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Within the game world, kender names are chosen from a wide range of sources such as recent events, an existing relative, or from items found in kender pouches, such as Bearchase, Lockpick, and Fruitthrow. As children, they constantly ask questions and come to rely on family and friends for needs, and they begin to take part in community activities. As they age, kender children gain education by hearing stories, desiring to acquire new skills, and playing games. They also begin handling and wandering. As kender reach the adolescent and teen-aged years, they become more active participants in Kender Moots, social gatherings where the youth can show off their newly found skills in games and demonstrations. As they near adulthood, kender experience intense wanderlust and leave home.

Most kender spend their entire adult lives wandering around the world. Most of the population of Krynn has been exposed to the adult variety of kender, and as such have adapted the word kender to mean thief, rogue, or cutpurse. Kender take great offense to these epithets, especially the last. The Annotated Chronicles cites the Dragonlance Adventures, which states, "Most Kender are encountered during wanderlust, a particular phase in a kender's life that occurs for most kender during their early 20s. Wanderlust may happen for many years ... and is responsible for spreading kender communities across the continent of Ansalon.

Kender Traits
Ability score increase. +1 Charisma. They will turn your allies against you.
Fearless. Kender have immunity to the frightened condition. You have no chance to intimidate them.
Fast. Kender have 30 foot move speed. You cannot outrun them.
Thieving. Kender have proficiency in Sleight of Hand. They will take everything you own.
Kender Pockets. Once per long rest, a Kender may reveal that they have picked up a small item worth no more than 2 gp that they could have picked up. This must have plot convenience. They always have whatever they need.
They are dangerous
And the worst part? They are all PCs! (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?406198-Dragonlance-Races-The-Kender)
Scared yet?
Not a very good write up, but its the bare bones for stats

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It is a bit much comparing to other halfling subraces, not OP but just too much. And it doesn't add much, really.