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2016-03-23, 03:28 PM
Yesterday I played Baldur's Gate II. Again. And somehow, it made me want to go back to play D&D as a master, after a lot of time spent playing other games.

What I need, now, is to decide which adventure I should propose to my players. And unfortunately, I'm quite lackluster as to which adventures are best for my needs.

And that's why you're reading this post. I'll try to give you an idea of what the adventure needs to be or needs to have - and hope some of you will graciously provide the answer I lack xD

It should be an adventure for D&D, but it does not matter which edition - 2nd and onwards are all good. I'll just take the idea and adapt the module. Bonus points if Forgotten Realms, but not required.

I normally DM a lot around player's backgrounds. That means people chasing PCs, family members dying in their arms, PCs discovering they're actually the heir to the Kingdom, the usual stuff. The Adventure should give me enough leeway to develop these sidequests without hindering too much or shifting too much the theme from the adventure itself. I've found City adventures (like "The Speaker in Dreams" from James Wyatt) to be perfect for these purposes, but I'm open to other solutions.

If possible, not too highpower. Perfect if around 3 to 6th level. I like to have a party which is just starting out adventuring.

I prefer official modules and adventures, as they've been playtested and balanced, but anything you can recommend as balanced fun is fair game to me, even if it's not official, as long as you're sure about it.

One of the goals is to recreate a "Baldur's Gate" feeling to it. Character development, character quests, amidst a general adventure which has enough variety - dungeon parts, and city, wilderness parts.

Nothing TOO long. Return to the temple of elemental evil long, to make you understand xD

I'm aware it's a quite long list of requirements, so I'm not expecting perfect matches. But, hey, these are the OOTS boards. If no one can answer me here, I'd better take up a pen and start writing the module myself! xD