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2016-03-13, 01:46 AM
I am ever so curious about what characters everyone is playing, will be playing, or have recenty played. So please, gush away! And who knows, you may get inspiration for a new character as well!

Please include the system you're playing/played, system specific info (class, race, role, etc.), and some interesting and/or fun stuff. Seriously I'm highly caffeinated and wanna see people gush about their characters!

2016-03-13, 04:04 AM
Past: One of my favorite characters so far was doctor Jandar Starag, a simple doctor from a simple town... until a bunch of adventurers pseudo-kidnapped him because they needed a healer. Jandar was a bit of a wimp (6 charisma) with a magic phobia, but all things considered the group loved him. Mechanically, Jandar was a LG thief rogue with the Healer feat, allowing him to heal people and stab someone in the same round.

Present: At the moment, I'm DMing.

Future: I've got some plans for a CN war cleric and a NE enchantment wizard, but my current campaign is unlikely to end soon.

2016-03-13, 04:10 AM
Present: At the moment, I'm DMing.

So what important NPCs are you playing? They're characters too!

2016-03-13, 07:44 AM
-An amethyst-scaled former-merchant Kobold Bard named Pall who was very good at making speeches and telling stories. Ended up leading his tribe of Kobolds into being a powerful trade empire. (D&D 3.5)

-The mayor of a post-apocalyptic town located inside of a very large Outlet Mall in the suburbs of Houston. Her name was Mama, and everyone in The Mills loved her. Or else! (Apocalypse World)

-A 10-foot-tall Golem who serves The Magus. Goes by the name Kabu. With the decline of magic, his vocabulary has been reduced to "Kabu Serves." (Fall of Magic)

-The elderly mother of one of my players, a miserable but powerful old woman named Gritch who controls the city of Salvage Island with her bony iron fist. (Apocalypse World NPC)

-Whisper and Silence, who are basically Hawkeye and BJ Honeycut from MASH. (If you don't get the reference, look into it on Netflix. One of the best shows ever.) (Apocalypse World NPCs)

-Jones, the leader of a cult called The Weather Eyes. "Knows" that the great haunted psychic Storm is closing in, and only those who have been Touched By The Storm will survive. (Apocalypse World NPC)

-I hope to play a Crabsinger in Fall of Magic... if not just to find out what that is. (Fall of Magic, obviously)

-Errant, the worst "paladin" ever. Of all time. (Apocalypse World)

-Thousands of NPCs to come. (???)

2016-03-13, 11:08 AM
Past: my favourite was probably a retired nautical explorer in Call of Cthulu who in spite of becoming semi-petrified still managed to dig deep enough to commandeer a destroyer and ram it into Dagon.

Present: I'm playing a power-hungry magic user in a conversion of the Way of the Wicked campaign to Fantasy Craft. He's yet to really reach any crowning moments of awesome but the devils he summons have a good track record of general mayhem.

Future: I have an idea for an amnesiac Elf with golem grafts that I'd quite like to try (again in Fantasy Craft), whom I'd like to have something of a redemption story to his character arc.

2016-03-14, 06:16 AM

A Kalashtar Psion whose name I just now realized I've forgotten (at least for the moment- pretty sure I've still got his character sheet someplace) in D&D 3.5e- his main function seemed to be to frustrate the DM, since I gleefully abused Metamorphosis the second I was able to get it... he... really didn't spend a lot of time in his own form after that :smalltongue:

Headjuice, the Trollish unarmed physad in Shadowrun. Headjuice was kind of an oddity in the Seattle shadows- an idealist. Partly because that's just how he was, and partly because he was a foundling, raised in monastic isolation high in the Cascades in a joint black book CIA/Mossad training facility that had gotten lost in the first Crash (basically an experiment to see if extreme isolation could improve turnaround time for unarmed combat training).

His introduction to the outside world came at the hands of Tamanous, the black market organ harvesters, who raided the compound and slaughtered nearly half the monks there (although not without serious losses themselves). Headjuice headed out into the wide world to exact some revenge, although once he hit Seattle, he realized he had no idea how to find Tamanous. He got his street name while nursing a beer and pondering his troubles; the bar he was in got hit by a pair of junkies who were out of their heads on Psycho. More than simply robbing t1he place, they were going to kidnap, rape, and murder the waitress, something of which Headjuice disapproved. He expressed said disapproval by simply reaching one big hand out, grabbing the nearest junkie by the head, and squeezing. Boom. Instant street name.

Sadly, that Shadowrun game was shortlived, but over the course of it, Headjuice did, quite literally, ALL the damage. From what I remember, over the course of the handful of combats we managed, the entirety of the rest of the party managed to get off one shot (that missed) before Headjuice dropped all the opposition. He was fun to play- I usually described him as 'an eight-foot-tall Yiddish Jackie Chan who was far sneakier than he had any right to be'.


Gavin Fireborne, D&D 4e Pyromancer. I'm pretty sure he predates both the others- I've been playing him for more than eight years now. Despite his (physical) youth, he is grouchy, cynical, and reclusive, with pretty much the singular goal of lighting everything that annoys him on fire. To his considerable irritation, pursuit of this goal has somehow managed to make him the multi-millionaire owner of the world's first restaurant franchise, first in line for the throne of one of the largest empires in the hemisphere (he'd rather castrate himself with a rusty hacksaw than take the throne, since he views ruling an empire to be a distraction from his true destiny- see earlier comments about his goal. Also, he can't stand people), the greatest living expert on planar travel, founder of the greatest school of magic in the known world, only mortal still alive to have seen the gods directly, and near-universally-beloved-to-the-point-of-borderline-worship legendary wizard/near-messiah who saved the good-aligned lands and turned them into an earthly (well, airborne- he used an artifact to turn them into a flying continent) paradise. I say 'irritation' since almost none of this involves things that annoy him burning, and as such are largely a waste of his time. And, as previously noted, he can't stand people, and so any attempts at hero-worship basically end up with him running away :smallamused:

... I swear, half of this stuff happens just because the DM wants to see how I'm going to have Gavin react, since he seems tremendously amused by all this. Oh, and if anyone is curious, there are some time-travel-ish shenanigans involved in the reputation-building- there was a 350-year time skip between campaigns, with the offer at the end of the first for anyone who wanted to could continue playing the same character via a sort of King-Arthur-in-Avalon/Barbarossa-under-the-hill deal. I was the only one who took the offer, since I (as is probably rather obvious) quite enjoy playing Gavin. It's kind of refreshing to play a character who knows exactly what he wants out of life.


... who knows?

2016-03-14, 06:49 AM
5th Ed warlock nature cleric with a fey patron. Loyal, brabe but with a disregard fur human laws

DMing, but my Antagonists are an Oathbreaker Necromancer who broke his oath to the king to seek revenge for his sister's murder, a Storm Giant Cleric of Umberlee seeking to protect her temples from the king's religious purge and prevent an elemental prince from ascending to goodhood, and an elemental prince trying to ascend to godhood.

Currently trying to work out a good plan for a mageslayer assassin - a wizard apprentice gone bad, using knowledge of the arcane and a sharp blade to cut down arrogant wizards.

2016-03-14, 07:15 AM
In my 3.5 campaign, my previous character was a Lesser Aasimar Crusader/Cleric/Ruby Knight VVindicator. I wanted to focus more on maneuvers than on spells, because we already had two other gish characters in the party.

Right now I'm playing a Strongheart Halfling Swordsage/Monk/Shadow Sun Ninja. Honestly, I'm not really enjoying myself all that much because of my other partymembers that seem to do everything better than me and most of my utility is often countered. My main shtick are the Setting Sun X Throw maneuvers combined with Confound the Big Folk, but that loses it's effectivness at the level we are at. If I can't get my Throws off, All I can do is punch for pitiful damage compared to the >150 damage that our Swift Hunter is doing every round.

For the future, I have multiple backup character ideas. First is a Warforged Artificer, mainly focussing on utility items and party buffing, with an occassional Metamagic'ed Scorching Ray. Second Character is also a Warforged but in this case a Psion/Constructor. I've never played a Psionic Character before so this would be an interesting one. Lastly there is a Paladin (Charging Smite ACF)/Fist of Raziel, but I'm not sure what race I want with that.

2016-03-14, 08:23 AM
Past: Jack Wild, a "Ghost-Talkin' Gunslinger on his Second Life". Shot dead on New Years Eve, 1900, Jack played a poker with a man in red and woke up the next morning with a gun that shoots hellfire, a troubling feeling of obligation and a facility for contacting the spirit world. He was my main character for a long-running Spirit of the Century game.

Current: James McAllester, a heroic railroad baron working to keep America civilized and whole in a weird west rapidly spiraling towards the apocalypse.

Next: yet unnamed shaman from the eastern steppes in a setting akin to Howard's Hyboria, in danger of losing his humanity as he uses his mystical bond with animals.

2016-03-14, 12:13 PM
So, so many. If I wrote about one old character per post, I'm pretty sure I'd blow the thread's post limit.

Favorite: Hmmm... Quertus (verbose academia mage, author, and conference speaker), Armus (moody elven scout / tactician, uncharismatic off-putting/uncivil party face, and lay high priest), "Briq" (conscious troll industrialist, hacker, and beat face), myself (gamer turned cowardly ultimate magus through the power of metagaming), Raymond (cautious telepathic vampire scout, mage relocation project coordinator, and reality travel agent), Jedi Master Stalker (lucky psychic therapist / mental reformatter / pilot), Khan Ravensblood (malicious Dragon-riding artificer and heal-bot), Stoned (laid-back giant teleporting stone warrior)

Honorable mention: Amalak (cleric of death with AC worse than 10), Lt. Daryl Fontaine (foolish cleric of a god who doesn't grant spells, and who rolled straight 1's for his HP), Mist (confused alien, seemingly invisible intangible flying shape shifter), "the grey" (mutation-inducing mutant gish)

But if you just want something to read...
Once upon a time (isn't that how all stories should begin?), I decided to make a new character when I rejoined a campaign. My old character had been... well, the campaign took place in Ravenloft, and my character believed in greeting everyone with open arms / starting everyone at 100% / giving everyone a chance. Add to that the fact that the character had a very... "experimental" build, and you can probably see how that was a bit sub optimal. So I set out to make someone who wouldn't be the weakest link - both by having a more pragmatic philosophy, and by ratcheting the build level up a notch.

The party had apparently been... burned by acid or something... since the last time I had adventured with them. Enter Vinny: nunchuck-wielding smart aleck, who can heal their scars and regrow their pretty elven hair... for a price. They agree, and Vinny does his "magic" (which, sadly, wasn't just giving them a magic bag to wear over their heads). Then he comes to find out that they don't have the money on them, and that his "payment" will come in the form of receiving exactly one share of the treasure for adventuring with them. Vinny grudgingly agrees, and makes a mental note to always get payment up front in the future.

First day on the job, and the party asks Vinny to check a hallway for traps. Vinny ***** an eyebrow, stares at them for a moment, then races down the hall. He stops at the other end, turns around, and proudly declares, "no traps!". They never asked Vinny to check for traps again.

Skip past most of the year of adventuring...

To oversimplify... The BBEG has just fled. The party splits up - half the party goes to chase her down and finish her off, while the other half licks their wounds and loots her place. One of the characters, remembering my odd healing powers, points out the traditionally borderline useless and now comatose character, and asks if I can do anything to fix her. Vinny has long suspected that he knows what is wrong with her I have long suspected what was going on (especially, metagame metagame, given that she joined the party after Vinny), so Vinny considers the problem. Remembering how he had been ripped off last time, Vinny says that he probably can, but that it will cost them.

After an amazingly easy round of negotiations, Vinny discovers that my suspicions were correct, and heals the woman. Then he sets about collecting his spoils.

Through shenanigans, I turn the task of looting, which should have been located somewhere on the difficulty scale between mission impossible and TPK, into a profitable cakewalk.

Imagine the rest of the party's surprise when they return, triumphant, to discover that the loot has already been divided, with Vinny getting a generous half, and first picks. Yes, everyone in the room had agreed to give over their entire shares of the loot, plus comatose girl's share, if Vinny fixed her.

Among the loot was a ring of wishes. Vinny asks for clarification on exactly what that means, and exactly what it can do. The party, plus what was effectively Galadriel, explain that the ring has 3 charges, which are activated by staying, "I wish...", and explaining the details of the wish. A few examples are given.

As we had been hired to save an entire elven nation from an evil spell (cast by the recently deceased BBEG), and the villain's death had not yet lifted the curse, Vinny promptly expended one wish to lift the curse - never let it be said that he rebuffed on a deal.

To be honest, I think he actually offered the ring to Galadriel, and then offered her one wish, wording of her choice, to attempt to free her people from the curse.

Seeing the power of the ring, the party suddenly has a plan. They negotiate with Vinny, trying to get him to use the ring to wish them out of Ravenloft. Vinny is aghast - this place has water, and forests, and lots of people who are grateful to us, and they want to leave?! See, Vinny is originally from Athas, and, to him, Ravenloft is paradise.

The party all band together, and present a united front on this issue. They insist, repeatedly, that their home is so much better than Vinny's paradise, and say so with such enthusiasm and such conviction that Vinny hesitantly agrees to use a single wish to get everyone to this mythical world.

Perhaps due to Vinny's initial hesitation, perhaps out of fear that he might say the wrong words and accidentally set off the wish prematurely, but most likely because of his earlier requirement that Galadriel word her own wish, the party basically excludes Vinny from their discussion of how to word the wish.

They finish discussions on the exact wording, and hand Vinny a scrap of paper. What's this, he asks. They explain, confused by his question.

It is at this point that the party learns that Vinny is illiterate.

In a year of adventuring together, this little detail had never come up before. Well, this is a deal breaker. Those who were unhappy with the distribution of the loot before use this as an opportunity to try to convince people to take Vinny's toys away from him. Vinny let's them rant for a minute, then calmly explains that he is, in fact, a professional actor with a fantastic memory, and that he would be more than delighted to recite for them any of his old soliloquies, or perform any other test of memory that they desire. They need merely read the text to him, and he will recite it. Queue me reciting random Shakespeare.

Vinny demonstrates that he can quickly and correctly memorize and recite scripts significantly longer than their proposed wish. He even tests the wish wording out a few times, replacing the dangerous words at the beginning, to ensure that everyone accepts his recitation.

Long story short, we discover that the power of a wish is insufficient to rescue one (or multiple) from Ravenloft. The DM is sad about the final wording - in one version, he could have had the result of the wish be that a big party was thrown for us back in their home world.

I'm just sad that campaign didn't continue. I would have liked to have seen what that girl could do when she was firing on all cylinders.

Current / most recent
IIRC, my most recent characters include Hunter Neophotis (sullen amnesiac demigod archer, reclaimed by Artemis), Delock (hedonistic shard of the Dark Lord of Creation and general troublemaker), Wheezie (enthusiastic dragon scout / spell slinger), Xyzzy (conflicted pickled lich strategist & trap maker), <insert binary here> (bumbling tech priest working for chaos)

Not sure. There are a lot of characters I'd still like to play.

Lord Torath
2016-03-14, 01:24 PM
Past: Railee, a red-headed halfling girl with the the curiosity of a kender, but none of the kleptomania. Okay, maybe a bit of it, but she had a much firmer grasp of the concept of personal property, and generally respected it. Killed while single-handedly trying to keep a gargoyle, two ogres, and an evil cleric from pulping a held party member (the rest of the party was hiding).

Current: Ry, a PC/NPC fighter specializing in the longbow. She started life as Ryan, a male guard the group rescued from being a meal from a tribe of hobgoblins. My niece took him over, where he became she, and she gained wings from a dream that came true. While officially an NPC, my kids take turns playing her. She also has blue dragon-scale armor and barding.

Also, Ayanna, an 11-foot tall half-giant gladiator with a name that means "flower."

Serja, a human Psionicist specializing in Psychoportation who just discovered an old-but-functional Spelljammer tradesman.

Future (hazy): Matt Roberts, a Veritech pilot.

2016-03-14, 01:24 PM

Evangeline Beaumont, a Mekhet vampire in NWoD. From Arkham, Massachusetts, Eva owned a little occult bookstore in the Williamsburg borough of New York that catered to not only humans but to supernatural beings as well, so long as they had the money and minded their manners in her store. The "research monkey" of the group, she was also (at the same time) both the least combative and the most skilled at combat (thanks to her points in firearms). Notable accomplishments include grabbing a .50 Cal sniper rifle and blind-firing into a warehouse filled with those...I dunno, vampire cultist guys? And, best of all, talking down a Promethian. Literally the thing walked into her store looking for Eva's Grant-Niece or something, everyone else in the party failed their "don't crap yourself" rolls and up walks all 5-foot-nothing that is Evangeline and, with a stupidly amazing roll, says to this 12-ft tall Dolf Lundgren looking monster "Sir, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store". AND HE DOES. High point of the game especially since the other characters had a tendency to push her around.

Augustus Church (Star Wars D6), a retired Republic Auxiliary soldier who served as a demolitions trooper during the Clone War. During the game he had a....rather subdued roaring rampage of revenge against the Empire, mostly due to the party and the guy running the game at the time (Again, demo-trooper). He was specifically hunting down whatever the Empire-equivalent of Spec-Ops were as revenge for the Empire killing his wife and daughter and destroying his home on the suggestion of Rebel collusion. The game ended prematurely, just as Church got word that his daughter was alive. Apparently that plot thread would have revealed that the massacre of his family was a cover up to kidnap his daughter for Imperial Inquisitor training.

Me and some guys are doing some testing of homebrew races for a Pathfinder setting at present, so each of us has like 4 characters we rotate through. In no particular order:
Harpy Brawler (Strangler), changed from a proper flying Harpy to a ground-based Emu-like Harpy. Charging grapples with sneak attack damage.
Drow Alchemist (Grenadier), bomb-throwing mad scientist. Pretty cut and dry here.
Centaur Hunter with a wolf companion. Built around flanking teamwork feats and carrying a Greatsword and heavy'ish armor.
Kamakiri Psychic (Mantis person) that, while being a full caster is the most tanky at a base AC of 19 at level 1 (bumped to 23 with Mage Armor).
And, as a bonus, Krieg, Texhutu (drider) Fighter (Titan Fighter). A Large-Sized Drider hefting Huge-Sized weapons and smashing everything everywhere forever.

When my work schedule evens out a bit and I'm able to make it to the non-playtesting games, I'm gonna be playing Carol, Harpy Bard. Kinda got forced into playing a Support character so I figure I'll make the most of it. Current build is 7 levels of vanilla Bard then going the Harrower Prestige Class for the foreseeable future. Thinking of fluffing her out where she's got Perform: Strings but uses her Bard Magic to essentially be Harpy!Lindsey Sterling (Dubstep violin).

2016-03-14, 04:58 PM
-Errant, the worst "paladin" ever. Of all time.

Gosh I love it when people use that reference.

Patrick McObrienson, from a homebrew Dwarf Fortress game. The most stereotypical Tolkien/DF dwarf there ever was; faithful to his clan to the last, fond of a good, stiff drink, spoke in the thickest (and thanks to my poor vocal skills, worst) Scottish accent I could muster up. He served as the leader of the poor, banished dwarves, and kept them alive through many a calamity. Also traded away a lion cub to the local humans.

Present: None, I'm somewhat between groups at the moment (depressed face)

Future: Gosh, there are so many...
I really want to do one based off of Professor Ooblek from RWBY; a hyperactive, professor-type character that's something like if Indiana Jones were a teacher who occasionally did field work, as opposed to a field archaeologist who sometimes taught.
Also, one for each member of Delta Squad, the clone commandos. They're simply great characters, and they've got more than enough personality to build a character off of. They're exactly what they sound like; commandos, but each with a distinct personality.
HK-47 would be the dream, but he might be hard to pull off, given that we almost exclusively play D&D. He's a semi-psychotic (and very egotistical) assassin droid who revels in the kill.

Oh, let's see... I'd love to base a character off of Geralt, from The Witcher series. That would be easier.
The above quote reminded me that I need to play as most of the freelancers, and Locus and Felix.

And, ever since seeing Jurassic World, I've wanted to play a character with pet raptors. Because why wouldn't you?

2016-03-15, 02:41 AM

Sven Erikson, a dwarf, viking raider, who dedicated his life to hunting down and killing the werewolf that murdered a small child in front of him, only to, shortly after succeeding, discover that the werewolf was a member of the local mafia and promptly get assassinated by the local don's pet assassin.

John Falkirk, An ex bandit who came into town on a feast day intending to commit as much robbery as possible. Failed so badly at robbing people that not only did he not make off with any loot, but nobody had any idea that he'd made any attempt at crime. In fact so much did they all believe that he was a morally upstanding individual that they made him captain of the town guard right there at the feast. He then proceeded to fall in love with the job, and the head of the local mafia, (though as far as he knew she was just the tavernkeep at his favorite bar.) Died making a heroic sacrifice, single handedly holding off a horde of undead so that the rest of the party could engage and defeat the evil necromancer once and for all.

Marcus (Aces) Scaurus, a refugee, turned, soldier, turned con artist, turned spy. Fought demons for a living, played cards for a hobby. Build a career out of punching out Cthullu so to speak. Personally dueled the high general of the demon army, winning both times. Killed more demons than he could count. Was infected with lycanthropy, used it to kill more demons. Was almost sold into slavery, escaped due to having a knife concealed in an improbable location. Aided in restoring a minor god to power. Killed by a DM after attempting to murder the DM's pet.

Father Connor Michaels. An Exorcist and Executioner for the Catholic Church in a Call of Cthullu esque game. hunted ghosts and eldrich horrors. Arch nemisis of an elder god who was trapped inside an ordinary goat named Mortimer. killed by the party mage who forgot that water conducts electricity and shot a lightning bolt at a villian's henchman who was standing in the same puddle as he was.

Present: Sir Matthew Pikebreaker, the illegitimate son who became a knight, a knight in sour armor. fights for what's right, hates every minute of it.

Luke Thatcher: Werewolf Pirate Mercenary bounty hunter who moonlights (pun intended) as a superhero.

Rusty McDaniels: NCR Ranger who was abducted by the time (and space) police and recruited to join their ranks as a time agent.

Future: Dolero Posteriori a no talent bard who is secretly Victor Fletch, the head of a partisan militia and is currently in hiding.

2016-03-16, 04:42 PM
Lucian Hall, LN human necromancer/cleric/mystic theurge. Hometown was destroyed by the undead army control'll ed by the campaign's BBEG. He was infused with negative energy in his effort to escape, dulling his sense of taste, and progressively siphoned the color from his hair,skin, and eyes. Hated the gods for their failure to protect his family and survived the mental trauma of his experience by convincing himself that he was destined to be the destroyer of all the world's undead. Terrified of fire and very mindful of manners. My favorite character yet.

Alaire Fersolumas, CG half-elf beguiler/glamered sword. Lived in a world controlled by evil druids where casting arcane magic was punishable by death. Used his magic to enhance his street performances. Crazy good liar who acted like a lech but actually had a lot of scruples. Knew nothing of his past before the age 8. Loved illusions.

Doran Reinhardt, CG aasimar crusader/cleric of Tymora. Disowned by his father for refusing to worship Pelor like every ancestor, he was a highly individualistic person who believed that a fancy title was in no way an indicator of whether an individual was worthy of respect. Believed it was the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak. My most mechanically complex character to date, he could use pretty much any type of action to move or attack.

Lostsoul Feilian, LE illumian divine caster/arcane caster/mystic theurge/malconvoker/nar demonbinder. Multiple millennia old, tasked by her long-asleep Dragon God to take planar energies out of the world and use them to awaken him so that he can awaken, displace the current pantheon, and remake the world in his image. Very goal focused and manipulative, she's been behind the rise and fall of many grand nations, all to further her plans.

Hoping to play a gunslinging paladin in my wife's next campaign world, but other than that I don't know any details about him.

2016-03-16, 06:22 PM
Past: Too many to count.
I`ll list the longest-played ones though

An Elven Wizard, shapechanger (Owl) and overall revolutionary, in a few quite long campaigns in DSA (The Black Eye outside Germany, though heavily houseruled). He shall not be named as the group I playede him in desintegrated and I dont want to ever have anything to do with 3 of the other players ever again.
Which is a real shame, I`d like to paly him again (after all for almost 7 years he was my main character).

Sunbeam, a human Sun Shaman in Shadowrun.
Pacifistic Big Smile Face of unheard of success (reall,y I rolled 6es in around 3 of 6 rolls with him, the year I played him he never once failed in a negotiation ... until he met a Dragon that is.).
Now Crispy snacky.

Lucrael, Namaru, Luciferian and overall Nice Guy (^^), now reincarnated in an Action Movie Star, in a PbP Demon The Fallen Chroniclle.
Lots of fun.

Now: DMing, so mostly I play shortlived, interesting concepts...until the players decide to kill them. ^^

Future: I am trying to get a SoIaF PbP to run atm, and intend to play the Heir to a House, Swordfighter and charming man ... and not very bright to boot.

A Dread Necromancer in our upcoming D6D Campaign (winged, ex-Outsider now Necropolitan with a ... problem), as of yet unnamed and not fully built.

And as Main DM I ahve literally dozens of other concepts I`d like to play...and rarely if everr get the chance.

2016-03-17, 02:39 AM
Past: Orthran, a dwarf inquisitor from pathfinder, but he always had a soft spot for children, especially orphans, so much so that when the orphanage he grew up in was attacked and destroyed by slavers he took it upon himself to take care of the 7 infants that were left behind, feeding him with his earnings from a brewery, he spent the next 40 ish years raising the kids before taking off to be an adventurer(the backstory was about 10 pages).

Andrea, a monk for pathfinder, not as much flavor, but she was nigh untouchable, and could on a whim leap most buildings

Present: I'm in 3 campaigns,

I'm running Star Wars Saga, the party is being shown the ropes on bounty hunting by Alden Rike, A 60 year old man, who is too old to have people shoot at him on a regular basis, he used to be a guard at the Jedi temple, before the clones stole his job. He then turned to bounty hunting and has been doing that for the last 20 years. Now he is retiring and figured he'd run a bunch of kids (the party) in his place to keep an income.

Drake is a ten year old child heading out on his first adventure in the world of Pokemon (Pokemon tabletop United) also a complete and utter idiot. He's obsessed with dragons and brazenly crosses the line between bravery and idiocy on a regular basis. he has actually reached a point where he is also completely terrifying because he has an army of decently leveled dragon type Pokemon

Arro is also a Pokemon trainer (same system) however she is from a seclusive tribe, and is a ninja

In the future I plan to play a man from our world who suddenly finds himself trapped in the world of Pokemon

2016-03-17, 06:06 AM
Past: I was the world's greatest incompetent spy, to the point where I was so well hidden within enemy society that I forgotten when the regime collapsed by all sides. I took a job at a book store because even I forgot I was a spy.

Present: I'm a professional cook currently arguing with my reflection over two friends. I end up throwing my reflection out of the kitchen so I can be left in peace.

Future: ...?

2016-03-17, 06:19 AM
Past: Two favorites were an Ace Trainer/Psychic from Sinnoh (PTA) who had a massive hatred for Hex Maniacs due to bad family history, and a Thri-Kreen Factotum who had been kicked out of his tribe for undermining his father's plans that might have gotten the whole tribe eaten by a purple worm. Honorable mention to the recently deceased silver dragon who was the party face in an all dragon game, but was betrayed by a party member and killed.

Current: A white dragon who is currently the party sorcerer in the same dragon game. He's gunning for being one of the most powerful magical beings on the planet. I expect violent death for him.

Future: I'm kinda wanting to play either the Grey Elf Archivist or Human (Vampire) Dirgesinger that I've made as NPCs in a game I'm running. The Archivist in the game is head of the local mage school and has over the years archived every known spell, save for those that someone researched and kept quiet. The Dirgesinger is supposed to be the sneakiest person around, but I thought that Rogue or Scout would be too cliche.

2016-03-17, 06:57 AM

GURPS: Modern Zombie. Playing the Doctor that caused the plague (by accident) and is the only one who can find a cure. Has a massive secret and is being hunted by people who donít want the cure discovered. Already had his house bombed by F16ís and party has fought off Russian special forces


AD&D (3.5). Ranger / Druid (5/5). Picking up from a previous campaign and is playing the nephew of the PC who survived the original campaign.
Space(d6): Set (very) loosely in the Expanse (TV Series /book) universe. Playing the captain of the freighter shuttle investigating some weird goings on


Hunter Noventa
2016-03-17, 07:11 AM
Ember Starbough, the Tiefling Hexcraft Staff Magus who was devotee of the Chaotic Good Goddess of Rebellion and ended up ascending to Godhood in order to save the material plane from being eaten by Rovagug.

Kaoruko, the Magical Girl blacksmith who retired from being a private detective once she figured out how to enchant arms and armor.

Raidese, an Arcane Duelist Bard who tells stories of great heroics while stabbing things.

Isabel, a android-like Warlock who shouldn't have a soul but does.


2016-03-17, 11:54 AM
Chk'Tuk, a ratfolk Arcane Sage Sorcerer who specializes in buffing his party and whose most powerful damaging spell is a cantrip. Having escaped a life of slavery to the Drow, motivated by blood-soaked revenge against them, he is finding that torturing and murdering his former captors is not bringing him the peace he thought it would. Next time he shows up in a game, he will be beginning his redemption arc.

GMing a D20 Modern/3.5P mashup in a 20 minutes in the future setting that bears a striking similarity to Rifts. Most notable NPC is an elder dragon who runs a college of magic and is planning on using the power of every Hell in every multiverse to win the game of Xorvintaal. He created a 30 level base class that teaches arcane magic without using any components but force of will.
Oh, and an awakened housecat Warblade. 1d3 scratch damage.... plus a handful of d6s for the maneuver, all exploding due to Aura of Chaos. Never have three feats defined a character so much.

A formerly human necropolitan Weapon Master Blacksnake Bard. Whip it so very good!

2016-03-18, 01:59 PM
Never had a chance to actually play him, but...

Mysticus Maximus (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=570848), the all powerful "wizard". Your Classic Rogue Disguised as a Fighter Disguised as an Apprentice Mage disguised as a Master Mage

2016-03-18, 05:56 PM
Marius Pavo
The illegitimate half-orc bastard of a Chelaxian nobleman, he lived, unknowing with the orc tribe of his mother, until found by a law-wringer searching for the last and most eligible heir of the nobleman's fortune.
Taken to the big city, naive of the ways of courts and law, blinded by wealth, infatuated with garish fashions and fascinated by the bloodsports of the fighting pits, the law-wringer had soon swindled himself to all his new-found fortunes, and discarded his burden to a mercenary company.

A brute and a dandy, mixed into one, Marius made his way in the world, his greenish skin powdered white, his ragged hair oiled down and his tusks shining as blindingly as his glaive. So sure was he of his excellence, so sure was he that he'd regain his fortune, all others be damned!

He learned, in his way, that some slaves were not meant to be slaves, that a good man can be a good man, even if he is three foot tall, but also, that in the end, a rich man owned himself, while a poor man owned nothing.
He died, overwhelmed and cut off from his friends, in a mad alchemists tower, and all his wealth was left buried, no good to anyone. (Pathfinder, Society)

A starveling boy turned warrior, the young barbarian rushed headlong into all that stood before him, were it a meal, and argument, a battle or a friendship.
He was determined to one day be respected by everyone, but always, he made a fool of himself.
He found riches, and adorned himself in them, no matter how foolish he looked. He marveled at the simplest magic, made all the wrong friends, and bickered with those who would stand with him.
He bragged of his strength to all who would listen, and once ended up in a tanners vat for threatening a decent man.
He schemed and went behind the backs of better men, for an empty title, and a position he was not fit for. All for his pride, as behind his back, he was called by the foulest names.

He had his glories, sure. He once taunted a wyvern to dive into the earth to crush him, and rose, thinking himself invulnerable, as the wyvern twitched, its neck broken by the impact.
He tried the same with a massive owlbear which had crushed most of his town, and found himself torn in twain for his troubles. He was carried home and given a heroes rest, but was, as most loudmouthed braggarts, soon forgotten. (Pathfnder. Kingmaker.)

Ferrus Caito
A cripple, a doorman, and Oracle and a brawler, with dreams of metal and a hope for better days, the younger Caito hopes to free his city from the Hellknight oppression, with his own two fists if needed be. He's still far from accomplished, and the future scares him so, but where there is life, there is hope. (Pathfinder, Council of Thieves)

A failed Alchemist, turned Mutation Warrior, he simply dreamed to fly, as the Bat, the totem of his tribe. The Shaman of Potions took his longing for devotion, but saw his error, as the young man abandoned his studies as soon as he discovered the secret of making wings. I hope he will one day find a purpose.

2016-03-18, 08:09 PM
Never had a chance to actually play him, but...

Mysticus Maximus (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=570848), the all powerful "wizard". Your Classic Rogue Disguised as a Fighter Disguised as an Apprentice Mage disguised as a Master Mage

Blond eyes? That sounds cool...

2016-03-19, 01:47 AM
Blond eyes? That sounds cool...

That's what happens when you try to cast spells when you can't, kids.

Magic is dangerous; don't do magic.

2016-03-19, 01:58 AM
That's what happens when you try to cast spells when you can't, kids.

Magic is dangerous; don't do magic.

Just don't imagine the hair growing on/out of their eyes. Or the screaming. The endless, endless screaming...:smalleek:

Fable Wright
2016-03-19, 03:04 AM
Past: Natum Stagsson, a 5e Half-Elf Oathbreaker Paladin who lived by the motto "just because you're an objectively horrible person, doesn't mean you have to be a horrible person."

Present: Spirit, an insane Druid inventor whose actual name has been lost due to the quirks of his culture. He likes spiders, making plans that really shouldn't work but technically can, happens to be a zebra, and often goes on about the lore of his culture despite the fact that he's probably wrong on nearly all counts.

Future: The Hunter, as inspired by this (http://www.magicspoiler.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Daring-Sleuth-Bearer-of-Overwhelming-Truths.jpg) Magic card and Bloodborne. D&D 5e Hunter Ranger who starts out mundane with a bow and arrow, but after a revelation that shatters his sanity (read: Discovery background feature from Hermit, wherein I work with the DM to get him to insert it later into the story) he... changed. He cast aside his bow for a strange etched gauntlet that casts stone arrowheads at foes. His mundane-but-skilled-themed selection of spells swaps out for overt sorcery, with stone arrowheads bursting into thorny masses, strange lanterns that come to life when lit, and his innate power to call those climbing, warped growths that have forever marked him.

Could be great fun in the right setting.

2016-03-20, 07:47 AM
Past; A drow rogue/assassin in 3.5 that used an orc bodyguard as mobile cover. A 3.5 druid warshaper that liked trying to crush people to death in combat.

Future; about to start a 5e campaign. Maybe playing an aarakocra monk, maybe an Aasimar Bard that thinks his "father", the sun God, is obviously the superior God to all these lowlander gods.

2016-03-20, 02:12 PM
Past: one of my favorites was "sir boddyknockk folkor stumbleduck jr the third" charismatic and kind of silly captain of the queens armies "gnomish mounted cavalry unit"(road into combat on heavily armored battle goats). unfortunately they were retired after the general of the queens army decided too replace them with regular mounted cavalry. Spent the entire game trying too convince npcs and pcs alike that i truly was a noble knight in the service of her majesty. may have been the most fun I've ever had roleplaying.

Present: i have no games going.

Future: My usual dm is currently running 3 games i have no interest in so im waiting too see whats next.

2016-03-23, 08:46 PM
Past: My most "iconic" character is the Warforaged Artificer. The first time I played it the character had no name, just a growing list of titles and nicknames. However one two separate and independent occasions it was dubbed Pockets by others. Every time I draw the character there are more and more Pockets for the tools of the Artificer's trade.

Despite the fact I have played the character in several campaigns I have never gotten to level 4 with it... I want Pockets to get in a long campaign and reach it's long term goal, most of the time it didn't even have time to start working towards that goal.

Present: Recently I played a character based off of the quote "For hell has no furry like-" "Ever been to hell?" Funny story with him, he ended up being the group's straight man by accident, I didn't realize it was going to be a comedy.

Future: I have a quote [that you can build a character off of] going through my head right now. So if I get into a game soon I might use that. "I am a crescendo!!!" The three bangs/! are completely necessary.

2016-03-24, 12:29 PM
Past: Brian Patrick Hood, a PC cultist in Call of Cthulhu who displayed an unexpected streak of heroism, helped a young girl escape from a non-human monster who was trying to devour her soul. I was killed in the process, but the Narrator rewarded my heroism by having me ascend to godhood.

John Lalonde, another CoC character (this one for a one-shot), who spent the entire one-shot attempting to get drunk and stay that way and flirting aggressively with the pretty girl PC (both despite being only 16).

Present: Banzen Mactire. Initially envisioned as a mere thug, this character turns out to have been the illegtimate grandson of the head of the noble House Mactire. Though kicked out onto the streets after his mother's death (Banzen's grandfather loathes Banzen, since he's a living reminder of the indiscretion that ruined his beloved daughter's reputation). However, with the death of Banzen's uncle, he has a strong claim to the House Lordship, and is on the verge of pressing it.

2016-03-27, 02:51 PM
Past: my username is based on one of my all-time favorite characters, Serena Foxfire. She was meant as a parody of Paris Hilton, including carrying her familiar, a Pomeranian named Pooka, around in her purse, complaining loudly anytime the adventure took the party into "icky" places like sewers, and calling dibs on any jewelry-type treasure we came across.

Current: I'm playing a half-elf shadow dancer named Lily in my current Pathfinder game. Her best friend (my sister's character) is an elf dragon disciple named Kaida, and they pretty much always have Telepathic Bond up so they can silently trash talk npcs. There are other people in the party, but my sister and I are the most enthusiastic role players, so the game is pretty much the Lily & Kaida show.