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2007-09-21, 07:56 AM

Daewell draws himself up into a lotus mid-air.

Nice bluster, little man, but I have seen you, as you see yourself. Dress yourself up in borrowed finery, it only makes the real you look all the shabbier.

Initiative (1d20+4=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1278852)

2007-09-21, 03:42 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"Inside the mindwyrm inside the halfling, eh?" Tokugal muttered. "I wonder who controls the playing field, then."

To the mindwyrm, now bearing Aerin's impressive figure: "Your attentions a moment ago would have been so much more enjoyable had you taken this form first. Such a waste."


"Why do you need to fight us, anyway? You would fulfill your creator's directives more directly if you extended your reach to the others who are working to produce the outcome that he desires. You'd be expanding your influence at the same time that you further his goals."

Could I use a Diplomacy roll here?

Tokugal attempted to manifest an illuminating orange glow, wondering if the rules of this new realm were at all similar to the old. Even if the creature controls some of what we do here, it should still give it more to think about if it needs to counter our attempts to act.

2007-09-24, 01:20 AM
(Waiting for Dai now crap did I usurp his character's text color I think I stole his coloir damnit you guys took all the legible colors what am I supposed to do now?)

2007-09-24, 01:20 AM
(Try making me a sandwich. It might help.)

2007-09-24, 01:41 AM
OOC: I forgive the colour stealing. Oh, and I have a new name, hopefully for the last time, as THIS time I'm linking the name to an online email account...

"I never thought I'd be outchanged, but these circumstances are shifting pretty quickly... As for negotiation... HI-YAH!"

http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1283742 (24)

2007-09-25, 02:39 PM
(Okay, so here's the order:


Tahlion is speaking frantically in Horacio's mind even as the long sinuous blade begins to take on an unearthly silver glow. That might be what it wants! I don't know what it's goals could possibly be here, is it trying to test us?

Kinslayer lets out a roar that would put a dragon to shame- red light flickers along the toothed edges of the blade and flashes of light surround Terry as he wields the great sword.

"Aerin" smiles lazily and takes a step forwards. An instant later she's standing behind Tokugal. A gentle hand strokes his shoulders, orange light playing off of her fingers.

Of course I need to fight you, silly elf. You're trying to cut pieces out of me. I am only a half-blood, but I strill have my pride as the daughter of elvenkind. I'd prefer a song to a swordfight, but if you force my hand... you do so at your own peril.

The tip of her sword just barely catches his cheek, only enough to draw a trickle of blood, but more than enough to trigger the attacks his companions have readied against agression.

2007-09-25, 02:54 PM

To Tahlion:It's- you're right, dammit. Blindly attacking the flayers got us into this mess; I'll see what happens when the others push the physical attacks.

Perhaps it wants a truce, or perhaps there's a deeper meaning to this... why Aerin?

(OOC: May change this round's actions depending on how the mindwyrm responds to the others.)

Horacio appears on the verge of attacking, but hesitates a moment, instead circling back to take a defensive position next to Firethena.

"Well, why don't you do both? You're a bard, a 5-on-1 swordfight shouldn't be any distraction for you. Or is it too much to sing about yourself while saving your own hide?"

(OOC: Holding action for if the mindwyrm threatens Horacio, Firethena, Vera, or looks on the verge of killing anyone.)

2007-09-25, 03:08 PM

((So that was the Mindwyrm's first round?))

Vodette levels her sword on the Mindwyrm. It was closer than she would have liked to Tokugal for her to just launch out and attack. She took a few cautious steps toward the beast. She waited for any flinch that she didn't like.

Just back away. Here is your chance. We don't haveto end this in a sword fight. But if thats what you really want, then I'd be more than happy to oblige.

If the Mindwyrm doesn't back away from Tokugal or if there is any threatening gesture then Vodette will launch into her attack.

Attack: 16 + 20=36 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285970)
Crit. Threat: 8 + 20=28 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285977)
Damage (2d6+5)=13 x2 if Crit (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285982) + Lightning and Cold Damage (2d6)=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285983)
Total Damage 1st Attack: 18 or 31 if Crit.

Attack: 16 + 15=31 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285972)
Crit. Threat: 13 + 15 = 27 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285976)
Damage (2d6+5)=8 x2 if Crit (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285984) + Lightning and Cold Damage (2d6)=8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285985)
Total Damage 2nd Attack: 16 or 24 if Crit.

Attack: 2 + 10 =12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1285973)

2007-09-25, 03:40 PM
Rolls:Sense Motive: 23 against mindwyrm's actions/replies.
Aid Another: +2 AC to anyone within Horacio's range the mindwyrm attacks. (Fails if occurs; fumbled)
Opportunist Attack: (use AoO against mindwyrm if someone else attacks her)
Hit AC 33 for 2 damage, +19 damage if Sneak Attack

Sense Motive (1d20+16=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286031)
Aid Another (1d20+18=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286038)
Opportunist Attack (get AoO if someone else attacks), Damage, SA Damage (1d20+18=33, 1d4+1=2, 7d6=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286034)

2007-09-25, 04:44 PM

Also may need to change his action, based on how it responds to other folks.

Stepping away from the wyrm's manifestation as Aerin, Daewell's voice begins a singsong rhythm, his hands weaving in front of his face.

[spoiler]Casting Summon Monster III, targeting a fiendish dire weasel right in front of himself.

Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft checks to determine what the mindwyrm is doing, and how it's doing it. DC 20+spell level? (1d20+22=32, 1d20+26=31) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286137)

2007-09-25, 06:50 PM
It's fast...Might have to get tactical.
Terry scowls and approaches carefully, before drawing back and spinning 'round, bringing Slayer up in a rising slash.

Terry's gonna move to flank with whoever he can when his round comes up. If it's moved in front of him, he'll full attack it.
Base attack, DOES NOT INCLUDE KINSLAYER BONUSES (1d20+10=18) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286377), if flanking, +2 for a total of 20.
Second attack, conditional, does not include Slayer's bonuses. (1d20+2=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1286379)

Eeeegh...Let me know if I hit (Probably not) before I roll damage, since a lot of it is conditional.

2007-09-28, 12:33 AM
(Sorry about the delay. :/ Homework, and trying to decide precisely how to run this... oh well, here goes nuthin'...)

The mindwyrm merely winks at Horacio before turning to Vodette, a sinister smile spreading across Aerin's lips.

We don't have to end this in a swordfight? But sweetie, isn't that what you're best at? The gods know it's gotten you out of more than one scrape.

Aerin's features darken, then shift, her body flowing like clay into a new configuration, a tall, aristocratic but brutish male figure that nobody but Vodette would recognize.

After all, a blade served you perfectly well when you used one to kill me, didn't it?

2007-09-28, 12:40 AM

Vodette lowered her blade ever so slightly. It took her a second to realize who the Mindwyrm had turned into. It had been so many years. Her face screwed up with fury and it looked like tears were forming in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and clenched her rapier in her hand.

Through a clenched jaw, Vodette says:
You're damn right I used that blade well to kill you. I'd do it a thousand times over too, and you would deserve all of that and more.

It's obvious that it is taking all of Vodette's strength to refrain from attacking the Mindwyrm.

((Same readied action as before))

2007-09-28, 01:24 AM

To Tahlion:A battle of wills... I should've known it.
Horacio just looks at Vodette, glancing at the aristocrat for a moment, before he speaks.

"Perhaps he did, Vodette, but did you? What did he do to you? Why are you so scared of us finding out?"

Horacio glances at Daewell.

"Or if you don't want to tell us, then tell me. Or tell Vera. Both of us have lived in the Underworld for years; we've associated with people who've done much worse things. You're one of us; we won't use it to harm you."

A note of sadness has crept into Horacio's voice, and his eyes have a tinge of compassion as he looks at Vodette.

(Readied action: Throw himself between the mindwyrm and Firethena/Vera if she makes an attack against either of them, trying to block it. Keep this readied until otherwise specified.)

2007-09-29, 10:58 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

This might need to wait until Tokugal's initiative slot; and it would probably make sense then only if there was still no active fighting.
Tokugal looked back and forth between Vodette and the mindwyrm's form, not understanding yet understanding enough. "If you take a form that threatens or mocks, then expect a violent reaction. 'Cut pieces out of you'? I don't see why it has to be that way. Aren't you master--or mistress or whatever--of this realm? You aren't mindless, and that makes you powerful here. So shape yourself. Generate a piece of yourself that is not cut or sliced from you but is deliberately spawned. Give it, rather than having it taken violently. We embrace it. You take residence in more minds. Then we all walk away happy."

Is it illicit to attempt another Diplomacy roll? If not, then:

2007-09-30, 01:29 PM

Vodette doesn't take her eyes off the Mindwyrm.

You don't need to know. Her voice is dangerous, barely above a whisper.

Vodette is doing her best to regain herself. She's not allowing herself to say any more because of the fear of what she may do. For now, she's satisfied to see if there is another way to end this, possibly Tokugal's way.

2007-10-01, 05:28 PM
(Alright, if Tok seems to be getting anywhere on his filibuster check, Terry won't attack on his init.)

2007-10-02, 09:09 PM
(I think it's actually Dai's turn now... though with as often as the mindwyrm is moving, initiative is rapidly becoming less and less applicable to this fight. XP Once again, sorry for taking so long on this. My classes are kicking my ass and work is like... brain poison. Especially when I have both on the same day with like a three hour break in between... argh...)

Tahlion murmurs in Horacio's brain: Maybe Aerin because it thinks we'll react emotionally? It seems to be testing us, seeing how we'll react to different stimuli... especially if this new form is any indication... I don't recognize it, but apparently Vodette does...

The mindwyrm turns and frowns hugely at Tokugal. With a flip of his hand, three daggers have imbedded themselves in the fire elf's chest.

Do you mind? I'm trying to talk to the murderer.

(Tokugal takes nine damage, and anyone who's prepared an attack in the event of a threatening gesture gets to hit him now.)

2007-10-02, 09:37 PM

Vodette lets out a snarl and lunges toward the Midwyrm, aiming for its heart.

Is it allright if I just use my prepared rolls? If I only get one attack then it would be:
Attack = 36. Confirm Crit = 28 Damage = 18 (31 if crit)

2007-10-03, 02:55 AM

Horacio narrows his eyes, his face grows stern, as he slides up next to Firethena & Vera, taking a defensive stance. His thoughts flow to Tahlion:I think he wants us to attack him, this is too straightforward. He's in control here, he can handle a 9-on-1 fight. We need to even the battlefield, provide an escape.

We're still in my mind. Perhaps I can pierce it from the outside in...
Horacio closes his eyes, relying on his ears to tell him if he needs his attention on the battlefield. He imagines his mindscape again, seeing the mindwyrm's mind as a black pearl floating in it.
A spider, shining silver, with legs like courtblades and fangs like daggers, crawl across the webbing with care & purpose. Nab the pearl like a trapped fly. Turn it, inspect it, find the weaknesses it surely has. Lift it to your mouth. Position your fangs. Then strike, injecting a mixture of determination & protectiveness that should be like venom to this vile creature.

Give us an opening. Give us an escape. Give us strength.

Tahlion, ask Firethena, Vera, and Komuro if they can help me out with this. A mind buff, aid, anything. It's time to surprise this bugger.

Xan Yae, help me see where to strike in the shadows...
(OOC: Horacio is trying to pierce the mindwyrm's shell from the outside, shining light into its darkness and weakening its power nullification by delivering his own mindstuff onto the battlefield for the others. Horacio has that action we discussed earlier readied if it's on the verge of killing a comrade.)

2007-10-03, 10:34 PM
Vodette's sword pierces the mindwyrm's chest dead center. It lets out a sharp cry and falls backwards, black blood spurting from the wound. In an instant the black fluid lurches forwards and wraps around Vodette's neck, forming a necklace of polished ebon beads. The wyrm has a horrible smile on his face.

And then a silver spider with swordblades for legs rips out of the mindwyrm's body with a terrifying scream, reducing the counterfeit baron to nothingness. The spider similarly dissapears in a flash of light.

The darkness around them remains.

2007-10-03, 11:29 PM

Horacio raises an eyebrow.

To Tahlion:What in the Abyss just happened? Did it claim her? It couldn't have been that easy; what else does it have in store.

"Uh, the spider was mine. How it ended up there, I don't know..."

2007-10-03, 11:56 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

Tokugal looked upset. He had scarcely acknowledged that the creature had 'stabbed' him--if it could be called that--when Vodette stabbed him and it was over.

"Damn it. Truly. That creepy, callous, conniving creature! I'd say that Vodette's blow and your spider-thing killed it, Horacio, if it weren't still so dark here. I'd say that it's just another one of its mind games. Uh...yeah."

He took hold of the hilt of one of the daggers and withdrew it from his flesh, flinching and groaning as he did so. The others could hear his teeth squeak as he ground them together. I'd better be able to take these knives with me when I leave this place; at least then-- he winced again as he pulled out the second one. I'd have some benefit from...hey, wait a sec! He left the third dagger where it was.

"So the things that we manifest here: is it a part of us or is it the furniture of the mind we're visiting?"

2007-10-04, 12:30 AM

Vodette's hand flies to the necklace now around her neck.

Ungh, Gods. What is it? Should I take it off or leave it on?

There is a twinge of panic in her voice. Vodette sheaths her rapier and looks around at the others. Her brow furrows as her fingers trace the beads.

How do I fight something like this?

2007-10-04, 12:40 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

Tokugal chuckled, then coughed as the movement of his diaphragm triggered pain in his wounds. "I'd say you got yourself the protection we were after. What I'm trying to figure out now is if I did the same. I'd say my method was more painful...but there are different kinds of pain."

2007-10-04, 05:49 AM
"This is interesting... I wonder what happens when I draw it's attention?"

2007-10-04, 09:50 AM
Terry keeps in a ready position, Kinslayer held parallel. He speaks warily and low.
"It said it would fight us on our terms. Try to beat us at our own game. It's looking into our minds for opponents, as examples of what 'our game' is. I think I know what it's got for me."

2007-10-04, 11:35 PM
When Tokugal draws out the daggers, he finds black, oily liquid flowing from the wounds. It pools in the palm of his hand, then wraps around his wrist to form an elaborate but monochromatic manacle.

... maybe... we got it... but it left something behind? Or...

There's a tapping of shoes on what sounds like stone, and a familiar figure steps out of the darkness.

Hey guys, what's up? asks Daisilodavi.

2007-10-05, 09:15 AM
Terry doesn't wait to lunge. Better to hit it before it can confuse them.
(Wow, it's been a week and we're almost at my round. XD)

2007-10-05, 09:18 AM

Horacio just stands in a defensive position, watching, observing, waiting for another clue about what to do next.

2007-10-06, 02:48 PM

Glancing up at Dai - well, both of him, Daewell completes his spell, not thinking of anything more useful to add at this moment.

Well, the creature seems willing to impart something of itself to us, but wants to take its psychic pound of flesh with it as it does so. Daisilodavi the many-faces is faced with - his own face. Or at least, we think it's his face. Interesting.

2007-10-06, 08:43 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"Manacles?!" Tokugal had a rising sense of claustrophobia, and he tugged at the black bracelet.

2007-10-06, 08:48 PM

Well I guess thats what happens when you draw it's attention, Dai. What are you going to do now, Mindwyrm?

Vodette's eyes fix on the new Dai, the image of the noble still fresh in her mind.

2007-10-08, 01:47 PM
"Do I really look like that? Or sound like that?

Oh dear, I am indeed face to face with my worst fear... my fear of being an unconvincing performer... or is that the game?

Is the trick here that this IS me, enough so it would be harmful to attack?

Or is this merely a flurry of words from the true fake?

Uh... sorry about that guys, I have a sense of the theatrical."

Dai suddenly stabs "himself", crying out as he does "A pound of soul? How does watching myself die rank on that scale, hmm? A piece from my own sense of morality?" and preparing to engage in a duel...

2007-10-09, 11:28 AM
"Dai" looks down at his stab wound, staring in shock at the black fluid leaking from the wound. He looks up at Daisilodavi with a very disturbing expression on his face.

... oh, I like you.

He proceeds to grab Daisilodavi by the shoulders and pull him into a deep, passionate kiss.

2007-10-09, 11:35 AM
"...So is this sex, incest, masturbation, narcissism, masochism, or just really really creepy?"

2007-10-09, 08:49 PM
"All of the above," says Kumoru, looking like he's going to be sick.

2007-10-09, 09:31 PM

Horacio just watches silently, a grimace crossing his face despite his best efforts not to.

2007-10-09, 10:11 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

The elf still wrestled with the tightly-fastened manacle. "Get...this...thing...off...of--oh, now that's disturbing. I don't know if I...I think I'll be happy with the pretty black bracelet."

2007-10-09, 11:15 PM

Vodette's face adopts what can only be described as a "Blech" face. She shakes her head from side to side trying to knock the image of Dai kissing....himself.

I guess I was rather lucky to just get this necklace, considering the rather...terrible turn this pattern is taking.

2007-10-10, 06:07 AM
"Oh, great, what am I gonna get? It damn well better buy me dinner first."

2007-10-11, 04:57 PM

Vodette gives a rather mischievous chuckle at what the MindWyrm has in store for Terry. She mutters under her breath, but loud enough for everybody to hear easily:

Well, Terry, you could always stab it before it kisses you....unless you'd prefer it kisses you. I'm sure we all could give you a moments privacy with the MindWyrm if you'd like.

2007-10-11, 05:16 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

Dai's predicament distracted Tokugal long enough that his panic passed. He breathed deeply and winced, a dagger still embedded in his chest. He attempted to close the other two wounds with his mind, straining against whatever opposition the mindwyrm may exert.

2007-10-11, 05:41 PM
Terry smirks as he wheels Slayer to a ready stance. (Seeing as I haven't canceled my move in two weeks I guess I may as well keep it. XD)
"After you wake up next to a pair of nudist dwarves unconscious underneath a table, it takes a bit more to faze you."

2007-10-12, 10:23 PM
Tokugal's wounds actually seal up pretty quickly.

(trying to wait for Dai... since his reaction to this is... actually pretty important...)

2007-10-13, 09:03 PM
Dai goes paler, but with a definite effort of will, pulls the copy into a closer embrace. He thinks rather pointed thoughts as he does so...

{I've had to do a lot of distasteful things in my life. I never thought twincest would be one of them - I never thought it'd be possible, but this is for the salvation of N... of the world... and my own survival... so damn you, have one of my remaining pieces of innocence.

I hope you're happy.}

If and when the clone gives him a break, he looks sick and slumps to the ground. He then speaks in a somewhat shaky tone.

"If I hear one joke about my supposed omnisexuality, I will vomit on the guilty party's shoes. Are we clear"

2007-10-13, 10:20 PM
As the kiss deepens, Dai feels a thick, oily liquid filling his mouth and spilling out onto his clothes, where it coalasces and forms an amulet shaped rather like a beetle. Wyrm!Dai is smiling hugely as he releases the real thing, licking his lips as though he was savoring the last bite of a particularly succulent dish.

Mmmm, strawberry.

He turns to the others and glances around, eyes sliding in their sockets in a disturbing parody of reality.

Okay... so who's next?

2007-10-13, 10:31 PM
Terry sweeps a leg out and crouches, laying Kinslayer's edge over his arm out towards it.
"That'd be me."

2007-10-14, 03:45 AM

Horacio continues to watch silently, keeping a defensive stance near Firethena, Kumuro, and Vera.

2007-10-14, 02:03 PM

Vodette remains silent looking half like she was about to throw up and the other half looking like she's about to erupt in laughter.

2007-10-14, 05:11 PM

The wizard looks on dispassionately at the strange self-embrace. His spell is almost complete.

2007-10-16, 01:31 AM
(Toliudar- Which spell is this, now? I've lost track. XD)

The wyrm tilts its head to one side to look at Terry, then smiles cruelly.

I have something special for you... something you were cheated out of...

The figure twists and stretches in unnatural ways, transforming into a new shape, vaguely humanoid but with bestial elongate limbs. The right side of the monster is covered in white armor and sports a single angelic white wing, wielding a great sword. The left is wholly beastial, twisted black flesh sprouting spikes and scales and a great broken dragon's wing. The face is insane, half saurian monster and half cold emotionless helm.

Behold the true face of your dearest one, little sandwich maker, Yorath the God of Madness walks the earth once more.

2007-10-16, 01:33 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

Tokugal pulls out a bit of string and begins playing 'Cat's Cradle' with Vodette.

2007-10-16, 01:42 AM
Terry remains silent, deadly silent, for a long moment.

"Hi, Soren."

Terry looks back down at Slayer a moment, then back up into the mask.
"Okay, Kinslayer. I know you don't like it, but can you shrink down a bit smaller, if only for a bit?"

I want to beat this thing, and I want to beat it on my terms. Please.

Regardless, Terry wheels the great black sword one last time, and then, with almost dancelike footwork, draws into melee.

2007-10-16, 01:54 AM

Horacio keeps watching, a bit more on edge than before.

To Tahlion:I know we all want to save our world, but this almost seems too easy...

2007-10-16, 03:00 PM

It was a summoning, level 3. In the dream-realm, of course, you can reinterpret as you see fit.

2007-10-17, 03:41 PM
Tahlion murmurs in Horacio's mind, I'm starting to wonder... maybe it isn't as intelligent as we're giving it credit for... what if this is some sort of pre-programmed test? Like the Devourer knew we'd come after it on the mental plane? Maybe it's just protecting its investment...

Kinslayer silently shifts form, drastically redusing its mass until Terry is holding a heavy but perfectly servicable rapier with an ornate basket hilt. The blade is slight but wider than normal to accomodate the sword's glowing red runes, and Kinslayer's single eye stares out of the handguard just above Terry's wrist.

Yorath lets out a demonic cackle and claws Terry in the face.

(Terry takes 5 damage. Toliudar: Fiendish dire weasel, right?)

2007-10-17, 03:50 PM

Horacio watches the scene unfold glumly.

To Tahlion:The thought it'd want to spread to my teammates crossed my mind. Perhaps he knew we'd need it and be forced to do this. But the timing between the mind read & the implant, he couldn't have made the connection that fast unless... *shudder*

Either he's been involved in this from the start and is misleading us, or his mind works even faster than I suspected.

I... I don't know if I'm smart enough to fight this...

*slight note of despair*

Gah, snap out of it, Horacio. There's always a way. Just need to find out more about this. And if that means spending quality time with the enemy...

2007-10-17, 04:04 PM
Terry roars.

If you want to use those last rolls, then ignore these. If not, full attack, using Kinslayer as a rapier. He doesn't go for his shield yet.
First attack (1d20+14=27) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1321513)
Second attack (1d20+6=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1321518) ...argh, it shouldn't be +6, it should be +9. I dunno how I messed up Kinslayer's part. Roll should be 28.

Damage rolls, not counting whatever bonuses or enhancements on Slayer:
Damage (1d6=3, 1d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1321531) ...man, I hope Kinslayer is +5 unholy burst or something...

2007-10-17, 05:38 PM
Fiendish dire weasel was indeed what he was going for. Which he would have sent to distract the worm, if that's even possible in this context...

2007-10-19, 08:54 PM
Dai wipes away the last flecks of vomit...

"Come with usssss..... join the hive-mind.... be one with ussss.... Oh, wait, I still have control of my own mind. Never mind that, I suppose I shouldn't have prepared that speech.

Look, keep an eye on the thing. It wants its price paid, and the currency it wants is the one you don't happen to have any change for, just a big coin... don't know how useful that advice is, but that's what I've got."

2007-10-19, 11:53 PM
A circle of glowing red runes forms around Daewell, followed shortly by a huge furry length of muscle topped with sharp poisoned teeth and twinkling beetle black eyes.

"What is thy bidding?" hisses the fiendish rodent.

Horacio instantly recognizes the weasel and a larger, more animate, and actually slightly less sinister version of his childhood toy, Edgar the stuffed weasel.

Terry's rapier blows strike with lightning speed, and Yorath lets out a fierce scream as ichor pours from its wounds and splashes to the "ground." One eye glowing brightly indigo, a series of unnatural sharp icicles form in the air above Terry and drop. He just barely avoids them, but the resulting fiery explosions of acid spray when they hit the ground are a somewhat different matter.

(Terry takes sixteen points of lethal damage and seven points of nonlethal.)

2007-10-20, 12:17 AM
Terry rolls to his feet and readies Slayer--then draws his shield, laying his blade across the side and drawing behind it into a ready stance before laying into Yorath.

(Drawing and readying shield, and making one attack.)
Attack (1d20+14=32) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1326469)
Crit confirm (1d20+14=17) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1326471)
Kinslayer damage, no mods (1d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1326473)

2007-10-20, 12:29 AM

Horacio raises an eyebrow at Daewell's weasel.

To Tahlion:You may be right about that. No knowledge of the outside world besides what we feed it, merely reacting to our memories...
Horacio then turns back to the fight, watching Terry's condition carefully.

(OOC: Horacio has an action readied to intervene & stop the fight by threatening the mindwyrm if Terry looks like he's about to be cut down.)

2007-10-20, 09:31 PM
Terry's blow strikes true once more. Shrieking and spilling yet more ichor to the ground, forming a noxious puddle in the process, Yorath kicks Terry in the chest so hard that it knocks him over.

The hideous creature proceeds to pounce on the prone young man and teabag him like there is no tomorrow.

(Terry: Make a Will save. And a Fort save, just to be safe.)

2007-10-20, 09:41 PM

Horacio glares at the mindwyrm & steps towards it, holding Tahlion out at his side, when he sees the first teabag.

"That's enough. Give Terry what he came for and move on to the next person before I decide you've gone too far."

(OOC: If I do it soon enough, will that negate some of the saves on Terry?)

2007-10-20, 09:51 PM
(Must ALL your villains be ****nuts?)
Terry has absolutely no idea how to react, so he does some more stabbing.

Will save (1d20+5=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1327374)
Fort save (1d20+4=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1327376)
Full attack, -4 for prone (1d20+10=23, 1d20+5=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1327382)
Edit: Damage (1d6=6, 1d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1327384)

2007-10-21, 02:35 PM

The wizard half-turns and tries to block the awful sight of the demon's, er, balls.

Weasel! That demon is trying to choke my friend. Dismember him immediately!

Edit based on revised info.

2007-10-22, 12:24 AM
"At least I was left with my dignity...

Ah... do you need help?"

2007-10-22, 12:30 AM
(Dialogue below happens if Terry succeeds on getting the bugger off him. Or if it lays off when Horacio threatens it, I'm going to attack it anyway!)
"I said you had damn well better buy me dinner first!"
Terry attacks it again, hopefully for delicious sneak damage.

2007-10-22, 12:54 AM

Horacio will glare at Terry if he tries to attack, if it stops when Horacio calls it out. This is between him & it now.

2007-10-23, 02:20 PM

Vodette does her best to repress the ever growing urge to throw up. After seeing the MindWyrm "assault" Terry and gagging at the sight, Vodette starts to step forward but is cut off by Horacio.

I don't think anybody is going to be really badly hurt here. We each just need to get a part of this...disgusting thing. I'm just glad I got mine the way I did. It seems rather tame now...thank the gods.

2007-10-24, 12:09 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

While they waited tensely for the denoument, Tokugal considered the manifestations of the mindwyrm thus far. There is a certain streak of perversity in the creature. Is that a feature of the mind that created it? The mind that hosts it? Is this sort of behavior simply in the nature of such a construct? Hm. Construct? I'd guess that it's as much a construct as any golem, only fashioned out of mental energies.

2007-10-24, 12:19 AM
Terry manages not to go insane or anything, but he's still left helpless with nausea as the pool of Yorath's vital fluids suddenly reach up and flow over him, forming an obsidian breastplate of highly ornamental design. Yorath chuckles and steps away from Terry in time to intercept the weasel's assault. The weasel easily tears off Yorath's arm, but the creature doesn't seem to mind it, turning instead to Horacio.

You'll decide I've gone too far? I am curious, halfling, precisely what do you think you can do?

2007-10-24, 12:56 AM

Horacio takes a step towards 'Yorath'.

"You've made your residence in my place uninvited, you've injured my friends, and you're all too willing to share your perverted fantasies with them. But let me remind you that you are in my house, and your continued existence here is simply because it's been less trouble to tolerate you than to evict you... so far.

"Keep this up and that will quickly change.

"So switch to a different form, give Daewell his piece- and tone it down, you've had enough 'fun' for today- and we'll be on our way. And if you plan on outdoing yourself in the future, consider this a warning against doing so: I can get rid of you in the same way I've gotten rid of other troublemakers."

Horacio holds Tahlion up to his head, the point poised to pierce deep into his brain.

"I can stab you to death."

2007-10-24, 05:13 AM
"Boy, that--hack--went GREAT."
Terry pulls himself to his feet muttering about bathing in pure alcohol.

2007-10-25, 07:53 PM
Horacio can hear Tahlion in his mind screaming, Horacio! Horacio!? I swear to god, kid, if you make me some kind of murderer here I will find you in whatever afterlife you get sent to and do something unpleasant to you do you hear me!?

Firethena and Vera each start to rush towards Horacio, apparently intent on preventing him from doing anything stupid, but Kumoru lays a heavy hand on each otheir shoulders. shaking his head. Yorath the Mindwyrm stares at Horacio for a long moment, then bursts out laughing.

Oh... oh man... that's classic. "Hey! Lookit me! I'm so badass I'll stab myself in the brain!" And literally. I dunno what you think you're doing, dude, we're in your brain here and you're threatening a mental construct of yourself filtered through my perceptions of your perception of reality. I'm not sure what you'd do to yourself by committing suicide here, but I am damn sure it isn't what you think. ...but in the interests of brevity...

The beast shrugs, and shifts once more, shrinking into a much smaller and far more femenine figure that (I think) only Daewell should really recognize.

Well Daewell? Do you want mommy to come on to you or do you just want to drop a fireball on me or something? I want to ruin at least one of your two unconscious pleasure drives for you and I'm not really picky about which one it is.

The weasel gives this newcomer a long hard look and then turns its twinkling eyes to Daewell.

"You want I should chomp on its privates, boss? I am good at the chomping of the privates."

2007-10-25, 09:42 PM

Horacio narrows his eyes at the mindwyrm as he slowly lowers the blade, not pointing it at his head but not putting it away either.

2007-10-25, 11:29 PM


Forcing a hollow smile to his lips, Daewell reaches one hand out to the weasel, and the other to his mother.

Ah, mommy. What would Daddy say? Cuthbert knows that you took away five years of my ability to enjoy the company of others with your smothering attention. What's one more night?

He settles one hand on the weasel's head.

No chomping today for you. Back to whatever backalley of the mind I drew you from, I'm afraid. Thank you for your service.

His jaw settling into a grimace, Daewell takes his mother's hand.

2007-10-27, 02:00 AM
Daewell's mother blinks at him as the weasel dissapears in a puff of smoke.

Wait, sweetie... you picked the incredibly disturbing makeouts? Oh that's so precious! And also kind of wierd. I mean, you know I'm not really me, you shouldn't have had any problem hitting me in the face with a magic missle or something! But you picked the makeouts instead. Wow. I don't even know what that says about you. Here.

She hands him what appears to be a glass of warm milk. Then gooses him firmly.

Now drink your milk sweetie, mommy has to go torment someone else.

She turns a slow circle, looking over the assembled party members. Kumoru makes a warding symbol with two fingers. Vera and Firethena violently shake their heads. Daewell's mother chuckles.

Alright, no new blood then, I guess that leaves you...

She looks down at Horacio with an extremely unsettling smirk on her face.

You might find this hard to believe, but there's a great deal invested in you not screwing this up. And we all know how badly you screwed up last time-

Daewell's mother suddenly shrinks into a much shorter but still very feminine form, uncomfortably familiar to Horacio.

-by screwing me, says Calissa, wriggling her hips salaciously for emphasis. It shouldn't have been that easy, a con like that, especially not for an old rogue like you, but you were so damn busy getting into my tight pants you didn't notice the signs, did you Horacio? Oh, but it's okay now, because you've learned your lesson! Totally!

Calissa sprouts upwards, and in her place is Firethena's identical twin.

Except then you turned around and fell for the first thing with tits that crossed your path, silly goose! After knowing me for all of a handful of hours you decide, hey, yeah, she's perfectly trustworthy, after all she seems nice and sincere and of course there's no way A MASTER ILLUSIONIST could possibly fool the pants right off of you! That's the stuff of fantasy! I told you just what you wanted to hear and sent you off on your merry way to a new temptress, says Scarlet, suddenly up close and personal, red scaled breasts dangling in front of the halfling's face.

And did it EVER occur to you just how easily I could have bitten your head off, set you on fire, or cut your throat? You slept in my home, passed out drunk and dead to the world! We could have killed the lot of you if we'd wanted to, and for all you know the only reason you're not dead right now is because I know you're walking right into a trap!

Crimson scales give way to pale skin, silver armor, and flowing white clothing as Tahlion's true form towers over Horacio. But the worst part is, you let me into your mind! Knowing full well what I was potentially capable of, and knowing little enough about me besides the fact that I shared kinship to a raging demonic psychopath and never even considering that I might just be using an entirely more subtle way to steal your damn soul. And why didn't it occur to you? Because the little elfy chick told you I was holy! Because you trust her with every fiber of your being! Because you think with your penis.

And then, black and red spiked armor plates enfold Tahlion and replace her with the imposing visage of Gaudemus Vadis.

Which is why I really don't understand the whole great big chubby quest to save me from myself, or whatever it is you think you're doing, because I really didn't think I was the type to turn your crank, but hey, I guess everyone gets curious once in a while. So ignore your selective blindness all you want, run off half cocked to save the world from evil head-invading squid that might not even exist because the lion's share of your information comes from sources with no credibility besides hot knockers. I'm sure that'll work out fine. Go for it. Come after me.

Gaudemus' eyes pulse red and he holds aloft a twin to Kinslayer, demonic flames licking up and down the length of the toothed blade.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

2007-10-27, 03:08 AM

Horacio watches the entire scene, a grin slowly forming on his face. By the end, he's chuckling softly.

"Wow. It's my paranoia & lust rolled into one and given physical form. And so selective about the information it presents."

Horacio walks up to Gaudemus & kisses his palm.

"Your concerns have been noted and will be contemplated, 'Calissa'. And I'm sure you will have plenty of other advice to give in the future. But we must be going now."

Horacio steps back again and smirks.

"Hmmm, Calissa. It fits you. So close yet so... dangerous."

Horacio turns to Vera & the others.

"I think we're done here. Let's go."

He quickly glances at Firethena.

"We'll talk later."

Sense Motive: 28 to discern whether the mindwyrm honestly believes the drek it's spewing.
Sense Motive (1d20+16=28) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1338441)

2007-10-27, 03:19 PM

Not quite daring to believe that he's gotten off so lightly, Daewell chugs back the milk, blocking out thoughts of what it might represent - or be doing to him inside.

2007-10-27, 04:43 PM
"It's the little things, like weird and confusing details thrown in for no apparent detail, that tell you either they're good enough to make an unassailable fake, or they're genuinely people who'd like company.

Besides, if you can't trust your instincts, you'll never sleep again. 'Cept once, and that time forever."

2007-10-27, 11:31 PM
The milk itself tastes fine. But the instant it's been drained, the glass crumples and turns black and forms into a large ring on Daewell's hand.

"Gaudemus" is silent. With so many faces and so many voices, getting a bead on the thing's motives are nigh impossible- but whether it believes itself or not seems largely unimportant compared to whether or not Horacio believes it.

You think it's funny now, you won't when the fire elf sprouts tentacles and sodomizes the wizard. But that's fine, you've got what you came for, now get out.

He turns and hucks what appears to be a shoe at Vera. The Giztherai barely has time for a startle yelp before the projectile strikes her squarely in the forehead. There is a flash of light, a loud popping sound, and a sensation like ruishing through a water-filled tunnel at high speed, and the party is lying/sitting/standing on their heads in dissaray on the floor of Vera's room.

"Son of a-" Vera rubs her head ruefully. "That hurt!"

Horacio> You can still have the mental conversations with the girls. just assume they're taking place a short time later when Vera's had a moment to recover from getting whacked. I'll reply to the PMs once I've had time to collect my thoughts. *eyebrow waggle*

2007-10-27, 11:50 PM

The wizard reflexively rubs his left hand, where a black ring...isn't. Or is it? His voice is haggard.

I think I've had all I can take for one day, folks. Miss Vera, no offence, thank you for your hospitality and assistance, but I think I'd like to call it a night. Sleep in my own bed. Get to my lab in the morning to look at that cube. Perhaps we could gather again tomorrow night, to share stories and discoveries. I don't think I'm alone here in saying...this was most trying.

2007-10-27, 11:50 PM

Horacio frowns, silent for a moment.

"Let's set up watches & figure out what we're doing tonight..."

He sounds drained, yet again.

He glances at Vera:Well, what do you think? I haven't gotten any oddities from Firethena, Tahlion isn't noticing anything, and you haven't seen anything unusual yet. The thought that Firethena & Scarlet's working for them has crossed my mind, but I haven't found anything supporting that yet...

The mindwyrm may have a point... or may just be trying to get us to cause as much collateral damage as possible while still succeeding...

And Tahlion 'pretending' to be a holy sword? How would that even work?

2007-10-27, 11:52 PM

"I'd recommend against sleeping in your own bed, Daewell, unless you enjoy the thought of being caught alone by these nightmares or, worse, getting your family caught up in it.

"The temple has rooms, large enough for an adventuring party to camp out in. I suggest we take them up on their offer."

2007-10-28, 01:51 AM

I appreciate the offer, Horacio, but if there is some danger of my family being sought out because of my involvement in this, I need to warn them as well. And all of my research materials are at home. However, I'm sure that there are others who will be very grateful for your offer.

2007-10-28, 01:58 AM

Horacio frowns.

"Well, if you're heading off, ask the clerics for a pair of Sending Stones first. We used them to keep in touch when we had to split up; it'll come in handy later. We may as well pick up a pair now."

(OOC: Sending Stones are in the Magic Item Compendium.)

2007-10-28, 07:53 AM

The wizard nods wearily.

I'll ask for one on the way out. Shall we meet back at the entrance to this temple, perhaps late tomorrow evening?

2007-10-28, 12:21 PM

"I'd rather meet earlier, depending on when I can arrange that meeting. How about noon?"

2007-10-28, 02:33 PM
"I had a lady to bid farewell, but I'll be back before nightfall. Frankly, I need something to put that experience in there out of my mind, or at least push it into a corner."

2007-10-28, 02:59 PM

Horacio frowns.

"Give her my regards, and get as much done as you can. You might as well spend the entire night; you can meet up with Daewell tomorrow.

"Besides, it'll give you a chance to watch out for anything suspicious at the Church."

2007-10-28, 07:54 PM

It is already plenty late in the evening, and if we are to shift to a later schedule, as you had suggested, Horacio, noon gives me no time to have accomplished anything at all. Perhaps noon the day AFTER tomorrow?

2007-10-28, 08:19 PM
Terry speaks up.
"I'm pretty leery of that--at least ensure we check in with one-another. And honestly, if anyone goes anywhere, pairing off would be best."

2007-10-28, 09:07 PM

"Well, then some of us can meet you at your place at noon. Someone should be nearby, especially when you look in that book.

"Here's what I suggest: Dae & Dai go to the Church to see Nefertari, then stay at his house. The rest of us stay here for the night, set up watches and such. We regroup at sundown tomorrow."

2007-10-28, 10:55 PM

Vodette begins to protest about being forced to stay in the temple, but soon realizes that she doesn't really have anywhere to go. She remains quiet, instead trying to wrap her mind around what she just witnessed.

So that was it? Now we have this thing in our own heads. I guess I wouldn't say that was easy, just not what I was expecting. What do we do from here?

The last thought seemed like a good idea, so Vodette finally decided to pipe in.

So what do we do from here? I mean, once we all take care of our personal business.

2007-10-28, 11:02 PM

"Meditate. Clear our heads. Prepare for tomorrow."

He glances at Vodette.

"You might want to talk with Vera."

2007-10-28, 11:15 PM

Vodette's brows furrow and she shakes her head as if trying to get the confusion out of her brain.

Wait, why would I need to talk to Vera?

2007-10-28, 11:19 PM
The objects the mindwyrm "gifted" the group with are no longer extant as they awaken in the real world... but an odd, vague pressure and soft phantom sensations almost make you think they were...

Firethena yawns. "I don't think Dai's anxious to have someone else tagging along while he's visiting Nefertari, Horacio."

Vera glances at Horacio: I'd think long and hard before you took anything that thing said to heart, if I were you. As for Tahlion... well, you can't identify magic auras, can you? Making something appear holy is pretty easy... it's what the sword -does- that's the kicker. Have you ever used her in combat?

2007-10-29, 12:29 AM

Horacio shrugs.

"Dae said he had someone to visit there as well. He doesn't have to tag along the whole time. But I agree with Terry; splitting up, especially at night, might be begging for trouble."

To Vera:Yes. It was channeling my paranoia that I had everything figured out wrong perfectly. And Firethena, living alone for a century, would've been a perfect mark for the nightmares, if they haven't already infested her or she's a cultist or...

*shakes head*

Tahlion had the same suspicion things were going too easily. And that imp said 'Trust no one but the dead.' Perhaps it's all false, but even lies have a nugget of truth. I wouldn't be surprised if someone, either in Gaudemus's family or the Church, was infested or a betrayer.

And Tahlion, I haven't used her in combat, but she stores and releases positive energy. She was scared of what she might become, though. Perhaps her memory loss hides a darker secret?


Worse than the Silent Wars, I'd say. At least we knew how the flayers controlled people. We knew what to look for.

Need to learn more, stay cautious, find some way to quiet these doubts, whether it's figuring out exactly how these nightmares infest or see if 'Calissa' has any leads to back up her accusations. If this is really that important to the flayers, they wouldn't give us useless information unless they had an alternate goal or they wanted to get back at me. Until then, they're still my friends. I'll go ahead with our rela-hmm.

I need to talk with Firethena privately. Mind-to-mind. And then delve into Tahlion's mind, find out more about her potential and her past. You're not too tired to help with that, right? And if I get to know them better, I can tell if something's wrong...


Heh, maybe I am thinking with my d*ck. I bedded Laura in a night & I'm ready to tell Firethena how I feel about her after two days. Well, at least I waited a bit longer this time, right?

Horacio (to Vodette): "You should talk to her because she knows a thing or two about focusing in combat. She could help you learn techniques, ways of thinking as sharp as your sword. She might be able to help you... in ways you never dreamed of."

He glances at Vera:Kid's a nervous wreck at times. That man must've scarred her for life, somehow. She won't talk to me about it. You helped me out, maybe you could help her out as well? She kind of reminds me of me when I was young; don't want to leave her that nervous the rest of her life...

I'd like to train with her as well. I think it's time we finally finished those psychic lessons, Vera...

2007-10-29, 04:21 AM
"If Daewell does not mind being left in the temple in the company of priests until I'm done, I don't mind having an escort. As for inviting myself in... if that is a problem, I can find a way to be welcome enough and still on guard.


2007-10-29, 09:15 AM

Daewell sits down again, once it becomes clear that this may take some time.

Dai, you are welcome to join me at our home - I'm sure that a room can be arranged. And I may get to the church tomorrow afternoon, but for now my first priority is to try to learn more about Gaudamus' items, so that we're ready to use them.

And if you want to come check in with me, you're more than welcome to do so, but I will point out that there are MANY leads to be followed up.

Trying to get more history on Gaudamus' wife, and perhaps learning more about the new owner of her paintings so that we don't walk into that blind. Perhops scouting out his home, and getting information on the nature of its layout by talking with servants? Further research into Kinslayer - its history, its past connections and why it might suddenly have become much more active. Perhaps Tokugal could access that kind of support.

Please keep in mind that this same day has included a hung-over morning with Nightfang, Terry getting impaled by Kinslayer, a long Shadow Walk to the city, discovery of an impending war and an infiltration of tentacled horrors, examination of a mutilated corpse, a chat with Firethena that included a chat with a mind flayer, a lengthy search of her home, and now this jaunt to the temple and into Horacio's mind. Daewell is TIRED.

And, with the need for eight hours of sleep, and a couple hours to relearn spells, Dae will have gotten almost NO work done at noon tomorrow. Please understand that this is not me being difficult, but the needs of a full caster who's being called on to do some research.

2007-10-29, 09:25 AM

"Then perhaps you & Tokugal should escort Dai to Nefertari to leave him in her, uh, caring paws for the rest of the night. You two can rest at Dae's house, Dai can sleep with Nefertari, and you can pick him back up in the morning so the three of you can get some work done. Us three will see what we can do from here.

"Just be sure to have a teleport handy in case of trouble, okay? Ask the clerics to show you the reception room; most of the temple has wards that could mutilate a porting spell."

2007-10-29, 09:36 AM

Dae's voice is taking on an edge.

Look, Horacio, the Stockwell home is nowhere near the Bastion. if you want Dai to have an escort to the temple tonight, why don't you do it? As you've established, you'd be a far more streetwise and capable guardian than me.

If someone wants to come with me, fine, but I'm going home now. Are we all clear? See you all tomorrow night.

The wizard heads for the door.

2007-10-29, 11:34 AM

Horacio raises an eyebrow as Daewell leaves.

"Huh, you'd think he was the one that had a mindwyrm crawl up his ass. Or down his throat..."

To Tokugal: "You want to head back with Daewell?"

To Dai: "Well, I'd escort you to the Church myself, but I'd come back here alone and defeat the whole purpose of it... and I have things to do here myself."

*side glance at Firethena & Vera*

"Perhaps Vodette & Kumoru could make sure you arrive there safe? If they don't mind, that is."

2007-10-29, 03:15 PM

Vodette glances over at Komoru.

I wouldn't really have a problem walking you over there. It beats sitting around, thats for sure. But do we really need to be this paranoid about an attack? I mean, we haven't done anything terrible to this Mindwyrm thing, so we aren't really in any more danger than we were before, right?

2007-10-29, 03:56 PM
"We haven't been alone since somebody took possession of Kinslayer. That, I suspect, is why people are worried...

Anyway. It'd be nice to have some company. Shall we?"

Dai starts his departure.

2007-10-29, 04:01 PM

"We were in plenty of danger before. I would be this 'cautious' even without the Mindwyrm. Back in the Silent Wars, going out alone at night was a sure way to get yourself killed or, worse, enthralled. And we've got a lot more hinging on this."

2007-10-29, 10:14 PM
Terry sighs and leans against the wall, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Guess I'll just chalk all of that up to stress. In the meantime, though, I'm not going anywhere unless someone wants company, so I figured I could nab a scroll of identification and try it out on you, Slayer. I'm sure going blind or something when I try would just crack you right up."

2007-10-29, 10:51 PM

"Oh really? I'd imagine it'd turn your tongue into a vile bloodleech that gives you the information by ripping out your eyeball and regurgitating it directly onto your brain."

2007-10-29, 11:22 PM
"...Thanks, Horacio."

2007-10-30, 03:56 AM
Dai glances at Horacio.

"Oh, I'm quite aware of how vulnerable a lone person can be... I used to rely on it extensively, after all.

...shall I say that that fact is not utterly unconnected with my lack of concern for my safety tonight? I'll keep out of trouble."

2007-10-30, 04:28 AM

Horacio raises an eyebrow.

"Famous last words, Dai. How often have you started out the hunted instead of the hunter?"

2007-10-30, 02:31 PM
"Twenty-eight times as of last Tuesday. Usually starts with me diving out a window, often with an angry mage or priest hurling spells at me.

It shouldn't be that bad."

2007-10-30, 03:06 PM

"Not quite what I asked, but... just be careful, Dai."

2007-10-31, 12:16 AM
Kumoru shrugs. "I can follow anyone that needs it. I got nowhere to be."

Firethena leans against the wall and yawns. "I'd prefer to get some trance, myself... long day..."

2007-10-31, 12:52 AM

Horacio glances at Firethena.

"Actually, I'd like to talk with you a bit, Firethena... mind-to-mind."

2007-10-31, 08:09 AM
"'Mind-to-mind?' You only want her for her enormous broods." Terry grins.
"All right, all right, I'm gonna make myself scarce. I'll be here, I just want to go track down that scroll. Don't suppose you'll have some on hand to buy?"

2007-10-31, 11:46 AM

Horacio just stares at Terry a moment.

"Ask one of the clerics for one. They're unravelers of mysteries, they'll have one in stock."

He waits for Terry to leave before muttering to Firethena, "If you want to make him think centipedes are crawling all over him in his sleep, be my guest..."

2007-10-31, 11:57 AM
(He DID say "broods," but all the same)
Terry goes and identifies Slayer, if he can. He asks for some privacy in case the casting doesn't go well.

UMD check (1d20+7=15) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1345576)
Retrying--you can retry, but on a nat one not for a day.
UMD check (1d20+7=23) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1345580)

2007-10-31, 09:21 PM
(Her broods aren't -that- big...

I'll tell you what you've got in PM.)

2007-10-31, 09:48 PM
(Perhaps not, but they look very healthy & lively.)

2007-11-01, 10:52 PM
('kay, so, anyone want to play out what they're up to, or shall we skip to the next meet-up?)

2007-11-02, 01:50 AM

(Well, assuming nothing happens that night? I'll go over quick what I want to arrange via IRC or PM sometime.)

2007-11-02, 02:58 AM

This is what Horacio wants to get done before tomorrow's meeting:

Buy supplies & equipment.
Massage Firethena.
Psionic meditation with Vera (& Tahlion, if she wants to join in). Horacio will also ask Tokugal & Vodette whether they want to join in as well, if Vera doesn't mind.
Arrange a meeting with Snake Eyes.
Pray to Xan Yae.
Ask if there's been any rumors of strange dreams lately.
Ask around for an expert on ancient weapon legends.

He will also tell the temple's priests, before the night, that if anyone comes after them, it'd be best for them to stay out of the way. (I assume that, since we're using their temple as a safe grounds, it's common courtesy to warn them about what we're expecting.)

2007-11-02, 09:29 AM
Research has been dealt with in PM. All set when everyone else is!

2007-11-03, 12:13 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"I'm with you, Daewell--if that's alright." The elf followed after his retreating back.

[OOC: Tokugal will go with Daewell. He'll need a brief time in the morning to study, then he'll go shopping. They never did get that opportunity after receiving their first payment, right? I'll work up a shopping list and post it OOC.]

2007-11-03, 10:57 PM
(Toliudar: That cool with you? I can let him in on what you found out or you can let him know, either way.)

2007-11-04, 02:17 AM
(Vodette will accompany Dai with Kuromu if need be, otherwise she'll open this gift that I was informed that she was given)

2007-11-04, 03:16 AM
(Will Vodette join Vera & Horacio in meditating the next day? Horacio invited her.)

2007-11-04, 08:03 PM
Daewell will welcome Tokugal's company. I'll PM research results.

2007-11-04, 08:09 PM
(Sure. Vodette will be "sociable" and meditate with Horacio and Vera)

2007-11-04, 08:54 PM

(Okay. Horacio will privately ask Vera before the meditation if she can help Vodette get over... whatever happened with that man, if she can. Will wait for Magnus's response to that.)

2007-11-04, 09:01 PM
(Vera will try, but that's something I should play out with Boxboy.)

When Vodette opens the package she finds a set of extraordinarily lacey lavender lingerie.

It fits her perfectly.

2007-11-04, 09:18 PM
When Vera opens the package she finds a set of extraordinarily lacey lavender lingerie.

It fits her perfectly.

(By Vera do you mean Vodette?)

2007-11-04, 09:26 PM

(Horacio will warn her to take it slow with Vodette; last time he asked, he almost got skewered.)

2007-11-04, 09:31 PM
(By Vera do you mean Vodette?)

(... yes.

It's been a long day. >_<)

2007-11-07, 02:01 AM
The next day... or was it the day after that? Whatever. The specified time of the meeting arrives and the party gathers back in Vera's chamber to decide whatever's going on next. Vera is wearing clothing now, an elegant blue robe with red and gold designs stitched into the sleeves, and she and Firethena seem to be in the process of braiding each other's hair as everyone arrives.

2007-11-07, 02:52 AM

The wizard smiles quietly at everyone, and settles into a seat. He sets out a few items on the table: a freshly-cleaned mithril shirt, a silver ring, a cloak, a set of stakes, several weighty notebooks and finally, gingerly, the cube taken from Firethena/Gaudamus' lab.

Good evening, all! How did your research and preparation go today?

2007-11-07, 03:07 AM

Horacio comes in a bit late. It looks like he has some new tools, and a new set of clothing.

"They went well. Bought equipment, learned how to use Tahlion better, arranged a meeting with Snake Eyes- it's tonight, by the way- and set up a plan to contact Kara.

"But first, you should tell us how yours went. Did you look into 'the book'?"

2007-11-07, 05:05 AM

Daewell exchanges glances with Tokugal, and nods.

I examined a number of Gaudamus' notebooks. Together with the cube, I believe that it can not only permit planar travel, but travel to some very specific locations, or perhaps to specific individuals. I believe that it could have been used to travel to dimensions outside of our normal knowledge - potentially drawing the attention, or ire, of forces from beyond. Perhaps tentacled forces from beyond.

I also believe that, with more study, the cube could be used to bring us to Gaudamus, once that becomes appropriate.

He waves a hand over the ring, shirt and cloak.

These you may recognize as being taken from Crush last week. After some analysis, I can speak with more confidence about their abilities. The ring is a moderately powerful charm to turn away blades and other attacks. The shirt has a fairly run-of-the-mill enhancement to the strength of its links. And the cloak is designed to fortify the will and majesty of its wearer. I thought that, among the other issues tonight, we might discuss who could best use these, at least in the days ahead for the battles to come.

He sits back.

All in all, a full day.

2007-11-07, 08:33 AM
"Mm. I guess this is the proverbial 'smoke 'em if you got 'em' moment. Before we continue, I'm gonna head into town and buy some gear for myself. Anyone else?"
And on that note, Kinslayer, seeing as you're about as subtle as a paladin on fire, could you do that rapier thing again? Or at least let me wrap you?

2007-11-07, 03:58 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

Tokugal inclined his chin toward Terry. "Yeah, here. I need some stuff from in town, too."

2007-11-07, 06:24 PM

Right. I think I'll come with you two boys. Whats the use of having gold if you're not going to spend it? Unless you sleep on it of course...

Vodette seems pretty much the same except she's washed her clothes and her hair. Instead of smelling like caked on sweat she now has a faint lavender smell about her. Her hair now hangs loosely about her shoulders instead of being pulled up in a bun. She looks rather striking, in fact.

2007-11-07, 09:16 PM

Sensing that the meeting was abruptly breaking up, Daewell spoke quickly.

Well, if we're going shopping, perhaps we can dispose of these three items -

He gestures to the cloak, armour and ring.

- if no one feels they can make good use of them. I for one would take the ring, and offer a different one in exchange for the party purse, the difference being made up in part by the pearls I used to determine the nature of these items.

He turns to Horacio.

Do you want all of us at this meeting with Snake Eyes tonight? If not, I could continue to research Gaudamus' books, and visit the Bastion in the morning. And now might be an ideal time to discuss your plan to contact Kara.

2007-11-08, 01:12 AM
"We're gonna try and send a message through Nightfang and Scarlet," explains Vera, tying off Firethena's braids. "We figure that's probably the safest way to get the message there without freaking anyone involved out. Though if any of you has an idea I'm sure we'd love to hear it."

2007-11-08, 01:34 AM

Horacio listens intently to Daewell's results, then glances back at Firethena & Vera.

"Hmmm, weren't we going to contact Kara directly as well? We need to 'officially' arrange a meeting with her, but I don't think Nightfang & Scarlet's method is secure enough..."

2007-11-09, 08:56 AM

Daewell fidgets a bit.

Well, perhaps we can set the chat with Miss Kara aside for the moment. I believe you said something about a meeting with Ms. Snake Eyes?

Or I COULD use all of you to test out the paper I'm thinking about writing to the Academy about this cube and its new applications of morphic planar imprinting. In a very real sense, it gives a certain credence to the beliefs of certain cults who have advocated that there effectively are no barriers between individuals, but that we are instead fundamentally connected at a fundamental level.

2007-11-09, 02:58 PM

Horacio nods.

"She'll meet us tonight, location of her choosing. She'll tell us where later; standard procedure, she's a bit paranoid, and not without reason.

"But we may have to split up to get everything done. We also have to ask Nightfang & Scarlet to arrange that meeting- I want to ask them that in person- and scope out Aerin's father's house."

Horacio sighs & listens to the rest of Daewell's speech.

"So the cube is connected to people instead of places? Interesting, but I shouldn't be surprised. Home is where they greet you with open arms, after all."

2007-11-09, 08:59 PM

Daewell is delighted to have the opportunity to expound.

Actually, it's even more complicated than that. The underlying theory seems to be that we are associated with a place, that the weave of a plane that helps to locate a specific location also affects us, and is affected in turn by us. Usually in such minor ways that they are, effectively, unnoticeable.

He takes a breath to continue, and checks himself.

Er. Later, perhaps. I'm assuming that you can call on the services of the temple here to transport you to Nightfang and company, then? And can use the Sending stones to contact us when Snake Eyes wishes to have that, er, meeting? If so, I'll return to my research.

2007-11-09, 10:08 PM
Both Vera and Firethena are looking at Daewell like he's the hottest thing since sliced bread. They might even be drooling.

"That cube can manipulate the planar fabric to locate a place depending on its occupants and draw that occupant to you?" Vera asks.

"... that is so hot," supplies Firethena.

2007-11-09, 10:45 PM

Horacio frowns slightly as he glances over at Vera & Firethena. He turns back to Daewell.

"So what determines this location? Is it where you're born, or where something so important happened it left an imprint? How does it affect travelers? Do they pick up bits & pieces of each place they travel to, gaining a unique 'scent' you can track them with?"

Horacio thinks a moment.

"Well, why not try it out? You think it could warp us to Nightfang & Scarlet? If it doesn't use up too much energy, we should start small before we begin relying on it for planar travel.

"And I wouldn't return to your research just yet, Daewell. We still need to scope out Aerin's father's house, remember?"

To Vera:You know, he is single...

2007-11-09, 11:27 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"That is hot! From a *cough* purely academic point of view, that is."

"It reminds me of what I heard about truenames. A skilled master of truenames knows that a truename is not a static thing. My truename, for instance, is continually altered by my location, situation--even my mood and health. I don't know if there's a margin of tolerance depending on the intended application. The guy who knew about it melted before he had a chance to tell me. Long story. Anyway, you think it might be something like that? I'd love to pull it apart and see how it works. I won't, of course; but I wish I could."

2007-11-10, 12:50 PM
Terry grins a bit. "I'll refrain from the wand jokes. In the meantime, though, let's get a move on..."

2007-11-10, 08:59 PM

Horacio thinks a moment.


"Okay, the meeting with Snake Eyes will probably take place late tonight; we can all attend it, then. I doubt we'll need to do anything else around midnight.

"That leaves two things to do. We need to meet with Nightfang & Scarlet and scope out Aerin's father's house. We should meet with Nightfang tonight; the scoping can wait until tomorrow, but that cuts it a bit close between the scoping and the robbery..."

*glances at Daewell*

"Provided you can't convince him to sell you the paintings, of course.

"We may have to split up if we want to get both done tonight. I want to meet Nightfang & Scarlet in person when we ask them to arrange a meeting, but I hate to miss scoping out the house as well..."

*glances at Terry*

"How good are you at scoping out a job, Terry? You could go with Daewell there, be the eyes, figure out the layout and the guard patterns."

*glances at Firethena & Daewell*

"If it does come down to stealing them, the longer he doesn't know they're stolen, the better. I think a few illusions could mislead him, which means one of you should probably get a good look at them to craft something appropriate. How good are you with illusions, Dae?"

2007-11-10, 10:13 PM
"I can make an illusory painting," Firethena muses, "anything to get out of having to meet a medusa. No offense, I'm sure she's very nice, in an evil sort of way, but they just give me the creeps."

2007-11-10, 10:50 PM

Horacio glances at Firethena.

"No, not really. She's a cunning sadist, a drug dealer, a torturer and a murderer. But she has her honorable side, and she doesn't indulge in her dark tastes nearly as much as some other crime lords.

"I wasn't going to ask you to come along with us anyway. I figured she wasn't your type of collaborator.

"So you're going to accompany us to Aerin's father's house to get a glimpse of the paintings, Firethena? Great. I can't wait to see the disguise you come up with."

2007-11-11, 02:54 AM

The wizard is more than a bit relieved.

Perfect! So you don't need me at the scoping out of the house, yes? I don't think I'd be very good at it, anyway. I'll do my best to figure out how to calibrate the cube for Nightfang and Scarlet's.

2007-11-11, 03:16 AM

Horacio shrugs.

"Well, I thought you wanted to try buying them first. I guess it is better if we go in as complete strangers, though..."

Horacio thinks a moment, looking at the crowd.

"Dai, Firethena, Terry, and Tokugal could scope out the house. Firethena & Tokugal could pose as a rich couple interested in lesser-known works of art, Terry & Dai as their bodyguards. The 4 of you should be able to scope out their defenses, magical & mundane, and find routes of entry, or prepare ones for later...

"Kumoru, Daewell, Vodette, and I can visit Nightfang & Scarlet at the same time to set up the meeting with Gaudemus. We can try to send a warning to Kara during that... or just ask her to contact us later to trade more details, away from Nightfang & Scarlet...

"We should all be done in time for the meeting with Snake Eyes, then. Sound good?"

Horacio looks lost in thought for a moment.

"...That reminds me, Kurmoru. What were you going to tell us about yesterday?"

2007-11-11, 03:22 AM

The wizard smacks his forehead.

Ah! I had assumed that when you said "scope out", I thought you meant "spy upon." The offer to purchase should come during the day, during regular business hours, no? I had assumed that this was a scouting mission only. If we're going in with purchasing in mind, I'd need to prepare myself - tomorrow would in fact be better.

He turns to the others.

Not that you wouldn't be brilliant in such matters, and I defer to you if you wish to do the purchasing. But I do have some expertise in the mercantile arts.

And back to Horacio.

I'm sorry. I'm still not clear why we think that Kara will have anything to do with us.

2007-11-11, 03:36 AM

"Well, it's both, Daewell. We're using your visit to look into purchasing them as an opportunity to scope the place out from the inside. If he lets you buy them, all's well. If not, he still gave us a free tour and showed us where the paintings are."

Horacio nods.

"Visiting during the day would be better, but that might be cutting it awfully close to when we have to pull the heist. It depends on when we have to leave to meet Gareth & Kara... but you're right, coming during the evening might also be suspicious, and a waste of time. It can wait until tomorrow afternoon.

"As for Kara, she's concerned about Gareth's condition and, I assume, has no idea what it is. If Gareth will be put in harm's way by this meeting, like I think he will, or we can find a connection between his illness and the nightmares, of course she'll be interested in what we have to say.

"She could still turn us down, but I don't see much harm in trying."

2007-11-11, 04:39 AM

Well, our more astute and careful members could certainly do an exterior analysis this evening, if they're so inclined.

And thanks for walking me through this meeting with Kara. Um - but if Gareth's condition is the linchpin for her cooperation, why not go straight to Gareth. That way, we've got a chance of diagnosing, perhaps even treating, during the meeting.

Mind you, neither of them was awfully friendly towards us last time. And that was without Kinslayer in the crowd.

2007-11-11, 12:42 PM

"Because we can't be sure Gareth's in his right mind, if the nightmares are responsible for his condition. It will also put him at risk and attract Gaudemus's attention faster. And if Gareth attacks us, we can kiss any chance of getting Kara or Gaudemus's cooperation goodbye.

"Kara would also be more willing to hear us out if we said something was wrong with Gareth. Gareth would probably scoff at us if we said he was in danger, or we could cure what he & his father couldn't.

"And yes, neither of them was very friendly towards us last time, but Kara was just guarded. Gareth was on the verge of kicking us out. We'll have to start reversing those attitudes anyway if we want to meet with them & Gaudemus."

Horacio thinks a moment.

"...but we may want to have an escape plan if this goes horribly wrong, just in case..."

2007-11-11, 01:03 PM

The wizard shrugs.

I bow to your greater wisdom in such human matters. But until we're close to Gareth, and prepared, anything we think we know about his condition will be guesswork.

As for an escape plan - if only three or four of us go to see Nightfang, I have an emergency teleport prepared. Stay close, and I should be able to get us out of there...reasonably reliably. Who knows how the threads of magic are warping, with all that's going on.

2007-11-11, 01:21 PM

Horacio shrugs.

"Perhaps. But we could learn more about his condition from Kara. Perhaps what we've encountered could provide her with some insight as well.

"...and talking to her personally will give me a chance to gauge her, see if she's in on it or not. That knowledge alone would be vital."

Horacio nods.

"Well, if some of us go to scope out the house tonight, only 3-4 of us have to visit Nightfang. You, me, and Kumoru are givens. Terry & Dai should scope the house. That leaves 3 of us..."

Horacio looks at the others.

"Vodette, you should probably come with us to visit Nightfang. If any trouble'll happen tonight, it'll be there, and I want your swordarm in the midst of it. Terry & Dai should be fine scoping out the house by themselves. Tokugal, you could stay here with Vera & Firethena, continue researching Gaudemus's belongings with them. Sound good?"

2007-11-12, 12:11 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

"That's fine with me. I wouldn't mind learning a little bit more about whatever I can before we go haring off into the great unknown."

"Just remember to ask Scarlet when her sisters are coming for a visit next."

2007-11-12, 12:25 AM

"Didn't we tell you? They'll be visiting in a month."

2007-11-12, 12:37 AM
Kumoru blinks. "Hmmm? Something I was gonna explain? Oh, my luggage! Sure."

He pulls the large case upright and opens it, explaining as he does so.

"Yeah, I got this sucker overseas, place called Amaranth. The people there have a culture based around armed conflict, but they're surprisingly genteel, lots of gorgeous art and music, but the thing is all of their music is based on combat, so their instruments tend to double as weapons."

He pulls out a bizarre device that resembles a great battleaxe, but with a widened handle and six strings stretched the length of it. It almost looks like a lute with blades, but the shape is slightly off.

"I learned to play this while I was over there. They just called it an axe. Luckily Gaudemus buried me with it, I'd go nuts if I couldn't bust out a song every once in a while."

2007-11-12, 12:47 AM

Daewell glances up at Horacio, Vodette and Kumaru.

You ready to go? Gather round, then, folks.

He casts a few preparatory spells, and each of you see magic auras wash over Daewell, and one over all of you. He then floats up, puts Crush's ring on, and leaves the cloak and mithril shirt to be sold by the others in Atalya. Daewell takes hold of the cube, and floats back over to the middle of the other three. He stares intently at the cube.

Okay, so Boxboy hasn't actually agreed to come on this fool's errand, so we may end up retro-editing Vodette out of this scenario. Either way:

Casting Mage Armour on himself
Overland Flight
Magic Circle Versus Chaos

Spellcraft, to take them to Nightfang and Scarlet's living room [roll0]

2007-11-12, 01:08 AM

Horacio listens to Kumoru's explanation.

Hmmm, I thought it was something a bit more upsetting than that, Tahlion; at least, that's what it sounded like when he talked to us yesterday...

After Daewell's explanation, he glances at Vera for a moment.

To Vera:If you have any powers you can manifest that might help us contact Kara telepathically if we scry her, might as well do it now. Else I'll see if I can, or should, improvise anything.
He then nods to Daewell & joins the circle.

"Yes, we're ready."

He shines his black orchid holy symbol and places it beneath his collar again as he watches Daewell work the cube.

2007-11-12, 10:10 PM
Terry nods.
"Right. See you guys soon. And if you can, drop us a line from there to fill us in. In the meantime, I'm going to go round up what I plan on buying, and then we can scope the mansion--twice. Once incognito, once via stealth."

2007-11-12, 11:12 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"I guess Firethena and I should prepare our schtick, then. I did a turn as an actor and picked up a few things, but I never stuck with 'The Craft,' as they called it; so I'd probably do best if we played it pretty straight. I can perform a simple enchantment of my own to alter my appearance, but you're far more expert in that than I. No disguise of mine could ever fool a burglar into...never mind."

"If we need to go back 'after hours' to retrieve the painting, it might be to our advantage to set up some sort of magical surveillance to make sure that the way is clear. You're the divination expert: would there be any way for us to make it easier to scry? I first thought perhaps a small personal object left at the location; but now that I think better of it, that wouldn't help much."

2007-11-13, 12:16 AM

Horacio thinks a moment.

"An object doesn't have to be visible to scry it, though, does it? An invisible- or well-hidden- object could be the targeted as well. We would need to retrieve or have some means of destroying it, though.

"...Unless it was able to move on its- no, not gonna risk that for this. A small, well-hidden item should suffice. Although I'd rather just post someone by the escape with a telepathic link."

2007-11-13, 12:19 AM
Terry shakes his head.
"No, no, we can't rely heavily on arcane espionage. It's--Aerin was a spellcaster of some order, wasn't she? Her family, rich as they are and with a history as they do, probably has all kinds of protective spells to prevent just what we're up to. When I go in, I can keep an eye out for magic auras and then we can act accordingly."

2007-11-13, 12:15 PM

OOC: Sorry everybody! I was unexpectedly without Internet access over the weekend and I'm still playing catch-up

Well, if it's enchanted like that, couldn't we just appeal to them? Tell them that we're going to get the bastard that killed Aerin. Then they might be a little more inclined to part with it. I wouldn't want to go in with it as my main plan, but it couldn't hurt as a last effort.

Vodette checks to make sure her swords are tightly buckled and ready for travel.

No knowing what this planar travel thing will be like.

Vodette walks over and stands right behind Dae.

I suppose I'm ready. I certainly hope that we won't have to fight any of them. They seem to be a little out of our league... She gives a sly smile but that sure as hell means I wouldn't try.

2007-11-13, 01:51 PM

Well, if it's enchanted like that, couldn't we just appeal to them? Tell them that we're going to get the bastard that killed Aerin. Then they might be a little more inclined to part with it. I wouldn't want to go in with it as my main plan, but it couldn't hurt as a last effort.

Horacio shakes his head. "Probably not. Firethena says he was a real bastard. Barely cared for Aerin, and hated Gaudemus with a passion. Blamed him for her death. I doubt he'll do anything to help us unless we bring him Gaudemus's head."

He shrugs.

"Offering him money's probably the only way to get them legit."

He looks at Vodette as she joins the group.

"I doubt we'll have to. I'm more concerned about a wrong turn on the planar express, or all of us being attacked by something. Who knows, though, Nightfang might want a throwdown for old time's sake."

Horacio takes another look at Vodette.

"What did you do, Vodette? You're looking good today."

(OOC: BTW, is it safe to assume we put off visiting Nightfang/scoping out the house for an hour while everyone else went shopping? I know Vodette wanted to buy some things with the guys.)

2007-11-13, 03:07 PM
"If someone is going to pose as someone they are not, might I suggest it be left to a professional to take a speaking role?

Apart from that, the plan does seem quite good."

2007-11-13, 04:18 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

Images of fanciful masks danced before his eyes. "Uh, yeah. Maybe you would be better at it," Tokugal admitted sheepishly.

2007-11-13, 04:21 PM
Terry nods.
"Before this little misadventure I made a living, as it were, infiltrating ne'er do wells. I can act, but I'll leave the important matters to the man with the expert training."

2007-11-14, 03:53 AM
(Oooooh, we're moving faster now. Let me clarify some stuff. Daewell is attempting to use the cube to take them to Nightfang and Scarlet's current location, yes? And who's going with which group? I'm getting confused by the back and forth. :P)

Tahlion murmers to Horacio I think he's intentionally deflecting your question, Horace. He's not gonna be that worked up over a damn gitar.

2007-11-14, 04:26 AM

(Horacio, Daewell, Vodette, and Kumoru are going to Nightfang & Scarlet's. Tokugal's staying behind with Firethena & Vera to continue investigating Gaudemus's stuff. Terry & Dai are scoping out Aerin's father's mansion. That's how I understand it.)

To Tahlion:That's what I thought. Great, I bet he knows something has to happen and he doesn't want to say it because he knows we'll try to stop him...


Now to decide just how far I want to prod him about it... gah, it can wait. Vera wasn't too alarmed by it, so I should just trust his, and her, judgement.

2007-11-15, 09:48 PM
Tokugal is pretty darned sure he knows what he's doing. Assuming he is immediately intending to take the next step and trace the appropriate glyphs on the cube's surface with his fingers, the cube will proceed to grow very warm, and then rise out of his hands. The glyphs will all begin to shine brightly before the cube unfurls into a series of spreading metallic bands that unfold and arrange themselves into a roughly ten-foot mid-air circle that encompases a swilling vortex of pinkish energy. After a few moments that vortex of energy shrinks to a ring of light around the inner surface of the metal ring, revealing an image of what appears to be Nightfang and Scarlet's living room. Daewell, and anyone who is looking into the portal along with him, finds himself staring at an entirely new face- the woman resembles Scarlet in basic anatomy, but she is somewhat taller and more slender, with a head of strawberry blonde hair that falls to her heels, and scales of burnished gold. She is also actually wearing clothing, a tasteful spring dress in light blue. The mysterious woman stares at the portal for a long moment, then turns her head and shakily calls out, "Scarlet? Where you expecting company? From the gods!?"

Tokugal and the NPC girls, I imagine, are going to Gaudemus' house? Whereabouts in particular would they be looking?

Terry and Daisilodavi discover (forgoing the gather Information check that Terry would most likelyt fail in spectacular fashion) that Aerin's father has a dwelling just to the south of the city in a small grove that houses a number of well-to-do elves. Approaching it they would discover that the two-storey house is surrounded closely on all sides by trees with no apparent consideration for security, as many of those trees would provide them with a virtual step-ladder into the house's top-floor windows. The house is quiet and, even for the middle of the day, rather dark.

2007-11-15, 11:19 PM

Raising his hands in what he hopes is interpreted to be the universal symbol for peace, as opposed to "I am a powerful wizard and I am preparing to blast you", Daewell steps forward into the living room.

Hello! You must be one of Scarlet's sisters. I'm Daewell. I'm sort of a friend of Nightfang and Scarlet's. Well, certainly an acquaintance. I do hope we're not interrupting, but we seem to have some pressing business to attend to.

He steps out of the gate area, into what he's hoping is the living room, and to one side, to allow room for the others to come through. Throughout the process, he is checking what has actually happened against his expectations, to see if anything is going wrong.

[roll0] Spellcraft, on the gate.

2007-11-16, 12:39 AM

Horacio steps through the portal along with Daewell & greets Scarlet's sister (he presumes):

"Not Gods, just acquaintances. And one old friend. Could you please tell Nightfang we're sorry we don't have any more sushi for him? Things have grown... a bit hectic since last time."

Horacio smiles.

"Oh, Tokugal is going to be jealous. Scarlet said it would be a month until he could meet you."

2007-11-16, 01:34 AM

Intrigued as to how this cube thing actually works, Vodette glances at the portal for a moment before stepping through. After Horacio speaks she looks down at the Halfling.

Why couldn't we say we were gods? It could have been fun.

She glances around the room, taking in the surroundings that she can remember from their last visit. A thought pops into her head and she asks to anyone who will answer.

Will we have time for drinking this time? I think we should make it a tradition every time we come here.

2007-11-16, 02:20 AM
("Horacio, if someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES!")

2007-11-16, 02:44 AM

"It would be, until we got pummeled by three half-dragons. And I think we don't have time for drinking tonight..."

2007-11-16, 09:10 AM

The wizard gestures to the metal rings of the portal, Daewell smiles a bit.

Besides, friends don't let friends plane-shift drunk.

If the two of you are coming through, you should come soon. I know how to close the portal, but I'm not absolutely certain if it will remain open indefinitely on its own.

2007-11-16, 12:53 PM
(The two of us already came through. That just leaves Kumoru.)

2007-11-17, 12:27 AM
Kumoru steps through the portal and offers his hand to the gold woman, smiling roguishly. "Kumoru Von Soledis, milady, pleased to meet you."

The woman goes to take Kumoru's hand, pauses, sniffs, and then takes a step back and waves.

"Um, hi, I'm Aurora. I'm... sure I should be... very pleased to meet all of you... and because I am sure you're all such nice people I feel I should only give you fair warning that if my sister does not confirm that you are friends of hers in the next five seconds I'm going to set all of you on fire."

A familiar set of breasts press against Daewell's back as Scarlet peeks over his shoulder. "Chill, sis. These are the people I was telling you about. ...hmmm, or some of them anyway. Tokugal not come? I told Aurie she had a good chance of getting laid when she came over."

Aurora hurls what appears to be a pellet of guano at Scarlet. It splatters over her forehead.

"... remind me to confiscate your spell component pouch next time."

"Just so long as you let me keep my chastity belt."

Behind them, the portal slowly folds in on itself and settles onto the floor of what is indeed Nightfang and Scarlet's living room, steaming just a bit. As far as Daewell can tell, this is perfectly normal.

2007-11-17, 01:05 AM

Horacio shakes his head. "Tokugal's studying some more of Gaudemus's items with Firethena & Vera. We have a lot to do & not much time to do it. Although if Aurora really wants to meet him, she could come back with us back through-"

Horacio blinks a moment.

"I thought you said your sisters would be in town in a month. Decided to introduce us sooner?"

Horacio looks around.

"And will we have to brawl with Nightfang when he learns we didn't bring sushi this time?"

2007-11-18, 02:43 AM
Tokugal Ardolin

"There are two things I'd like to check out," Tokugal remarked to Vera and Firethena while the portal to Nightfang's lair was forming. "First, I'd like to get a better feel for Gaudemus as a man. I realize that he changed a lot after Aerin's death; but his reaction after her death is completely bound up with the sort of man he was before her death. Is there any--" He broke off as he got a glimpse of the room on the other side of the portal through which the group had already passed. He stared speechlessly at the golden woman until Firethena poked him in the ribs. He turned his head and noted Vera's smirk; but when his eyes returned to the portal, it was already closing.

"Are you with us?" Firethena teased.

"Uh...I mean, yes. That is...what was I saying?"

"Gaudemus," Vera prompted. "Aerin's death. Changed man. Learning more about him."

"Yes. Well, did he...were there any places that were special to him?" He still sounded distracted, but gained focus as he spoke. "A secluded grove, a stunning cavern, an isolated mountain vista--anything like that? Did he visit Kumoru's grave at all? Perhaps there was a location that he strongly associated with Aerin. He seems the type of man whose vitality would drive him out of the house regularly, even if he was driven by his researches. Firethena, you'd know his habits best."

"The second thing is that I'd like to find out more about Kumoru's remarkable resurrection. It seems more than merely convenient that he was reawakened at this time when things seem to be coming together. I don't know if it's the work of the gods or what, but it seems important to know as much as possible. Of course, I'd also like to help him survive his likely fate if I could. I'd like to pick your brain, Vera--in the non-invasive sense. There might also be some ancient lore on his condition, and you'd know best where to find it."

"Gaudemus first, though. If there's a place he frequented, I'd like to visit. I want to see what he saw, experience what he experienced, and see if I can get a better understanding of him. It's worked for me a few times before; maybe it'll help here."

2007-11-18, 03:35 AM
Tokugal is pretty darned sure he knows what he's doing. Assuming he is immediately intending to take the next step and trace the appropriate glyphs on the cube's surface with his fingers, the cube will proceed to grow very warm, and then rise out of his hands. The glyphs will all begin to shine brightly before the cube unfurls into a series of spreading metallic bands that unfold and arrange themselves into a roughly ten-foot mid-air circle that encompases a swilling vortex of pinkish energy. After a few moments that vortex of energy shrinks to a ring of light around the inner surface of the metal ring, revealing an image of what appears to be Nightfang and Scarlet's living room. Daewell, and anyone who is looking into the portal along with him, finds himself staring at an entirely new face- the woman resembles Scarlet in basic anatomy, but she is somewhat taller and more slender, with a head of strawberry blonde hair that falls to her heels, and scales of burnished gold. She is also actually wearing clothing, a tasteful spring dress in light blue. The mysterious woman stares at the portal for a long moment, then turns her head and shakily calls out, "Scarlet? Where you expecting company? From the gods!?"

Tokugal and the NPC girls, I imagine, are going to Gaudemus' house? Whereabouts in particular would they be looking?

Terry and Daisilodavi discover (forgoing the gather Information check that Terry would most likelyt fail in spectacular fashion) that Aerin's father has a dwelling just to the south of the city in a small grove that houses a number of well-to-do elves. Approaching it they would discover that the two-storey house is surrounded closely on all sides by trees with no apparent consideration for security, as many of those trees would provide them with a virtual step-ladder into the house's top-floor windows. The house is quiet and, even for the middle of the day, rather dark.

"Now, I know this was something complex and difficult, so I'm sure asking what exactly we're trying to do here before we go in is going to be a good idea..."

2007-11-18, 04:43 AM

Daewell takes a step forward, pivoting with a certain grace so as to be able to bow slightly to Scarlet without actually pressing his face into her bosom.

Ah, Miss Scarlet, a pleasure to see you again.

He turns the bow into a stoop, as he picks up the steaming cube, blows on it lightly, and slips it into his bag. As he does so, his other hand seeks out a small pouch around his belt, where it extracts a hard, dry greyish ball. He lobs it lightly to Aurora.

I prefer the dried variety myself. Doesn't stick to the fingers. And I appreciate the, ah, lack of combustion. We've come a long way, just to become cinders.

2007-11-18, 05:07 AM

"Well, we did teleport right into their living room. We could've came in from outside and knocked like everyone else..."

Horacio looks much different than the last time he visited Nightfang. He's carrying an intricately-carved wooden shield on his back that almost looks alive. Tahlion, now a rapier but still recognizable, is now Horacio's main weapon. A small white crystal embedded in Horacio's forehead peeks out underneath a camouflaged headband. His expression is also more serious, although he's trying to act as happy & unconcerned as last time.

2007-11-18, 11:59 AM

Daewell chuckles.

We did indeed, Horacio, and with good reason. I believe that the return of an old friend, and our own business, permitted a faint discourtesy.

2007-11-18, 01:14 PM

"What, we couldn't wait 3 minutes for them to answer the door? You did this to me, you'd be stabbed by now."

Non-lethally, of course, Tahlion.

2007-11-18, 02:09 PM

Well, we're here anyway and in one non-smoldering piece. Hi Scarlet, how have you been? Is Nightfang around? We've got some stuff to talk to you two about

((OOC: I've got auditions and callbacks coming up this week so my posting might be a little sporadic, if things go well that is))

2007-11-19, 01:43 AM
(... in hindsight, splitting the group into three was a fantastically dumb move... BUT I'M WILLING TO WORK WITH IT HELL YEAH.)

Nightfang's Lair-

Scarlet smirks as Daewell bows/grabs the cube, using the corner of her shirt to wipe guano off of her face. "Honestly, you guys cubing into the living room isn't that bad. Gaudemus and Aerin teleported into our bedroom once while we were... uh... entertaining... I think the poor girl had a heart attack. Anyhow, it just so happens that Aura dropped by unexpectedly and it's a good thing she did because I think her problem might have something in common with yours. Tell 'em what you told us, sis."

Aurora smiles at Daewell's gift. "Ah, I used to use dried myself, but I've found the fireball is a little more colorful when you use the moist stuff. It's purely aesthetic, but it makes a difference to me. And I don't know what Scar means by you guys having anything to do with the oracle of Pelor prophesying about a coming war, unless you're causing it. But like I said to Scarlet I'm pretty sure 'war' was a metaphor for something, because how often do you get legions of soldiers with tentacles?"

Scarlet grimaces. "Nightfang didn't like that at all. He went to... ah, inform the network, as it were. I don't know when he'll be back, but I guarantee you he won't be in a mood for sushi when he is."

Tokugal and his ho train-

"I think that was Scarlet's older sister," says Firethena thoughtfully, "she's a cleric of Pelor and a student of the arcane, fascinating isn't it? She really got the best of her mother's lineage, too, the scales are a giveaway but the curve of her neck really makes it obvious she's a gold, and that tiny bit of a frill on her ears is such an interesting touch-"

"Firethena," Vera interrupts, "we're trying to get into Gaudemus' head, remember? What did he and the little woman do when they wanted to be romantic?"

Firethena's eye twitches a bit as her smile fades. "They didn't go out a lot, but there was a tavern they frequented, it had a stage and Aerin would perform every week or so. I don't know if it's still there or not. We might ask Arnie if the tree Gaudemus proposed to her under is still standing, too, they picnicked under it on their anniversaries. I'm afraid I don't know much about Kumoru's grave, though. Gaudemus and Nightfang didn't like to talk about him to other people, so I don't know many of the specifics about his death."

"Speaking of which, that's something that puzzles me," says Vera, "you can use psionis to extend tour life after death, a handful of powerful psions have done it, but it's not a nice way to live, barely any better than lichdom. That's not what Kumoru is- whatever's keeping him alive is keeping him from rotting, too, and it doesn't seem to be regenerating itself... which leads me to believe someone else must have done this to him, and maybe screwed up in the process."

Aerin's Father's House-

(...did I ever give her a maiden name? I can't remember at all. I'm sure I never bothered to name her dad. I'd better fix that. Uh... kind of waiting on Dai and Terry to decide what they're doing, I guess.

Boxboy: I hope things go well! ;))

2007-11-19, 02:02 AM

Horacio's face goes a bit pale. Gods, I had hoped that connection between the legions and the tentacles would be false...

"Let me guess... 666 legions? *sigh* Let's cut straight to it, then.

"We've heard the same stories. The Church was infiltrated by a tentacled beast that appears to be linked to Gaudemus. And their scouts have reported back that Gaudemus is building an army to assault Atalya. We've also heard that more... extraplanar forces may be involved.

"The short of it is, these legions are trying to break in and Gaudemus and his family are smack dab in the center of the storm."

Visible pain crosses Horacio's face as he relates the last bit. He tries to rein it in.

"We've been asked to meet with Gaudemus and find out why. Figure out what connection there is between Gaudemus and these legions. We were hoping Gareth & Kara could help us..."

Horacio is watching their reactions as he says this for anything hinting they know too much about the attack on the Church or Gaudemus's involvement.

Sense Motive: 37
Sense Motive (1d20+22=37) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1381105)

(OOC: Did the mental image Vera show us of the legion involve tentacles?)

2007-11-19, 04:29 AM
OOC: I have no idea what Dai and Terry are doing there, and this is a big thread, so if anyone remembers, I'd appreciate them telling me. :)

2007-11-19, 05:09 AM
(Horacio wants to steal some of Aerin's paintings from her dad's house, since he isn't likely to let us take them or even buy them. He hopes seeing them again might jar Gaudemus from whatever dark path he's set on, perhaps influence Gareth. He admits it's a long shot, but it's something to do.)

2007-11-19, 05:35 AM
"Right. We're going to have to come across as... probably as keen students of art, that excuses ignorance, which I'm sure will be displayed at various points.

Right. We need to look well-to-do, probably soft and noble... let me see your wrists... too strong, you'll need to focus on being more limp.

A hat with a feather is perfect for you... as long as the feather is big enough, nobody will look at your face, which is crucial.

Now... be timid, follow my lead. You are overawed by the greatness that is HER. Don't use her name. Look moon-eyed... have you ever been in love? Well, forget any such experiences and focus on what the bards sing about.


Am I clear?

Good. Put this on."

2007-11-19, 06:41 PM
Terry blinks.
"...Dai, I used to rob ponces, not act like them. Why don't I just play your gruff mercenary hireling?"

2007-11-19, 07:14 PM
"Oh, very well. It'll increase my workload, but I suppose you can be my retainer... let's see... you can be Brutus, or at least that's what I'll call you, look disgruntled at that point, your real name is, ooh, why not Mark, I like Mark... sorry, just getting incharacter... I shall be Maricaur Tervelam Selprimpier Alicear the Sixth... of the Southern Alicears, of course... and you let me do all the talking. Just be prepared to draw a weapon and/or dive for a window if things go wrong.

Sounds like a plan?

I'll need more ruffles if I'm going to a lone fop... luckily..."

He rummages around and finds a highly ruffled garment. He then sets off after dressing appropriately.

2007-11-19, 07:29 PM
"'Brutus?' Oy." Terry shakes his head, grins and sets about becoming as dusty as possible. It isn't very hard. The difference between an adventurer and a caravan guard is not a vast one. A few of his more expensive acquisitions hidden, a dour look, and a gruffer voice help close the gap.
Right, Slayer, we're off to **** over an old stodgy bastard. Hopefully this will be fun...

2007-11-20, 02:13 AM

(So they're gonna walk up to the front door and knock, right?)

Aurora's eyes widen in stark confusion. "Wait, what? The church has been infiltrated by what now? Who's assaulting Atalya with six hundred and sixty six thousand tentacle monsters?"

Scarlet goes completely silent and just stares at Horacio, mouth twisted into a half frown. She looks confused and angry.

(The mental image was kind of vague; it had a lot of stuff. Tentacles would be the least of it.)

2007-11-20, 03:00 AM

Glaring briefly at Horacio for upsetting their host, Daewell tries to sooth things over.

We're still working things out, of course, and I'm sure that there's a completely reasonable explanation for most of this. However, it does look like Gaudamus may be involved in some way with summoning up ancient legions of hell. It certainly seems that he's marshalling an army, apparently with the purpose of invading Atalya - although what end that might serve for him, isn't all that clear. I believe Horacio's speculation is that Gaudamus may be being manipulated into all this by the tentacled creatures - presumably they are connected to the ones in Miss Aurora's vision -

He pauses briefly to talk shop.

Really? A better colour burst. Because mine are usually just coming out a dull red. I'm going to have to try that. And have you tried substituting in glow-beetle for regular...

He glances back at Scarlet, and clears his throat.

So we're hoping find some peaceful way to contact Gaudamus to head off some sort of cataclysm. And Horacio's thought was that, by finding Kara, we might be able to gain some insight into both Gareth, and Gaudamus' own motives.

He returns his attention to Aurora.

If you don't mind, Miss Aurora, I know we'd all find it very, very helpful to have some sense of that vision that you've experienced. Because, if the war you saw was a metaphor at the time, it's becoming dangerously close to being literal now.

2007-11-20, 03:54 AM

"Well, that and Gareth & Kara are the only ones we can contact who know how to get in touch with Gaudemus."

Horacio frowns.

"I'm sorry if that was a bit abrupt, Scarlet. It's been a long day. These tentacled beasts seem to be connected to Gaudemus, but they appear to be rivals. That's another reason we need to contact Gareth & Kara. We need to learn if they know anything about this threat..."

2007-11-20, 02:44 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

He grinned. "Arnie, huh? I wanted to talk to him again anyway, so why don't we head there? He struck me as one who's deeper than he lets on. I guess anyone can call himself or herself a matchmaker; but to be a good one you'd need a bit more insight than most. Do you know any more about him than his occupation?"

2007-11-21, 05:27 PM
Nightfang's Living Room-

Aurora shakes her head. "It's not a vision I had, it was the oracle of Pelor. She is a servant of the god who recieves visions at desparate times, and earlier this month she recieved a vision of great destruction and death. She saw a city engulfed in flames, and soldiers running wild in the streets, attacking one another with no regard for strategy. She saw orcs and humans in tribal paint, warriors bearing the holy symbol of Cuthbert, and ominous-looking men in black armor with writhing tentacles emerging from their bodies. In the middle of it she saw two warriors who looked identical... she described them as wearing red and black demonic armor and each carrying four huge swords and hurling balls of fire at each other. None of us had any idea what it could mean, but she described one of the towers she saw in the vision that I recognized as the arcane library in Atalya, and the connection to Cuthbert made obvious sense, so I came here to see what I could see. Apparently I've stumbled onto more than I've bargained for."

Scarlet frowns. "Gareth and Kara aren't likely to tell you anything, Horacio. They're absolutely loyal to Gaudemus, and they don't take kindly to outsiders interfering with his plans. Gareth more so than Kara, but she wouldn't talk to you either if it made her feel like she was going behind her husband's back. You'd be better off trying to contact someone in Gaudemus' inner circle that doesn't think all northerners are out to get them. Or maybe just packing up and getting out of town. I don't know anything about any tentacle monsters, but if Gaudemus is going to war with an army of aberrations then I'd advise you to be elsewhere when it happens."

Arnie's House-

"Nobody knows a whole lot about him," Firethena explains as she leads the way to the matchmaker's domicile. "He appears to be human, but he's been around as long as anyone can remember, so he's clearly comthing different. I've heard it suggested that he's some kind of outsider, but I really think he's actually some kind of benign undead. It doesn't much matter, anyway, he mostly keeps to himself when he's not going to parties and making connections, and nobody knows what he does in his private time, so I think that's all for the best. He's a remarkable man, like you said, he can see right through you if he's having a good day, and I've never heard of one of his matches breaking up. Oh, here we are."

They've arrived at the mathmaker's garden, and off to one side is a huge tree with long, downswept branches, almost like a weeping willow, but with masses of pink petals like cherry blossoms weighing them down. Underneath the tree is a small stone bench, just large enough for two.

"The tree's a magical hybrid of some kind that Arnie comissioned, it's gotten pretty big over the past century," says Firethena, stroking the petal heavy branches. "They told me Aerin came out here and sat down on the bench and remarked on the tree, and he came out from behind it and scared her half to death." She chuckles.

2007-11-21, 06:50 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

"Aerin? What was she doing here? Were they friends from way back, or was she here for a consultation? If Arnie's responsible for putting her together with Gaudemus, that's pretty remarkable."

He put his nose to one of the blossoms and sniffed.

2007-11-21, 06:57 PM

To Tahlion: Two identical warriors? Does Gaudemus have an evil twin?
Horacio slowly shakes his head. "We can't just leave it, Scarlet. These aberrations have bitten Gaudemus before, and there's no explanation why Gaudemus suddenly made up and decided to invade a city with them. They're ruthless, feral, uncontrollable, and they have a darker purpose in mind than Gaudemus's plans. They want to destroy everything they see, and I think Gareth will be paying the price of their servitude. If this war occurs, the only winners will be the demons... Something about this isn't making sense and we need to find out why, and Gareth & Kara are the only two we know are in Gaudemus's inner circle.

"When will Nightfang be back? We need to talk about this with him as well..." He glances over at Kumoru.

He then turns to Aurora. "Say, these two warriors with four swords each... did the oracle describe the swords? Give any details about them?"

To Tahlion:I wonder if two of them are you & Kinslayer...

Horacio watches Scarlet's reactions as he speaks, looking for any sign that she knows what he's talking about when mentions them "biting Gaudemus before", is trying to obstruct them from meeting Gareth & Kara for her own reasons, or is lying about where Nightfang is.

Sense Motive: 25
Sense Motive: Firethena (1d20+23=25) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1385963)

2007-11-21, 06:58 PM

The wizard seems to withdraw, steepling his fingers and staring into them.

Our worst fears, shown to us by the oracle, Aurora. And then some. These images show us the cost of our failure in the days ahead.

The men in black would seem to be the 666 legions that the demon spoke of, and if tentacles are writhing around in them, then they are either in league with, or unwitting hosts to, the otherdimensional horrors.

The men in red and black armour with four swords would seem to be Guadamus. This raises at least the possibility that there is a false Gaudamus, either emerging or already active. And suggests that my family has not invested heavily enough in fireproofing materials.

He glances up at Scarlet, no trace of humour left in him.

Miss Scarlet, do you know of anyone within Gaudamaus' circle who might be open to conversing with us? At the very least, using his cube, we might be able to reach someone directly, or contact them indirectly...

2007-11-21, 07:06 PM

"Two Gaudemus's? I don't know if the world can handle that..."

2007-11-21, 07:12 PM
Right, Slayer. I wanted to ask a favor...
(This is a segue into a bit I did with Mags. Long story short...)
When Dai comes back, in disguise, he finds that Kinslayer is now a thinner, more wieldly, affair.

2007-11-21, 11:24 PM

Maybe the other figure was Gareth? If we can convince him that something is controlling his father, he might help us in gaining control over his father.

Vodette glances over to Aurora.

Or were these two figures exactly alike. In which case, I would probably agree with the two Guademus theory. It would make sense if somebody were posing as this all powerful being. How terrifying would it be to bring back this terror just to lead an army of the damned. Though that does seem like an awful lot of trouble for just a scare tactic. Unless, they want to draw in those that Guademus held close to him. His family, his friends, those loyal to him. But who has a grudge against Guademus and those he holds close to him? I think we need to know more about Guademus and his enemies.

Vodette had started to pace back and forth as the stream of conscious thought poured out of her. She was now quite aware of her rambling and clapped her mouth shut, unsure if her thoughts actually connected into something coherent.

2007-11-22, 12:14 AM
"Oweh, Bwutus, pwease knock on theah doah fowah me. I just do not feel up to it... and these hands are normally this lily white"

2007-11-22, 12:18 AM
Terry gives a resigned sigh and lifts the knocker (if it exists).
"Yes, boss."

2007-11-22, 01:11 AM

Horacio glances at Vodette.

"You may have a point there..."

He goes silent again.

2007-11-23, 12:17 AM
Nightfang's Living Room-

Aurora frowns. "The vision was pretty chaotic, I don't think the oracle was able to glean any more details than what she told us. Come to think of it, she was speculating about the two identical warriors, and she mentioned that they had different hair? One of them had white and one had black. She didn't say much about the swords, she didn't seem to think they were important besides the number."

Tahlion murmurs in Horacio's brain, Gaudemus never had an evil twin that I know of, but you'd be amazed how easy those things are to pick up...

Scarlet starts to pace up and down. Clearly irritable, and not a little conflicted.

"You don't understand... you don't have any idea..."

She shakes her head.

"I can't... you don't know Gaudemus! You don't know what he's been through! Oh, sure, you've been told, maybe you've even seen, but where you there? Was it your family and life that fell apart around you? You're not in any position to judge him, none of you are."

She's panting a little bit now, the tiniest bit of a spark flashing in the back of her throat.

"I can't tell you anymore than I already have. What you're telling me, everything you're saying... it can't be true. Gaudemus doesn't make pacts with demon hordes, he doesn't need to. If there was something he wanted in Atalya there's nothing you or anyone else short of Tiamat herself come to Earth could do to stop him from walking through the city gates and taking it. It just doesn't make any sense, and you'll forgive me if I trust my own judgement after knowing the guy for over a hundred years and you knowing jack squat about him until two days ago. You've amassed an impressive amount of information, and you don't strike me as wanting to cause trouble, but I guarantee you whatever you think you've found out is wrong. Gaudemus doesn't want to make war on anybody, he wants to be left alone, and anything he's doing is an extension of that."

She folds her arms under her breasts and glares at them. "You absolutely have to talk to him or someone close to him? Fine. Ask the cube to take you to Jennaris of the Dusken Sword. If anyone can convince him not to kill you lot on sight and might concievably want to, it's her. Just steer clear of her boyfriend."

"Nightfang's going to be a while, and I can't imagine he's going to be any more thrilled to hear any of this than I was, so I might suggest you lot leave now."

Aurora looks positively scandalized. "What, no cocoa?"

"... oh, alright, fine, after the cocoa."

Arnie's House-

The blossoms smell like cherries. Vera is examining them with a smile on her face. Firethena blinks at Tokugal's question.

"Nobody told you the story? Gaudemus and Aerin were both her for a consultation. Aerin was being dragged here by her father because he couldn't afford his half-blood child's effect on his social life anymore, and Gaudemus was here because... well, honestly, he never told anyone why. I mean, hello! Hot elven piece of ass right in front of you! Why on the gods' green earth do you need a freakin' matchmaker for?"

She shakes her head and sighs.

"Anyhow, he came here, and he was talking to Arnie when Aerin's dad arrives, sets her down under the tree and tells her to be good, and then goes inside. He has an appointment, so Gaudemus lets him have his consultation while he goes out into the garden, and bam! They meet under the tree, they talk, Aerin's dad and Arnie come out and tell him she's gonna be married off, and he goes, 'Hey! What a coincidence!' and boom a month later they tie the knot and start having lots and lots of sex. Yay for them. Fastest freaking courtship I've ever heard of, but Arnie seemed to think it was a good idea, and Aerin's dad didn't care one way or another, so it all went off without a hitch. I guess they were just lucky. Like, really lucky."

*muttermutter* "Kind of like how I wasn't."

Aerin's Daddy's House-

The knocker is shaped like a falcon with a wreath of greenery in its curved beak. The noise is a healthy rap upon the solid oak door. "Brutus" has to knock two or three times before, after several minutes, the latch clicks and the door slowly opens. A young elven woman in a frilly maid's outfit peeks out.

"Hello, can I help you? Do you have an appointment? Milord is very busy today, and he is of ill health, I am not to allow you inside if you are not expected."

Behind her you can hear what sounds like a hand slapping against a forehead, and someone with a deeper voice muttering "Great, why don't you go ahead and tell them to bugger off and clean their bottoms while you're at it?"

The maid's cheeks flush a little. She is obviously quite jittery, as if it were her first day on the job.

2007-11-23, 02:18 AM

At Scarlet's words, Horacio's eyes smolder. When he speaks, his voice scratches with seething agony.

"Don't understand what? What it's like to lose everything you've worked for in one night? To see your dream of a family destroyed before your eyes?"

He swings up onto a nearby table and approaches Scarlet, looking eye-to-eye with her. He points his finger at her, tears beginning to well in his eyes.

"He got off lucky in some respects. At least Aerin still loves him. At least he has a son."

Horacio blinks at how harsh his own words sound, then rubs his forehead, closes his eyes, and grimaces, wracked by some internal pain. It's several moments before he speaks again.

"...We don't know if he's summoning them. If he is, we don't know why. And I pray there's a good answer involved because if it really ends up-"

Horacio shakes his head and groans.

"You're right. It doesn't make any sense...

"Thanks for the tip. We'll look into it. We find to find out what's happening here before-"

Horacio just trails off after that.

"And... if you talk to Kara & Gareth again, tell them to be careful. Something's about to happen, and when this is all over I want to meet them again under... better circumstances."

Horacio sighs, worry flitting across his face.

"Gods, I hope this is damned good cocoa..."

2007-11-23, 10:09 AM

When it seems that they are being summarily dismissed, Daewell sighs and takes out the the cube. However, when Aurora's offer of cocoa gives them a reprieve, he gratefully slides it away again.

You're most gracious, Aurora. And a cup of cocoa sounds about the best news I've heard in a long time.

Horacio's retort to Scarlet eases some further tension in Daewell's manner. Thank Cuthbert for this. To this point, he'd seemed blinded to the plight of everyone except Gaudamus. The wizard settles delicately into a chair. He turns to Kumaru.

I suspect that we will need to depart after cocoa. Do you wish to remain here? I thought that you and Nightfang...might have some catching up to do. I should be able to come and get you again tomorrow, if desired.

2007-11-25, 12:42 AM
Nightfang's Living Room-

Scarlet and Aurora leave to get the cocoa. Aurora returns a few minutes later with a platter full of steaming mugs.

"I'm sorry about that, really. She hasn't been dealing with this very well. I know there's more to what's going on than what she'll tell anyone, and it's eating her up inside, but I promise you she thinks it's the right thing. She wouldn't be this conflicted if she didn't."

She hands out the cocoa. Kumoru is brooding.

"I don't know if it's a good idea for me to stay here or not. I'd love to see Nightfang again, but... all this that's going on... you're all right, there's something that doesn't fit. I don't know that me walking up to Gaudemus and smacking some sense into him will help unless I know what that is."

2007-11-25, 01:05 AM

Horacio, having simmered down by now, takes the cocoa and sips it slowly. The pain slowly fades from his face.


Horacio almost says something else, but just stays silent, lost in thought. He blinks, then focuses on something...

Tahlion, could you set up a mindlink between the 4 of us?

Daewell, Vodette, Kumoru: Daewell, you said that the cube's ability to link to specific people was amazing, right? Then why does Scarlet know it can do that?

2007-11-25, 06:31 AM
"I bewieve hwun of the thervantth awwanged ahn ahppointment. Hwe thall thpeak to thy mahthter, yeth? "

2007-11-25, 10:28 AM

The wizard takes a grateful sip of cocoa, and smiles at Aurora. He nods at Kumaru.

As you wish. Of course, we'll hope that, in a few days' time, there'll be ample opportunity for this.

Horacio? You've been developing those, er, psionic talents, I see.

I believe the cube's abilities are exceptional, yes. But from Scarlet's own story, she saw Gaudamus use it, and not just for exceptional purposes. My assumption - and it's only that - would be that he would have used this cube, or perhaps another like it, for any kind of long-distance travel. So, anyone close to him would have gotten used to him using it.

A fresh thought sparks him, and he turns to Scarlet and Aurora.

Aurora, perhaps something for you to discuss with Nightfang. It seems likely to me that at some point, it will be necessary for us to try to actually reach Gaudamus directly. When that time comes, I'm very much hoping that Kumaru here will be there - would you like to be there as well? And do you think that Scarlet and Nightfang would join us?

Edited - thanks, Mike!

2007-11-25, 02:52 PM

(OOC: Doh, how did I miss that part? And my previous argument is moot since Firethena knew about it too; she just revealed it 8 months ago real-time. Ah, the joys of PbP. BTW Daewell, Scarlet isn't actually in the room with us. She went with Aurora; she didn't come back. I assume she's brooding somewhere.)

Horacio thinks a moment.

Point, Daewell. And good thinking on inviting Scarlet & Nightfang. I wonder what their reaction to that will be...

Oh, and it isn't me, it's Tahlion. She has a lot of untapped potential; I doubt many intelligent swords are as naturally talented as she is about mindlinks. I couldn't do something like this myself without much more practice. Now if you wanted to see something, you should ask Vera what she can do with her-

Actually, we'll discuss that when we get back.

2007-11-25, 06:57 PM

Shouldn't we be careful about who we're inviting along with us? I know that we consider Scarlet and Nightfang our friends, but we barely know them. We had one fun night together, but I think we need to still be cautious around them. It's obvious to see that their loyalties are still with Guadamus, so if worse comes to worse, would it be best to have them around if and when we go after Guadamus? I just think we're jumping on thin ice here. Do we actually have a plan on how we want to proceed?

2007-11-25, 07:45 PM

The wizard glances at Vodette cautiously.

Well, I'm following Horacio's assumption that Gaudamus is either being duped or can be talked out of his current course of action. In either of these cases, having people like Nightfang and Kumaru around, who will presumably predispose Gaudamus to listen to the arguments presented, only strengthen our case.

If we believe the oracle's vision, then there's the third possibility that the Gaudamus who is orchestrating all of this isn't the original - that the original Gaudamus is going to show up in time to battle the fake. In this case as well, it would be useful to have those who know him on hand, to help distinguish an imposter from the original.

Finally, if it comes to a fight with Gaudamus...things will already have gone significantly badly that one more half-dragon, give or take, is unlikely to tip the scales.

And as for having a plan...I'd characterize our current situation as following a number of paths forward, until they become mutually exclusive. Your thoughts would of course be welcome.

2007-11-25, 07:49 PM

Just because they are loyal to Gaudemus does not mean they're blindly loyal. I think he told them the purpose of his plan but left out some of the details. Kumoru's Gaudemus's brother and he's planning on smacking him around if he tries anything stupid; Nightfang & Scarlet could be persuaded to do the same. If they're backing up Gaudemus, I get the feeling we'll see them there anyway. I don't see much harm in inviting them along; we can always say something's come up or just leave without them if we feel they'll betray us.

I just wish I knew what they had hidden... I'd support reading their minds, but that'll destroy whatever trust they have in us if they notice. For now, I believe they've been told a story by Gaudemus they barely support, and a completely different story by us that's too horrifying to believe Gaudemus can do.

For now, I'd be more worried about how much trouble talking to Jennaris will be. Sounds like something we should have the entire group for.

Kumoru, do you think you could get more info out of Nightfang than we could if you stayed to chat? You can contact us with the Sending Stone if something happens, and we can just pick you up in the morning. I'm sure Tokugal will want to come along...

Horacio glances at Aurora & tries to change the conversation to something less somber.

"So... Scarlet was trying to hook you up with Tokugal? You two might get along; what are you looking for in a man, anyway? Well traveled? Obscenely curious? Fiery disposition?"

2007-11-25, 07:54 PM

A number of paths? No, we're trying for a number of paths. All we've got now is one; well, two, if you count giving up and fleeing to Sigil as a path. It might fork quite a bit at the end, but right now it's too easy to predict what we're going to do, even if Gaudemus or Gareth weren't watching our every move- which I assume they are.

I looked around the black market for anything that would hide us, but there was nothing that would stop a archmage, let alone a self-professed god. I hope you have something better up your sleeve, Daewell.

2007-11-25, 09:02 PM

I had assumed that Miss Vodette was referring to our plan in preparaton for the approaching forces, not what we would do if we fail, Horacio.

I have faith in Cuthbert, and a belief that proclaiming yourself a god does not make you one. Atalya is my home, and the home of my family. Failure is not an option.

2007-11-25, 09:08 PM

You think I'm that pessimistic? I meant we only have one lead to follow: Jennaris. We won't fail, even if we have to crawl out of our tombs to do it.

2007-11-25, 09:30 PM

Let's keep this conversation internal, shall we?

Daewell sips his cocoa.

This is excellent, Aurora. Do you visit your sister often? I imagine that these visits are...stimulating.

We have several avenues to explore. I can make inquiries tomorrow with the church. Tokugal is working with Firethena to try to learn more about the tentacled creatures. We have some hope of using the memory of Aerin to strengthen our case. I had thought that you might be able to do some work in finding out the nature of the Illithids' role in this drama. I would call that several paths.

2007-11-25, 09:39 PM

(OOC: Whoops, forgot the italics. That was internal.)

True, but we only have one path, at the moment, to meet Gaudemus. That unnerves me a bit.

2007-11-27, 02:57 AM
Aerin's Dad's House-

The maid blinks.


"He says he has an appointment. Just... let him in. The master isn't all that busy anywhow."

The grimaces uncertainly, but allows Dai and Terry entrance to the house. They emerge in a somewhat dark foyer. The room looks well taken care of, but there is an air about it that makes you think it hasn't been lived in in a very long time. Behind the maid is the person who was apparently muttering to her, a tall, aristrocratic-looking elf who is even more androgynous than most members of its species... and not in the good way either. It looks down its nose at the fop and his bodyguard with an expression very much like you would use to examine something on the sole of your shoe.

"I will tell Sir Cetrana that you have arrived. Whom shall I say is calling, and may I ask, what business do you have? Oh, Annie, fetch the visitors some finger sandwiches or something, they look hungry."

"... they... they do...?"

"... just get the damn sandwiches, girl."

"Oh! Uh, certainly!"

She bustles off. The other elf looks at Dai expectantly.

Nightfang's Living Room-

Oh yeah, thinks Tahlion, I'm a regular Atalyan Army Knife. ...atalyan army courtblade. ...or something.

Aurora sips her cocoa. "Oh, yeah, these trips out to see the little sister? They're always fun. Especially the time I woke up with a severed horse's head in my bed. Oh, or the time that creepy old man felt up my butt. Or the time I got shot out of a cannon."

She pauses. "...actually, the cannon was kind of fun. I just wish they'd warned me beforehand. Anyhow, as far as guys go... hmmm, I dunno, I haven't really had a chance to date much since my last boyfriend left me to take out some sort of blood oath of vengeance against the evil lich that killed his father's mentor... still not sure what that was about... I'm really just in the market for a guy who knows how to treat a girl, you know what I mean? A guy whose idea of foreplay isn't smacking me on the ass. And on that note, no I really don't want to meet thei Gaudemus fellow, because even hearing him described freakin' scares me. Your buddy doesn't sound all that bad though."

... No, Kumoru thinks at last. No, I don't like this. There's something on the tip of my brain, and I think it would explain everything, but... no, I need more information. It's not time yet. I'm sorry, my friends, you've been an enormous help to me and my family, but I can't accompany you now. There's one thing I have to see, first... and it just might be what we all need.

2007-11-27, 03:38 AM

Limbo shiftblade, actually. I've seen one morph from a greataxe to a set of lockpicks.

Horacio takes another sip of cocoa.

"Aurora, Tokugal is the type of person that could figure out new & creative ways to caress you... but only if you give him permission to.

"Hmmm, creepy old man? He didn't speak in cryptic riddles & vague warnings, did he?"

He looks at Kumoru.

So, you're going with Nightfang from here? Good luck, then. I hope you've put that information somewhere else, in case something goes wrong. Be sure to take my Sending Stone before you go; use it to contact us if you discover something or need help.

He asks Tahlion to send the next message to Kumoru privately: Is there anything else you want to tell us before you go? It sounded like you had a lot on your mind yesterday...

2007-11-27, 10:37 AM

Daewell finishes off his cocoa, and stands.

I think I needed that more than I knew, Aurora. Thank you. And...Tokugal will be disappointed that his meeting you has been delayed. Mind if I get another.

He gestures to the kitchen, offering to get it himself. He sends a thought through Talion.

Kumaru, I hope that this is a step towards learning about yourself, as well as about this mission. You are, to the best of my knowledge, unique in this world, and I hope you'll find a place for yourself. In the short term, it may become necessary to find you again, for further advice. Before we go, might I take a small thing of yours - a bit from your cloak, something? It might help us locate you later.

2007-11-27, 02:03 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

Tokugal gave Firethena a fraternal pat on the hand. "Luck is timing, too. Maybe your time just hasn't come. Yet."

"Anyway, I hope Arnie's up and about. Who knows?" he added as he walked up to the house. "Maybe he can hook Vera up with a hunky young gith." He grinned at her and pretended to dodge a blow. Then he knocked on the door.

2007-11-28, 03:11 AM
Nightfang's Living Room-

Aurora gives Horacio a bemused look. "Don't all creepy old men speak in cryptic riddles & vague warnings? And sure, sweetie, there's still half a pot left, go help yourself."

Kumoru's thoughts are slightly grim. Nightfang? No, I have things of my own to look into, things that it wouldn't do to involve him in. And, to be perfectly honest, not things I feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. It's... chancey. But if I'm right, it'll explain a lot, as much as I hope I'm not.

Arnie's House-

Firethena smiles a little at Tokugal. "I'm kind of running out of time, but thanks for the encouragement. In the meantime I feel like I'm just coming up short, though."

Vera just raises an eyebrow at Tokugal's comment about her, though she muses aloud as they walk up to Arnie's door. "Hmmm, no thanks, I'm fully capable of choosing my own mates... whether they like it or not..."

When Tokugal knocks the door practically flies open, revealing Arnie in an eye-searing pink sequined robe, his hair done up in a small beehive sort of style, and way too much mascara.

"Oh well would you look at that? Customers? Or are you three looking for a fourth? I'm afraid I don't do hookups for orgies anymore, it's just too unpleasant hearing all the details, but if you're all looking for something with a commitment I assure I'm the best there is!"


"Oh, wait, I know you. You were one of those gentlemen who came over the other night to ask about Gaudemus and Nightfang... oh, and Firethena! Darling! Simply lovely to see you again! How's things?"

"Oh, you know, books, late nights, finding out my former employer is planning to destroy the world, same old same old."

2007-11-28, 03:47 AM

"No, some of them just talk dirty."

Horacio gets another cup and returns. He's silent as he drinks it, but halfway through, his eyes go wide for a split-second. He glances at Kumoru, then quickly regains his composure. He stays silent even after he puts down his cup. He can't hide a tinge of sadness in his thoughts.

Daewell, let's go. Kumoru needs to leave from Atalya soon, but he wants to tell us something when we get back. We've gotten what we came for...

2007-11-28, 04:53 AM

I'll be right back. I just want to make sure that Scarlet's all right.

Daewell takes his cup into the kitchen and fills it. If Scarlet is there, he'll leave her in companionable silence, departing with thanks and greetings to be passed on to Nightfang. If she's not...he'll pause.

Pathetic Listen check coming up: [roll0]

2007-11-28, 05:03 AM

(OOC: Hmmm, good idea, Daewell. Mind if I swipe it quick? Maybe I can accidently see/hear something on my previous trip in/out you miss.)

Spot: 33
Listen: 28
Spot; Listen (1d20+22=33, 1d20+22=28) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1396080)

2007-11-28, 05:18 AM
"Oweh, ohv course. Maricaur Tervelam Selprimpier Alicear the Sixth... of the Southern Alicears. Thaht hwould be Selprimpier hwith two i's..."

Dai ponders the merits of stabbing the man as soon as his back is turned. He ponders them quite seriously. He also ponders the merits of shadowing the elf, and the merits of looking around the house while the elf is gone. He decides following him looks like a good idea...

Dai gestures Be Quiet and Go Over There to "Brutus", and follows with the quiet grace of an assassin...

2007-11-28, 09:11 AM
Oh, hell.

As Dai leaves Terry pantomimes subtly not to go.

Still, "Mark" goes and waits, regardless.

2007-11-28, 10:58 PM
Nightfang's Kitchen-

Scarlet's not in the kitchen. A sufficiently attentive listen check (i.e. you both made it) will reveal that she's in another room a short distance down the hall. She sounds like she's sobbing quietly.

Aerin's Dad's House-

The androgynous elf raises an eyebrow until it nearly passes its hairline. "I... see... um, well, mister... uh... Mericaur? Is that your first name? What should I tell the master your business is? Are you seeking to have something transported, or...?"

(This guy hasn't gone anywhere yet- if Dai's following the maid, then that's gonna look kind of awkward because this dude's looking straight at him and even if Dai somehow makes the hide check he's gonna mysteriously vanish in the middle of their conversation...)

2007-11-28, 11:29 PM

When Horacio hears Scarlet's crying, he frowns and briefly contemplates comforting her.

No, it'd probably only make things worse right now...

He returns to the living room and sits silently, brooding.

2007-11-28, 11:36 PM
Tokugal Ardolin

The elf chuckled. "I could never pull off that outfit, Arnie. The pink would clash with my complexion."

"May we come in? We learned a few things--talked to Nightfang, even--and came up with a few more questions. The others are elsewhere attending to their business, but I thought your insights would be valuable. I'd rather discuss it in private, however."

He half-turned and gestured to the tree. "Firethena said that you had the tree magically hybridized. What's the combination? It's beautiful."