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2016-02-22, 03:12 PM
Been GMing for twenty years. Have run some Deathwatch already. Trying to get my mind back around some of it.

Did not play any 40K tabletop, except some Necromunda, so my knowledge of fluff isn't incredible.

<<1st Question>> Rules questions:
Solo Mode/ Squad Mode/ Cohesion
The starting pool of cohesion is generated how? How is it spent or lost? Seems like no matter how I math it out, there's too much or too little to matter.
Chapter Squad abilities can only be used by their chapters? Why activate a squad power, that your kill-team cannot use?

The whole squad/solo mode system seems like a needless complexity. The last kill-team I ran laughed off 3x Magnitude 40 gaunt hordes, while dispatching 4 tyranid warriors, and they never used demeanors or squad powers.

<<2nd Question>> Fluff/Player/Party Question:
Why do the books spend so much time talking about chapter rivalries? I've never sat down with a party of players, given them an objective, and had them resolve interparty rivalries while marching to victory. I've seen two way that goes.
1. No rivalry actually exists, so the party gets on with killing their mutual enemy.
2. Actual dispute exists, party actually kill one another. Create new characters for other game while someone nurses personal grudge IRL, etc.

<<3rd Question>> Demeanor.
I've read over the ten in the main book, addons from other material, and chapter ones.
But Spacemarines only have so many emotions they're going to be showing. A lot of the Demeanors are synonyms, and a huge percentage of them are going to be roleplayed by not talking.

Player: Let me just be Stoic, in a way that people can tell, and nets me a reroll for my chainsword.
GM: Are you being Calculating or Proud?
Player: Going for Stoic.
GM: Gotcha. I guess throw in a reroll on your chainsword, while you're rerolling your Toxin check and critical damage again.
Player: Failed the 2nd Toxin check. Stoicing.

First Time Long Time. Can't wait to hear from y'all.
Thanks, Ax