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2016-03-12, 12:41 PM
Empathy Mechanic: Creatures can make a Wisdom (Insight) check against a creature's passive Charisma (Deception) score, or against a DC depending on the apparent difficulty of a creature's emotions and moods. The DM may alternatively use passive Wisdom (Insight), and do not require a check for obvious emotions.

Sense Evil and Good
Divination cantrip
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self (30-foot radius)
Components: None
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You gain insight into the emotions, moods and alignments of creatures within 30 feet of you. When you make a Wisdom (Insight) check for empathetic purposes, which you may perform as you cast this spell, you can sense the emotions, moods, and alignments of all creatures within range who you succeeded the check against. However, in order to identify whose emotions, moods, or alignments are whose, you must use a bonus action to do so while this spell is active.

Comment your thoughts! :D

2016-03-13, 09:04 PM
This is a nifty spell+mechanic combo. I wonder what else a person could do with Empathy...

2016-03-14, 05:48 AM
Comment your thoughts! :D

Well, my first thought is to wonder how your 'empathy mechanic' is any different from the RAW. That's certainly how I've been running it up to now.

And the cantrip... well, it looks powerful enough to be a 1st-level spell. And why does using it in combination with a skill check make it less effective? Oh, unless it only triggers when you make the skill check. If so, I find the wording a little confusing.

As an aside, being able to detect alignment is a can of worms and I'm glad it was taken out of 5e. But to each his own.