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2016-03-20, 02:54 PM
I had an idea for a simple multiplayer VS card game based off of 5e D&D/Forgotten Realms, called Avalarians. (I don't think this is D&D-heavy enough to be in the D&D subforum.) By the time I finished a quick playtest of my prototype, I learned that the characters didn't die fast enough, so I thought it would be more suitable for an RPG like D&D/Pathfinder.

I had fun making it over two days, but I'm willing to let someone else improve and develop it. I probably won't be developing it beyond a prototype. I'm putting my project folder up for grabs.

I didn't make any cards for Avalarians. Another note: the character sheets require the NBOS Character Sheet Viewer/Designer to view, but I have some PDF copies in there too. The class input field bugs out and doesn't save. The dwarf is a cleric, the human is a fighter, the halfling is a rogue, and the elf is a wizard. The + stat fields are where you would put your buffs, such as ally boosts.

If you want, you can let me know what you think. :smallsmile:

Avalarians Prototype
www dot dropbox dot com/sh/wmuq5y99yu9eaiv/AADQg6cdxnQXWNzBp6N1l6JUa?dl=0

NBOS Character Sheet Viewer/Designer
www dot nbos dot com/products/character-sheet