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2016-02-20, 09:21 AM
This is the chat thread for the Evil Brew Competition. The current competition is Me and My Army (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?479104-Evil-Brew-Competition-I-Me-and-My-Army).

Lanth Sor
2016-02-20, 11:45 AM
Swarm person spell would be great for this

2016-02-20, 12:15 PM
I made the dumbest spell possible.
I do not regret that.

2016-02-21, 01:50 PM
Swarm person spell would be great for this

Yup. :ironicsmiley:

Edit: I posted my Regalia of Command, a list of three-ish items that any overlord would want.

I did serve in the armed forces myself, and there was a little resentment. :smallbiggrin:

Lanth Sor
2016-02-22, 06:02 PM
I officially ban jorg and zaydos from ever posting again. :P

2016-02-23, 03:14 PM
I think I have all the mechanics down I'm going to do (no spells, only 1 PrC though I have an idea for a 3 level one). Theoretically everything is usable by (Lawful Evilish) PCs, but the feat chain works best if you have a large number of mooks, the PrC builds off of leading an army and forces itself into a nova strategy (all of its abilities are either mook based or strict daily limits, I mean it gets spells but only 2-3 per level). It's about as NPC only as you can get without straying from the design principle of 3.x with its full transparency and all mechanics that an NPC can use can be used by PCs. Which is my favorite and least favorite thing about 3.x.

Edit: So apparently I lied and had another PrC to put out. This one for elite mook squads.

Edit2: I lie badly it seems. I have now added a Hextor-themed utterance, which I am very unsure of in many regards. I mean it's thematically connected to Hextor, from a fluff perspective it exists for Hextorite truenamers, it is not restricted to them though does have an encouragement to be non-Good and non-Chaotic, and it has an odd anti-army utility for an utterance might should be a level higher for that reason.

Edit3: I've apparently just decided there ought to be material for every subsystem (haven't managed Mysteries, Spells in general, or Soulmelds... yet), and that a DM ought to be able to use the church of Hextor for all opponents in a campaign. Fear immunity would be a good investment.