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2016-02-26, 07:40 PM
So I'm trying to come up with the a damage for 17 pounder cannon, I've found damage for 6lb cannon at 8d6. Any suggestions?

2016-02-26, 08:15 PM
Find the ratio between a 6 in canon and a 17 in canon. Use the rule of proportions to determine the approximate damage the 17 in canon would deal.

2016-02-26, 08:52 PM
Thank you for that

2016-02-26, 09:57 PM
Just keep n mind that there's an upper limit; don't think that a 100 lb one would be the be-all-end-all.

2016-02-29, 09:10 PM
6 pound ball at speed X doing 8d6 of damage is 1.3 d6 per pound.


The "24 pound gun" on that list fired a ball that weighed 18 pounds and flew about 2/3 as fast as a 6 pounder.

1.3 x .66 = .858

so a 17 pound ball would do 17 x .858 d6 or 14d6.