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2007-06-16, 05:30 PM
I thought up this class from a combination of different games (NWN2, FFX2, etc.) that all have bard-like characters. If you saw the movie "Kung Fu Hustle", I got inspiration from there as well. It acts like a battlefield commander, and I think it would fit well for the combat portion of what bards do. It's a good class for those players that don't understand or just don't like to make alot of decisions in combat (that otherwise tend to make it hard for other players).

So, without further ado:

Tribal Drummer

HP per level: 6
BAB: Low
High Save: Will
Base Skill Points: 6


Skills: Perform 8 Ranks
Tribal Drum (see below)

Class Abilities:

Level 1: Ancestral Host, Spirit Warriors cadence
Level 2: Arrow Breaker cadence, Arrow Breaker emanation
Level 3: Ancestral Winds cadence
Level 4: Howling Terror cadence, Fearful Presence emanation
Level 5: Adrenaline Rush cadence
Level 6: Clashing cadence, Spell Resistance emanation
Level 7: Ghostly Shroud cadence
Level 8: Earthshaker cadence
Level 9: Roar of the Ancestors cadence
Level 10: Ancestral Avatar cadence

Ancestral Host: Ancestral Host drummers will appear while the Tribal Drummer is playing a cadence. These ghostly beings will appear and begin playing exactly as the Tribal Drummer does, much like a Mirror Image spell. Ancestral Host will dissipate if damaged. They are ethereal and their AC is equal the the Tribal Drummer's perform check. When the Tribal Drummer begins a cadence, they will get 1 Ancestral Host for each of their Tribal Drummer levels.

Cadences: You may use cadences as many times per day as you wish. However, there are certain restrictions. All cadences take the number of full rounds to take effect equal to the Tribal Drummer level they require (Spirit Warriors takes 1 full round, Earthshaker takes 8 full rounds). All cadences require a minimum number of drummers equal to their level. If too many Ancestral Host are lost, the cadence will be interrupted. If the character is damaged, they must make a concentration check (DC 10 + points of damage taken + the level of the cadence) or the cadence will fail.

Emanations: Emanations are permanent effects while the Tribal Drummer is playing a cadence. They effect the drummer himself, as well as the Ancestral Host. They do not take effect unless the Tribal Drummer is actively playing a cadence.

2007-06-16, 05:32 PM
I ran out of time this evening to finish the descriptions of the cadences and emanations. Basically, they're equivalent to spells of the same level. The unlimited casts/day is balanced by the time it takes to start the effects and the chance for interruption.

I'll finish this soon, but post any comments on what you see so far.