View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Sterling Vermin presents 2 new Warlock archetypes: the Cosmic Machine & the Crone

sterling vermin
2016-02-24, 10:16 AM
Calling all Fausts!

Wrapping up the Arcanist Handbook are two new Otherworldly Patrons for the Warlock. The Cosmic Machine pushes into the territory of Science Fantasy (something we’ll explore more in April!) but can be used in more traditional settings that include the plane, Mechanus. The Crone gives the Warlock class a new option giving warlocks many of the classic abilities associated with witches in folklore.

Who’s your master - machine or matron? (http://sterlingvermin.com/2016/02/23/arcanist-handbook-part-4-warlocks/)

2016-02-24, 01:16 PM
I love the crone so much it hurts me, but the overmachine strikes me as pretty profoundly too powerful. Advanced Targeting System is near perpetual single target advantage for a blastlock, Advanced Protocol System is a better version of the Fighter's Indomitable feature three levels earlier, and Advanced Override System is a shorter duration/better targeted save version of Dominate Monster on a short rest recharge. Spectacular fluff though.

2016-02-26, 12:34 AM
Yeah advanced targeting needs either a limited use or a downside. I could see getting it cha mod/short rest, or giving attacks against you advantage (like a ranged version of reckless attack- costing a bonus action makes up for the superior range and getting more attacks). In either instance you could get rid of the attack roll.