View Full Version : That could be a real thread name!

2016-03-10, 05:50 AM
I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Sometimes spam threads sound quite (often unintentionally?) funny and/or make one go "dang, why couldn't that be for real?" Pick a spam thread title, and turn it into what could be a real thread! As an example:

"Do you want to smooth skin?" [found in Gaming(other)]

could be a thread about Fallout and it's ghouls looking for remedies to their horrible skin conditions.

2016-04-20, 07:52 PM
"For that special lizard!" [gaming(other)]

Thread about kobolds and how to be better slaves for dragons.

No-Kill Cleric
2016-05-31, 03:17 AM
One just popped up.
"Improve Your Life with Viatropin"

The thread is about developing fun characters by using only trope names

or listing your characters tropes.