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2007-06-20, 01:49 PM
Note: I was all excited to post a completed version of the altered class, when I remembered that the Player's Handbook II is not OGC and posting even a heavily altered version of the class would almost certainly be a copyright violation. As such, I am only posting the changes I would like to implement, with no description of Dragon Shaman abilities already in place. If this post is still a copyright violation, please inform me ASAP so that I can remove the offending sections, or the entire post if necessary. Otherwise, I am basing my assumptions about copyright violations on the forum rules:

"As an example, mentioning a specific rule item or general mechanic, or explaining in general how it functions, does not violate this rule. However, posting an entire stat block for a monster would."

Any Dragon Shaman class ability not mentioned here, or any aspect of any class ability not mentioned here, remains unchanged.

Dragon Shaman

Class Skills: The Dragon Shaman now receives 4 + Int modifier skill points at every level instead of 2. Add Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge (geography), and Sense Motive to list of class skills. Gather Information replaces Heal as a gold dragon-specific class skill.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Dragon Shaman is now proficient with martial weapons and heavy armor in addition to his original proficiencies.

Draconic Aura: You can dissipate an aura rather than merely dismiss it to obtain a brief but powerful effect. An aura must currently be in effect to be dissipated. Dissipating an aura is a swift action unless otherwise noted. Once you dissipate a given aura, you cannot dissipate another aura for a number of rounds equal to 10 – your Con modifier, and you cannot dissipate that particular aura again for 10 minutes. You can still freely activate and dismiss auras however you see fit.

Energy Shield: If you dissipate an Energy Shield aura, all your allies within 60 feet gain a powerful elemental enhancement on their attacks for one round. When striking with a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, or a spell that deals any form of hit point damage, they deal 1d6 x your aura bonus in additional elemental damage (of your breath weapon’s type). This effect stacks with all similar forms of damage (such as a Frost enhancement on a melee weapon), and it lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Power: Dissipating a Power aura triples the threat range of all melee weapons currently wielded by allies within 60 feet for one round. This effect stacks additively with all similar threat range increases (such as the Improved Critical feat and the Keen weapon enhancement). Thus, a Greatsword would gain a threat range of 15-20, while a +2 Keen Rapier would gain a threat range of 9-20. This effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Presence: You can dissipate a Presence aura to use Charm Person, Charm Monster, Dominate Person, or Dominate Monster as a spell-like ability. You must be of at least class level 8, 10, or 18 to cast Charm Monster, Dominate Person, or Dominate Monster, respectively. Casting the spell provokes an attack of opportunity, you cast it as a Sorcerer of a level equal to your class level, and the save DC is 10 + the spell level + your Cha modifier. Dissipating a Presence aura is always a standard action.

Resistance: Dissipating a Resistance aura provides all allies within 30 feet with immunity to all energy damage of any type until the beginning of your next turn. You can dissipate a Resistance aura as an immediate action.

Senses: Dissipating a Senses aura endows all allies within 60 feet with a bonus (equal to your aura bonus) to skills requiring fine manipulation or a keen sense of touch, including Disable Device, Heal, Open Lock, Perform (any instrument), Search, Sleight of Hand, and Use Rope. This bonus lasts for a number of rounds equal to ˝ your class level (rounded up).

Toughness: Dissipating a Toughness aura grants you (and only you) a +4 increase to your natural armor bonus for each point of your aura bonus, energy resistance to every energy type equal to 5 x your aura bonus, and a bonus on all saves equal to twice your aura bonus until the beginning of your next turn.

Vigor: Dissipating a Vigor aura removes the dazed, fatigued, sickened, exhausted, nauseated, poisoned, stunned, blinded, deafened, and diseased effects as well as all similar effects from all allies within 60 feet, and heals 2 x your aura bonus ability damage from each ally (you choose what ability damage is healed). You can only dissipate a Vigor aura once each day; you must rest for 8 hours before doing so again.

Breath Weapon: A Dragon Shaman's breath weapon now deals d10s in damage instead of d6s. This will hopefully increase the power of the weapon appropriately at each level without seriously altering how many damage dice are gained at even levels. This change does cause a practical problem at high levels in the fact that d6s are more plentiful than d10s and easier to use for damage requiring a number of dice rolls, but d10s are still fairly common and acquiring 5 of them for quick use shouldn't be a problem for a player who has run a Dragon Shaman all the way to level 20.

Touch of Vitality: The Dragon Shaman can now heal a number of hit points each day equal to his class level x his Charisma bonus x his Constitution bonus. The point cost for removing specific effects, restoring negative levels, and the like remains unchanged.