View Full Version : So does anyone know why "Bobbins" turned

2006-08-29, 02:29 PM
Finally got around to reading through Scary-Go-Round. Awesometasticality in easy-to-consume webcomic form.

Then I started reading SGR's predecessor, Bobbins. Not counting the first year (which was a little more newspapery, a little less... good... than SGR or the later Bobbins strips), it was almost exactly the same as SGR!

A ton of the same characters, same art style (although John Allison's art has continually improved over the years, and SGR's bigger panels make it easier to see that), same tone (if slightly darker).

So why the change? Was it just that he was switching over to Modern Tales, and wanted a new name and a slightly newer look? At the end of Bobbins there's a link to a forum post supposedly explaining everything, but the Keenspot forums got mushed around over the years and the link doesn't work.

Anyone know? I'm hoping it's something like "Japanese investors performed a hostile takeover on Allison Industries Ltd. and John was forced to flee his home and hide out in Wales."