View Full Version : 5e weapon master class + subclasses

2016-02-22, 06:21 PM
Hey playground!

So lately I have been thinking and came to the conclusion that the fighter class + subclasses are kinda serviceable but boring. So my thought is to make my own versions of it instead where each subclass is instead highly specialized. The base chassi will be pretty similar - 1 extra attack, but instead you gain 1 short rest recharged focus point that fuels extraordinary abilities linked to your subclass.

The idea is just in brainstorm phase yet but here is the names and general idea of the three subclasses:

Decimator: heavy weapons expert, this sub will mostly get abilities that stun or otherwise disables opponents with massive blows since 2h weapon fighting and its accosiated feats already do good damage.

Twin blades: dual wielding expert focused on bladed weapons, fights without armor but gets the AC = 13 + DEX when he picks the subclass, abilities will focus on making an actual badass dualwielder(*gasp!*) that deals extra bleed damage on each hit.

Fortress: Sword and board expert that wears heavy armor and makes it hard for opponents to strike his allies while he is close(were thinking he gets reaction attacks that deals more damage then his normal ones if an ally within 5ft of him is struck).

So obviously will be a work in progress just wanting to hear what you guys think of the general idea of it all?