-09-05, 05:43 AM
Since everyone was making one, I decided to join the craze.

The art is a lot like the Giants (exactly the same in fact. Only not quite as good).

Linky (http://synopsis.smackjeeves.com/)

There is very little plot line so far, but expect it to actually get somewhere in the next week.

All comments welcome.

2006-09-15, 05:25 PM
Let's start.

I, as the maker of this comic, officially say that it sucks. Is anyone going to agree with me?

Whats said off to the side is just as important as whats done and said in the comic. Unless you want everyone to think so, don't say it. If you don't like making it, don't.

Your second comic doesn't belong in a line up, it belongs as a cast page. If it will become obvious that he is a bard, you do not have to point that out to readers who are intellegent enough to figure it out themselves. Cast pages are for those who need to be infomed because they would not know otherwise, like Fred being a drow, or what a spell level is.

The figures are stagnant, and actions are being repeated for longer than neccesary. You don't need three panels of walking to a building they stated they were heading to. If someone speaks, thier mouth needs to be open. If they are suprised, they need to look it. They shouldn't be in the same positions at all times.

With only three comics in, its hard to say what this could turn out to be. If you have a good, original story in mind (or an equal amount of good, original jokes) and take a bit of time to consider how your strips looks, this could end up a good comic.

2006-09-16, 04:15 AM
I think I'm going to re-start it with a differnt style and at a different time...Because I'm not really making it anymore...To much effort needed...How does the Giant do it...