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2016-03-03, 02:10 PM
Bind Vestige
School Conjuration (Calling); Level 4+
Casting Time 40 minutes
Components: V, S, M
Skill Checks Diplomacy, 1 Successes; Knowledge (the planes), 2 Successes
Range Primary Caster
Effect Call a single vestige.
Duration 24 hours.
Backlash (Undecided)
Failure (Undecided)
The primary caster draws a magic circle and within it the symbol of the vestige they intend to call. By performing the ritual, which is treated as a ritual of the level of the vestige (Minimum 4), they invoke the vestige associated with the ritual to their location and attempt to bargain with it. If a Knowledge (the planes) check fails, which has a DC equal to the Binding DC of the vestige, the ritual simply fails. After the vestige is called and they bargain with it, they take on the abilities associated with the vestige as the vestige uses them as a means by which to experience the world. If the first Diplomacy check is failed, which also has a DC equal to the Binding DC of the vestige, then the ritual fails. If the second Diplomacy check is failed, however, then the vestige holds influence over the primary caster until the duration has ended.

Each vestige possesses a unique ritual, and as such each is treated as a separate occult ritual for the purpose of learning. Thankfully, learning other Bind Vestige rituals becomes increasingly easy as one grows more familiar with how binding a vestige works. As such, one may treat the spell level of the Bind Vestige ritual they wish to learn as one lower per Bind Vestige ritual they know, to a minimum of 1. For instance; If an individual attempts to learn Bind Vestige: Balam (a 5th level ritual), an individual studying on their own may normally take up to 5 months to learn how if it is their first vestige. However If the individual already knows another form of Bind Vestige, then the ritual would only take 4 months to learn.

2016-03-03, 03:09 PM
I don't like it that you have to pass every K(planes) check or it fails. That is actually stricter than a normal ritual which only requires a majority be passed. However if you like the flavor I suggest making it 2 Diplomacy 2 K(planes), need both K(planes) checks and one Diplomacy to pass the ritual.

Would the backlash come after the vestige is gone?

The strength of the Failure reduces the DC needed to pass the ritual so don't skimp on it.