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2016-03-07, 03:30 AM
Gun Wizard

Wizard Variant...

Some wizards trade their knowledge of magic and craft to improve their
knowledge of firearms.


level 1: arcane focus, bond with magelock pistol, proficiency with any firearm
level 5 : cast rune bullet
level 10: reinforcing runes
level 15: gunmage master
level 20: advanced gun magica

all abilities are as the gunmage abilities of the same name, except for the ones at level 15 and 20:

gunmage master:
add all gunmage spells to your own spell list at their indicated levels (in case of duplicate select lowest level spell)

advanced gun magica:
you are now able to channel any spell through any ranged weapon your are personally weilding, as an immediate action, however, you must still attack with that weapon as normal (the time the weapon attack itself takes is not altered) in order to deliver the spell upon your target.
You may only channel one spell on a single piece of ammunition.


Scribe Scroll, gain familiar, wizard bonus feat list.


War Wizard

Wizard variant...

Bla bla art of war


Level 1 warmage edge, armoured mage (light)
Level 5 Sudden empower or bonus feat or gain familiar
Level 10 Sudden enlarge, armoured mage (medium)
Level 15 Sudden Widen or armoured mage (heavy)
Level 20 Sudden maximize or bonus feat


Scribe scroll, gain familiar, wizard bonus feat list