View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Drinking, Dancing, and Destroying - Cult of Bacchus Warlock

2016-03-21, 07:53 AM
Our next Rome-themed article is a flavorful Warlock, based on the Bacchinalia. If you want a little barbarian and a little cleric in your warlock, check it out:

2016-03-21, 09:05 AM
Very cool! I'm concerned about revelry though. As written, it stacks with agonizing blast, allowing you to add cha twice to EB. Given that the rest of the archetype seems weaker than Fiend it may not be an issue, but it could use playtesting to be sure

2016-03-21, 09:19 AM
I believe the intent was that it would not stack with agonizing blast, because we did talk about that when it was being written, but I'll ask Rob once he wakes up; we'll fix it if need be. Glad you dig it.

Griss The Gnome
2016-03-21, 10:12 AM
The idea was to make it stack with melee attacks, to make smacking people with a pine cone stick more attractive. I'll fix it in just a little bit.

2016-03-21, 10:30 AM
We've updated it. Revelry no longer stacks with Agonizing Blast, and Booming Blade is properly classed as a bonus cantrip.

Griss The Gnome
2016-03-21, 10:35 AM
Yeah my bad, I got a little to excited finding a bonus spell Cthulhu-Warlocks didn't get. A melee spell that made loud noises, in my head like the drums and other percussion instruments the Bacchus cults were said to use, I got excited and tossed it in without looking.