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2016-02-20, 01:40 PM
Gray Orc

When the mage Thayd opened a portal to a world on the escarpment of Thay that led to a world ruled by fanatical orc empires, it led to the Orcgate Wars, a series of conflicts in the empires of Mulhorand and Unther. Compared to the Orcs that dwelled in the Spine of the World, those that came from the place far beyond Toril were fanatical, with potent divine spellcasting and the ability to call upon the avatars of the orc gods in battle. Unther and Mulhorand, still recovering from the wars that gave the two nations their freedom, and it took the god kings of those two nations 6 years to defeat the hordes. But that conclusive defeat broke the backs of the orcs, and to this day, the gray orcs have not been fully able to recover, and this has been made more difficult by the infighting that has hindered whatever attempts have been made to reunite the gray orcs.

Gray orcs resemble their mountain cousins that dwell in the west of the Realms, but have a less porcine appearance and are more hirsute than the mountain orcs. With large tusks and eyes that vary in colour between blood red and gold. Their skin is generally medium gray, with patches of a darker or lighter tone in places.

As of today, the majority of the gray orcs dwell in the nations of the east, with many tribes frequenting the Sunrise Mountains and the Endless Wastes. Other tribes frequent the lands around the Moonsea, and indeed, when the Tuigan Horde threatened to overrun the Realms, much of the forces that the Zhentarim sent were composed of gray orcs. Now, many gray orcs inhabit the nation of Thesk.

Most tribes of the gray orcs consist of around 40 members, always on the move, and while the chieftain is the head of the tribe, the clerics of the tribe holds the real power in the tribe.

As a Gray Orc, you have the following characteristics –

Ability Score Increase – Your strength increases by 2 and your Wisdom increases by 1
Size – On the whole, gray orcs are around the same height and weight as mountain orcs – standing between 6 and 7 feet tall, and weighing in the region of 200 pounds. You are a medium creature.
Age – Gray orcs reach adulthood at around 15 years old, and while they can live to 70 years or more, only a small minority do.
Speed – Gray orcs have a longer stride than their mountain orc cousins. Your base speed is 40 feet.
Darkvision –Out to a distance of 60 feet, you can see in dim light as if it was daylight, and in darkness as if it was dim light. In the darkness, you perceive everything in black and white – you are unable to make out colours in darkness.
Keen Nose – you have advantage on Perception checks that rely on smell.
Gray Orc Weapon Training – You are proficient in the greataxe and the longbow, the signature weapons of the gray orcs.
Menacing – you are proficient in the Intimidation skill.
Languages – You can speak Orc and Common.

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2016-02-20, 01:47 PM
Here is my conversion of The Gray Orcs, from the Videogame Neverwinter Nights 2 - Storm of Zehir and the Guidebook Unapproachable East. They were a playable race, and there were no stats for them as monsters as far as I am aware. They lacked the Darkvision of the MM orcs, but for some reason, had a lesser version of sunlight sensitivity. I gave them darkvision, and got rid of the sunlight sensitivity.

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I'd go for 35ft speed. Next to that, balanced and cool