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2006-08-26, 01:12 AM
Ok, I'll level with you. This is a plug for my own webcomic. It was a pet-project I started a long time ago that I've let decay due to lack of interest from my non-existant fanbase. So if you want to check it out, I'd appreciate it.
(Edit: I feel retarded for forgetting, but the website for my pathetic webcomic is http://www.zjackshack.com )

Even if you don't like my webcomics, I've got a nice flash animation hosted there. For the sake of the universe, I'll simply hotlink it here to save you time.

Ok, cancel that. Angelfire doesn't like me hotlinking to the flash animation directly. (I use Angelfire for the flash to save money on bandwith for flash files)
So basically, go to
And find Stick Figure Action 1. I almost guarantee you won't be dissapointed.

2006-08-26, 01:29 AM
Not bad at all. Not very original, but still entertaining and competently done.

And I sympathyze with you about the feedback. I've gotten about three forum posts worth of feedback on my webcomic, so I know how it feels when you don't get anybody talking to you. That's why I always try to leave a comment if I know the author/artist is going to end up reading the thread.

2006-08-28, 01:40 AM
Well I appreciate the feedback, and you're right, its a lack of response that problably stops most floundering comic'ers. Granted my things are little more than pencil sketches, but I think anything hand-drawn is a step up from certain comics. Well atleast i should get some nice flames.

2006-08-28, 02:25 AM
I actually was referring to your flashes in my last post, but the comics are okay too.

I'd recommend getting keenspace or comicgenesis to host your comic if you're serious about it.