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2006-09-14, 04:06 PM

Its a Comic i do in my spare time. I think its well done as of currently.

2006-09-15, 06:11 PM
There are usually two things I say about sprite comics. 'No' and 'Don't'. There are only two sprite comics I can stand; Squidi, because it draws the it's sprites, and 8-bit becasue its consistant.

Your comic is not the horrible abomination that most sprite comic are, but if you want to make a sprite comic that does not fall to the horrible standard set, I have some advice.

Congratulations on not mixing sprites with yellow graph paper, bad handwriting, and photorealism all at once. You've already broken hold of every retarded third grader with a webcomic. Partially. You have occasionally resorted to chatspeak a few times, but should remove it all together. It pays to spell things out when your doing something time intensive like forum post or webcomics. It's just expected.

You are mixing sprites from multiple games, several of them single personality sprites, such as Mario and Sonic. If you want to do this right, make sure first that all the sprites are at the same quality. It will be easier to look at them and will set a single style standard for a comic. It never looks good when anime switches to chibi all of a sudden, and it applys that a 8-bit mario doesn't look good next a 124-bit soilder sprite from a more modern game.

Along the previous lines, what are you using to draw it? If it's paint, drop it and get some kind of art program. Anything is better than paint, thats a law of reality. If you need suggestions for a program, look in the art section, they'll have something.

Further on art, don't use Arial or Times New Roman for font, and don't simply color the speech to identify who si talking. Draw your own font, or find a good, non-standard one, and draw the ballons for the speech, not just boxes.

Character wise, you should not make yourself, the author, a charater. It is not a good idea, and may compel Dues-Ex and further bad ideas. Also, I saw the fighter-blackmage cliche' from 8-bit pop up, but have not seen much of it. So long as you do not invoke it agian, you can easily develop them away from that trap.

Take at look at some free wecomic hosts and you'll find the majority of what they end up hosting are sprite comics done in paint, with leetspeak strewn about in a manner confusing even for it, no plot or status-quo for the reader to become familiar with, and often just one comic. Why one? Because they do not know how to make a good comic, and give up after realising noone cares for the horrible job they did half-heartedly. You have obviously put some effort into this, more so than 90% of others, but if you want it to rise above the trite, the cliche', the horribly drawn, and the incoherrant, there is still a lot more you need to do. Making a sprite comic is a lot harder than drawing one because of its record, but something good can come out of it every now and then.