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2016-02-12, 03:33 AM

Invocation Wizard

Wizard Variant...

Some wizards trade their knowledge of magic and craft to improve their
knowledge of the mysteriesof invocations.


Invocations like a warlock,
level 1 : Invocation (least)
1 (1 least) Invocations known

level 5 : Invocation (lesser)
2 (1 least and 1 lesser) Invocations known

level 10: Invocation (greater)
3 (1 least, 1 lesser and 1 greater) Invocations known

level 15: Invocation (dark)
4 (1 least, 1 lesser, 1 greater and 1 dark) Invocations known

level 20: Invocation (dark)
5 (1 least, 1 lesser, 1 greater and 2 dark) Invocations known

You may not select breath attack, eldritch blast or any invocation that is related
to eldritch blast or breath attacks.


Scribe Scroll, wizard bonus feat list.

Reasoning: Warlocks can select gain new invocation as a feat, so in my world thatmakes invocations and feats somewhat of equal power level ?




Eldritch Rogue

Rogue Variant...


Level 2: Eldritch Blast 1D6
Level 4: Hideous Blow
Level 8: Eldritch Blast 2D6
Level 10: Eldritch Blast 3D6
Level 13: Eldritch Blast 4D6
Level 16: Eldritch Blast 5D6
Level 20: Eldritch Blast 6D6


Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Special ability x 4

Reasoning: Rogues need more damage dealing?

2016-02-12, 05:32 PM
The eldritch rogue is nearly purely worse than the regular rogue.
If you want more damage multi-class scout and take the multi-classing feat.

2016-02-12, 05:46 PM
I'd prefer if the Eldritch Blast was more akin to the Assassin's death attack and require you to study your opponent before making a long distance touch attack sneak attack without having to be sneaky, you know? That way you don't upset the balance too much.

The wizard, though...I'd almost get rid of the familiar, too. Invocations are just so much more useful unless you have a very specific wizard build to make. You don't need to, however, since you aren't getting many. Optimizers would still give you a run for your money, but you definitely would still be playing a high teir class.

2016-02-13, 01:19 AM
Okay, loose the familiar is doable and players can always
just use a feat if they really really want to have one anyway :)

Hopefully the invocation wizard shouldn't be more game breaking than regular or domain wizards.

Rogue, hm, yes the studying of a foe to deal more damage is certainly an option.

I will have to look in to that :)

Thanks for the comments and suggestions so far :)