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The Extinguisher
2006-07-29, 05:54 PM

What it is:
The Radio Game is a webcomic based on the characters of...The Radio Game. There are more explantions about the Radio Game on the site. It's pretty much in 8 bit

Who works on it:
The webcomic is a join project between 4 or five authors, and a random assortment of guest authors, each with thier own style and editing program

Why should you care:
Because it could make you chuckle

Anyway, read and enjoy. Do you have any tips, and comments, and helpful suggestions? If so, post them here. If not, devolp some.

2006-08-05, 09:25 PM
Flame Master Axel...
From AQ? Woah. It is you.
Funny Comic btw.

The Extinguisher
2007-04-21, 05:28 PM
Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart. By your powers combined, this is a thread ressurection!

Yep, I'm bringing this thread back, because I have now set up a semi-regular schedule for my comics. I'm trying to get a Tues-Thur-Sat schedule up.

Plus, we need more views.
Please comment.

2007-04-22, 03:37 PM
I could say 'well it's original', but for half the time or so it isn't really. They nearly act and look the same as the characters of 8-bit theater, not totally, but too much for my taste. Maybe if this quest would be ongoing. Then again, I can't read the blue text, and hardly the dark red. Somehow you need something brighter as text or speech bubbles.

Lord Fullbladder, Master of Goblins
2007-05-02, 10:38 PM
That would likely be due to the fact that we ourselves are not original. We're a comglameration of idiots with computers and access to ten thousand sources of pop culture every nanosecond. Such is the burden of human civilization. Create the program, crush the imagination.

Five years ago that there webcomic would be loaded to the brim with dragons, dinosaurs, and the occasional nuclear submarine patrolling the international Soviet Union/American sea-border. Because that's how I was raised. I liked dragons. I ate, breathed, and dreamed dinosaurs. My father is a war-nut. Enter the Internet.

You can see the results on that webcomic, those that I create (I use create very loosely, because I myself see that I am merely regurgitating things.)