View Full Version : Original System Dynamic Avatar Drawing 0.13.0 - graphically representing your characters

2016-03-04, 11:35 AM
Hi, I've been working on a character drawer that responds to changes to their statistics. I think this would be useful for roleplayers if they'd like to visualize their characters.

The link to it is here (http://www.tfgamessite.com/index.php?module=viewgame&id=868). Note that site also hosts NSFW content, but if you just visit it to download my tool it should be fine.

Just download and open test.html in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge if you'd just like to build a character. If you're a game developer, it's really easy to integrate it into your game if you're using a Javascript compatible engine (message me if you want to do that).

Some preview images of what you can do:
side braid hair


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