View Full Version : Pathfinder Pathfinder new feat (Charioteering), looking for feedback

2016-03-17, 11:22 AM
Hi all.

Recently, in a game, charioteering came up. While there are rules in pathfinder for using a vehicle and for chariots, they are underwhelming to the point of making them useless as an option. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any feat help out there for someone who wants to be a charioteer like Romans of old.

So this is an idea we had for a new feat. Ideally, this would be the first feat and there would be a "greater charioteering" to be had at a higher level. Right now I'm just looking for opinions on balance and ideas on how to make it better. What prereqs should it have, what DCs should we be using for various checks. What is too powerful or not powerful enough. Personally, I think it needs to be pulled down a bit, but I'm not sure.

Charioteering (Combat):

You are an expert at using a chariot in combat and advanced techniques in chariot warfare!

Handle Animal or Profession Driver (3 ranks), base attack bonus +1.


This feat counts as both Improved Overrun and Improved Bullrush for Combat Maneuvers made with a chariot only. They cannot be used as prerequisites for other feats except those that also apply only to the chariot. If you have one of those feats, this feat give you an additional +2 on CMB checks of that type.

Sideswipe Ram: This allows you to sweep with the sideboard of the chariot which acts as a Ram. This overrides the normal inability to put a ram on a pulled land vehicle. However, unless you specifically build stengthening into the chariot (2x price of normal chariot), the chariot will still take half damage from the ram as normal. This overrides the normal handling issues with ramming with a pulled land vehicle.

Quick righting: When your chariot flips, you are faster and more adept at righting the chariot. Instead of a minimum of 5 full round actions, you can right the chariot with a successful handle animal check (DC 25) with a single full round action.

Archer platform: With a successful drive check (DC ?), you can keep your chariot steady to make it a superior platform for archers and spellcasters. This will remove the -4 to -8 penalty for ranged weapons on a double move or run action, as well as the concentration check required by the spell caster.

Driver Attack: Normally driving the chariot is a standard action which would preclude the driver making an attack on their own. However, if the drive check made at the beginning of the turn is successful (DC ?), the driver is allowed to make a single melee or ranged attack (with a one handed weapon (mace, sword, sling, javelin)) at any point along the movement