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2016-03-15, 11:33 AM
Genie Patron (http://www.naturalcrit.com/homebrew/share/N15NDWb6e)

Celestial patron (http://www.naturalcrit.com/homebrew/share/4ySxnJdz-ag)

Both of these are Naturalcrit links, which means you will only be able to open them in chrome. I mean to build them out properly in pdf when I can.

Feedback appreciated!

I am very unsure about the precise balance of these - Genie is probably over-complicated with the 'sub-type'. I think a lot of my 'brew is a bit more powerful than many book options, but hopefully not actually OP.

The goal of the Genie patron is to provide a new, interesting flavor for a different sot of warlock pact, while also filling the 'Elemental' niche with something a little different than 'you swore an oath to a rock. you get rock powers now'. From a thematic perspective I really want to balance three different types of Genie lore - a major inspiration is real Islamic and pre-Islamic mythology, and I have tried to draw on this in making them all shapeshifters, tricksters, and ethereal beings. The second inspiration is d&d genies and elementals, obviously - and the third is modern Genie pop culture, with Genies as wish givers.

Wishcrafting is meant to be a very different power than most warlocks 14th level powers, aiming to offer a sort of dynamism and flexibility most warlocks don't have, instead of a big one off power.

What it says on the tin - what I will say is that I think a lot of celestial pacts cut VERY close to the paladin, and/or are mirror images of Fiend, which I'm not a fan of. Much of the spell list, and radiant warrior are both paladinish abilities, but I think maybe it's ok.

Wrathful Mantle is based on the 3.5 Archon's Aura of Menace, and I'm really happy with it. Mechanically I build it somewhat around a fix on Fey Presence. Celestial Resistance is likewise based on 3.5 celestial resistances.

2016-03-15, 11:59 AM
These are really nice. I feel like the spell selection is a bit more powerful than what other pacts get, particularly on the celestial - that character could replace any of the main healing classes - but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I feel like warlocks are kinda under-reprented from what I see at organized play, and I like non-cleric healers.