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2016-03-15, 06:23 PM
This likely won't get used in my game since I'm playing with a group of all newbies. So far I've got:

10-ft poles
50-ft coils of rope

2016-03-15, 07:37 PM
Life insurance? Although that one would probably be at a loss.

Maybe services to draw up a Will? Memorial services?

2016-03-15, 07:49 PM
Pitons. Looped pitons. By the dozen. Expensive up front but you'll be glad when you don't have to bother pulling the things out when you're scaling The Cliffs of Freakin' Insanity.

Stakes, iron and wood, in value packs, buy two cases and the hammer's free.

Sacks of flour, 5-15 lbs. Neat trick for spotting invisible enemies and can keep you alive if you get lost!

Jerky. All the flavors, including owlbear.

24 gallon stout oak and iron tuns. Heavy? Yes, but not only is it great for dry or wet storage, it can grant that life-saving +4 cover to AC when you're ambushed in the night.

Alchemist's fire grenade tied to crossbow bolts. Will this work? Well, never tried it personally because the glass balls holding the mixture are like crazy expensive, but in theory....

Just in today, crazy good deal on caltrop bags! 2 lb. of sharp, painful iron spread over the floor to hamper or corral enemy movement. Of course these are caltrops.... you think those are just iron shavings I scooped off the smith's floor? Haha, nuts to you fella this is a good deal!

One True Love's Kiss, good for warding one Death Effect spell or spell-like. Cha 14 and higher get this one half off!

2016-03-15, 08:23 PM
Spell components and foci, for identify and other low-level spells especially.

Basic magic weapons, mainly swords

Magic item identification services, curse removal services

Rations, a few vegetarian rations too

Torches (including everburing torches)

Ammunition, especially arrows and silvered arrows

Daggers and other common weapons like longswords, hammers, and axes
A shield or two lying around
A generic set of plate armor on display for successful fighters on the up-and-up

Grappling hooks and climbing implements
Reasonably up-to-date and accurate maps, both of the local region and the world
Disguise Equipment

Spare wagon wheels.
Horses, perhaps through a partnership with a local stable
Potions, especially healing ones
Alcohol; the cheap stuff, and a bottle of the hardest stuff in the campaign setting
Cheap poison, if that's legal to sell
Scrolls for low-level spells. Buyers can pay less to simply copy a scroll into their spellbook.

Will buy or convert jewelry and precious metals, no questions asked. Just got to verify their authenticity first.

All valuable items will not be available for patrons to handle unless they're buying. Indeed, a pane of glass will usually stand between the customer and anything valuable. The business owner is a former adventurer himself, high enough level to easily crush a low level party.

Adventurers never take out wills or life insurance on their own, but it could be interesting to try and sell it to them. That would be a fun thing to drop right when they're at the checkout.

2016-03-15, 08:23 PM
10-ft poles

At a substantial adventurer markup no doubt (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/equipment/goodsAndServices.htm#adventuringGear), because nobody else uses these and adventurers are rich.

Anyway (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RolePlayingGame)

Rope with knots 5' apart, for determining your party marching arrangement. Embroidered tags sold separately with "Meatshield", "Glass Cannon", "Rear Guard", etc.
"Hello, my party role is ______" name tags. Speeds up the selection process in the tavern
An M16 assault rifle from the FUTURE. Nothing in our technology starved era can withstand its 2d8 damage. Wait, what?
Plot derailer. This prepackaged adventure module lets you go way off the DM's railroad tracks and still have something to do.
Side quest lackey. These hirelings will do your menial labor for you for a few cp a day so you can get on to the real adventure.
The Brooch of the Anti-Disjunction Field, our most popular high level item. Highly expensive and highly magical, hidden within this safe... oh, wait, somebody scry-teleported it out.
Set of 4 portable diving suits, 'cuz y'know, you'll reach an aquatic encounter at some point and nobody will be prepared.
Magic Item Creation Lab. Empty room in the back, rents by the 8 hour day. You have to be doing this crafting somewhere, right?
15 minute hourglass, to time your adventuring days.
Map of all the magic item shops in the world.
Monthly almanac with the inventory of all the magic item shops in the world. Never have to hunt for that item again.
Healer for hire. This NPC healer class character will accompany your party for only a 1/4 share of the loot, because none of you wanted to be the healer.
A portable chamber pot with water tight locking lid. Because no one else remembered to bring one, and suddenly someone needs to poop in the dungeon.
Evil villain's level grinding reminder calendar. To keep you in shape so the pesky heroes can't catch up.

2016-03-15, 08:25 PM
outside of basically the equipment section of a PHB? noting that the PHB stuff is a bit more akin to a general store/outfitter stuff...

misc cheap magic items made to make adventuring a bit more bearable:

-portable firepits
-canteens that fill itself up with water
-tents that resist all but the most extreme weather and allow for rest
-magical chalk that can write in midair
-alarm systems to protect you when you're sleeping
-a pot that's always full of nutritious (if tasteless) gruel on command.
-everburning everything. **** that glows light can be useful for non-darkvision folks.

a mage contact for more specific items

a docwagon life insurance (if you know shadowrun, you'll understand what i mean)

maybe one or two magical brooms/carpets for transportation and travel.

adventurers are generally foolhardy, braggarts, rich or rich & foolhardy braggarts. a store catering to them can likely afford to stock higher quality or at least premium goods: that +1 sword they're trading in can be sold to some other adventurer for +4k gold... they have money to burn and want a place to sell it.

2016-03-15, 09:00 PM
Has no one mentioned backpacks yet? I've always considered the backpack to be the most iconic piece of adventurer gear. Everyone needs one, at least until they can get their hands on a magical alternative.

2016-03-16, 02:32 AM
Plot derailer. This prepackaged adventure module lets you go way off the DM's railroad tracks and still have something to do.

That's just a scroll of Shape Metal!

2016-03-17, 03:58 PM
Some simple essentials I don't think I have been covered:

A Variety of Clothing
Bandages & First-Aid

Plus whatever tools you need for magic in this story. Weapons which are conveniently just a little better than the ones you have (if you want to be gamy). A buying counter to drop of your loot at a reasonable price. Common to X dictionaries. Directories (and appointment making service) for the local sages. Might also be attached to an inn. Armours and weapons smiths for repairs. Local news print or equivalent, don't let those hooks pass you by. Horses and riding gear, if we are in a port town then sailing tools and maybe even whole boats. And lets not forget that the local lone adventurers might hang-out in the area looking for a party.