View Full Version : Talent for Magic [Alternate Wizard/Sorcerer]

2007-06-20, 04:41 PM
This is a transformation of the existing Wizard/Sorcerer classes.

First: (Multi-classing)
CRs for spells are equal to (Character Level)/2 + 10.
Character level is used instead of Caster level.

This makes multi-class casters far more viable.

Second: (BIG bonuses)
Sorcerers and Wizards are considered to be 2 level higher for spells/day and spells known.

Sorcerers get Wizard weapon proficiencies only.

Both Wizards and Sorcerers pick specialization and banned schools (ie, are specialized). This is a character-wide selection, not a class-wide selection. Sorcerers do not gain bonus spells/day from this, but Wizards do.

Third: (BIG restrictions)
Sorcerer: Being a Sorcerer Level X requires you to be character level (X*2)-1.

This means you cannot be a "pure sorcerer" -- being a sorcerer is a matter of innate talent.

Wizard: Being a Wizard level X requires Sorcerer Level X.

A Wizard is someone who studies and refines their innate magical gift.

Wizard resists and bonus spells are based off of Int.
Sorcerer bonus spells are based off of Wis.
Sorcerer spell resists are based off of Cha.

Forth: (Tweaks and details)
Both Sorcerer and Wizard classes end at Level 10.

Wizards gain a Metamagic feat every level instead of every 4.

Spontanious Metamagic does not require a full-round casting time.

Multiclassing as Sorcerer never generates any XP penalties, or removes your ability to progress in another class. It "just happens", it isn't a matter of practice or concentration.

Fifth: (Prestige)
Prestige classes have similar restrictions: you cannot boost your Sorcerer spellcasting level over half (rounded up) of your character level, and you cannot boost yoru Wizard spellcasting level over your Sorcerer spellcasting level.

Game impact:

Arcane magic caps out at L 6.

Lower level casters are more powerful: A L 2 Sorc/Wiz has access to 2nd level spells.

Multi-class casters are more powerful: Going L 10 Sorc and L 10 Other gives a quite decent set of spells, and your spell saves and caster level aren't gimped.

Note that this is balanced against melee classes, not Divine casters, Psionicists or Artifiicers.

A L 10 Sorc/Wiz has a core L 12 Sorc and L 12 Wizard spell list, 10 bonus metamagic feats(!)


Sorc spells known:

A pure sorc/wiz gets new spell levels at:
1st: L 1
2nd: L 2
3rd: L 6
4th: L 10
5th: L 14
6th: L 18

A sorc/other would get new spell levels at:
1st: L 1
2nd: L 3
3rd: L 7
4th: L 11
5th: L 15
6th: L 19

1 level later, but a much more narrow spell selection than the Sorc/Wizard.


For Clerics and Druids, I figure "use the Bard spell progression" does a decent job at bringing them down to a similar level of power as this reduced Wizard/Sorcerer (well, that and ban or weaken Natural Casting and/or Wild Shape).