View Full Version : New strips of FUZZY KNIGHTS

2005-02-08, 05:08 AM
finaly they have started to make new fuzzy knights strips! Fuzzy Knights is a "comic" with teddybears playing Hackmaster... almost as good as OotS


someone else who reads fuzzy knights?? if u dont, u should start.

2005-02-08, 01:14 PM
I hear people complain about it a lot. Makes me cry. What's not to like about teddy bears and stuffed rabbits beating each other up. Oh, and those evil hamsters...

2005-02-08, 01:59 PM

Ben is soooo cute and funny!! have u read the one where he kills the red dragon with a suicide bolt? (it made me addicted to fuzzy knights)

guys!! plz read some strips and u will love it!

2006-07-31, 10:32 AM
Fuzzy Knights annoys me to no end.

Which isn't to say I don't like it. I DO- that's what's so frustrating. I thought the first "season," (What was it? "Fuzzy Knights- The Movie?") with the War and everything, was very well done.

I like the characters- they're very distinct.

I like the concept- as far as I know, there are no other comics made by taking pictures of stuffed animals (closest is Irregular Webcomic, with Legos).

What I hate? Absolutely HATE? The organization.

The archives are a terror to go through, to the extent where it's hard to tell where the beginning and end of the archives are. Plus, it seems like half of the archives are simply *gone*. Then of course there's the nonexistant update schedule- my usual method of reading Fuzzy Knights is to leave for a few months, come back and read the 2 new comics that have gone up while I've been gone.


2006-07-31, 04:28 PM
your link doesnt work...what's the url again?