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2006-06-16, 11:16 PM
The new comic (http://www.cheshirecrossing.net/) by Andy Weir about three familiar girls with what seems to be dissociative psychosis. I've read it, I like it. What do you think?

2006-06-16, 11:43 PM
Personally, it's not my type of comic. I prefer humourous comics, and if it was supposed to be one, then there is clearly missing something. I stopped reading after a few pages.

2006-06-16, 11:47 PM
No, I don't think that it's meant to be funny.
You know, reading my above post makes me sound like an advertisement. Ech.

2006-06-17, 12:20 AM
I've read the first few strips now, and I like it so far. It seems like it has a lot of good potential, too. :)

2006-06-17, 02:52 AM
I liked it :)
i look forward to the next issue

Brett Wong
2006-06-17, 03:09 AM
hmm yeh i kinda thought it would be funny to

2006-06-17, 07:39 AM
I liked it so far, which is kinda surprising since I'm really picky about webcomics. I already love the way Wendy is portrayed.

And while it's not, you know, a punchline per strip -sorta comic, I don't understand why one would claim it's not funny. See, for example, Dorothy's line in the final panel of page 6 (http://www.cheshirecrossing.net/page.php?issue=1&pagenum=6), I laughed out loud.

Mm, me likey.

2006-06-17, 09:09 AM
I aabsoluuutely aDOre Cheshire Crossing!

2006-06-17, 06:01 PM
I like how the author stole the Kim Possible-esque lips. It's only funny if you've read Casey and Andy, where the author says that if he hadn't already made the characters he would have given the females the Kim-lips. Inside jokes rock.

Winged One
2006-06-17, 08:07 PM
Nice concept. There's definate potential there.

2006-06-17, 08:17 PM
It's a similar concept to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It seems neat.

Yuki Akuma
2006-07-28, 05:52 AM
I don't get why people think all webcomics have to be funny...

Also, I like it. ;D

2006-08-02, 02:52 PM
I likes it.

"You can #%&@ing fly?"

2006-08-02, 03:50 PM
It's good.

"Shut your mousehole."

2006-08-03, 04:10 PM
I love Casey and Andy, but for some reason hadn't gotten around to checking Cheshire Crossing yet. I'm surprised at how different they are - if I didn;t know they were made by the same person, I'd never have guessed.